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Prestige - Everything you need to know!

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How to prestige

To prestige, visit the Prestige Master at ;;home.

You can speak to the Prestige Master and he'll explain everything you need to know.


Requirements to prestige

Each prestige requires the player to have at least level 99 in all skills;

Each time you prestige, you will earn a prestige level and prestige points (based on your game-mode), which are spend-able in Prestige Master's shop.

When prestiging with EXP worth more than level 99 in ALL skills, the prestige levels (and points) will get increased by each virtual level 99 based off of the lowest EXP skill (ie. at least 104m EXP in all skills would give you 8 prestige levels, 200m EXP in all skills would give you 15). This information will also be seen on the confirmation screen;

Prestige points per Game Mode

(Based on all 99s)

Regular = 28 Points per prestige level.

1x (1 point per skill)

Novice = 112 Points per prestige level.


Classic = 2800 Points per prestige level.


Ironman = 560 Points per prestige level.


Hardcore Ironman = 560 Points per prestige level.


Group Ironman = 560 Points per prestige level.


Is there a max prestige?

No, you can prestige as many times as you want!

Extra info

Prestige levels will show up in server broadcasts and Hiscores. They can also be displayed as a Loyalty title activate-able from the ;;titles interface.



Drop rate

Prestiging will now increase your drop-rate boost by 0.02% per prestige level. This is subject to change on player-based suggestions;


More items will be added in the future

Keepsake key - 25 points

Bond - 45 points

Praesul Codex -108 points


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Awesome! Thanks for another guide!
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Great guide! Explains everything and it's easy to understand.

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