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Ninja Log 04/21/2020

Ninja log

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  • Fixed an issue where finding artefacts would not increase the counter for qualifications;
  • Corrected a lot of 'too common' rates for tomes and tetracompass pieces;
  • Fixed an issue where excavating at material caches not within the actual dig-site would cause a null to happen;
  • Added a delay to excavation and tome 'reading', also made it face the actual object so it feels smoother;
  • Material Caches will now last a little bit longer;
  • Fixed an issue with the Infernal Source Portal Chamber teleportation lock;
  • Added a few sound effects when revealing mysteries, finding journal pages, inventory fills up, etc;
  • Screening Soil will AND receiving Soil while excavating now increase EXP received depending on player's Archaeology level (Below level 38 - 1 experience, which increases to 3 experience at level 38, 5 experience at level 71, 12 experience at level 93, and 20 at level 111;
  • Active Luck-related relics will now properly send the 'rare drop message' if the relic is active same way as having the actual luck ring equipped;
  • Fixed an issue with tetracompass charging, that would delete all stackable-unpowered-compasses and replace them with only 1 powered version;
  • When a tetracompass has been used (excavated to find an ancient casket), the location will now reset and randomize for next use;
  • Fixed an issue with the Material Storage not allowing to add items that are already inside if you're at max used slots. Also made it display total and used slots in the container;
  • Added the hole on Ice Mountain to get into Camdozaal cavern's excavation site for Goldrune material caches;
  • Bronze-Rune mattocks can now be bought off the Grand Exchange.


  • Reduced Legio's ground lightning base damage;
  • Fixed an issue where leveling a skill to 99 would display as all skills have been reached 99.



Taking today and tomorrow off, don't remember last time I slept well due to me intensely working on the new skill. Archaeology 'batch #2' will come sometime next weekend, or the week after that.

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Now doing tetracompass will be more enjoyable to do instead of going to the same spot over and over :D

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Quality content as always.

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