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Update Log #83 - New Invention Perks, Treasure Trail Additions

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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  • Trimmed Masterwork platebody & legs may now be augmented;
  • Players may now 'sing' Crystal tool seeds into Crystal Fishing rods along with 150 Harmonic dust. These rods have 1'000 charges, can be augmented and perked;
  • Based on Winter Revel's suggestion, most ability-based perks have been given a custom effect, and are as follows:
  • Brief Respite: Heal 4% of max life points 10 times over a period of 40 seconds when below 10% of maximum hitpoints increased by 10% per rank. Has a 5 minute cool-down;
  • Bulwark: While in combat and wearing a shield, this perk activates for 1 minute to reduce most incoming damage by 6% increased by another 6% per rank. Has a 5 minute cool-down;
  • Caroming: Attacking with shortbows or shieldbows has a 3% chance (increased by 3% per rank) of firing an additional arrow;
  • Clear Headed: Shortens the duration of all stuns by 10% per rank;
  • Lunging: Increases max hit by 1% per rank the further the target is;
  • Mobile: 25% chance of restoring 1% (increased per rank) special attack energy while moving around;
  • Planted Feet: After standing still for at least 10 seconds your max hit increases by 5%;
  • Preparation: While in combat and wearing a shield, there's a 1% (increased per rank) chance of any incoming hit to heal instead of damage you;
  • Reflexes: 5% chance per rank to ignore any stun or freeze;
  • Shield Bashing: While in combat and wearing a shield, there's a 5% (increased per rank) chance of reflecting 10% damage to your enemy;
  • Turtling: When below 10% health, you become immune to any damage for 3 seconds increased ;for +1 per rank. Has a 1 minute cool-down;
  • Ultimatums: Reduces the special attack cost of all weapons by 5% per rank.


Treasure Trails

  • Added ALL Hidey holes across the map;
  • They can be built using planks and nails (protean planks and any type of nails will work to do so);
  • After the hidey hole is built, players may then stash away the designated items to save bank & inventory space;
  • Stashed items may quickly be withdrawn and deposited at any time;
  • Added 'Treasure Trail Points' which will be given upon opening your reward caskets. The amount of points given will be calculated from the tier of clue you have completed, along with thresholds that increase the points given at: 10, 50, 100, 250 and 500 clue's complete;
  • Added Zaida NPC at the Grand Exchange entrance with her full RS3 dialogue, hidey-hole locations and your current progress towards them, a new shop that uses the new Treasure Trail point system along with the Globetrotter outfit, the new pet 'Blue, the Clue dog', new Loyalty titles, clue scrolls and 'skipping' tickets. Costume & Puzzle skipping tickets have been removed from the Grand Exchange's unlimited stock with this addition;
  • Added the Treasure Trail Information board to: view all recently completed treasure trails by all players, your current treasure trail statistics, all hidey-hole locations and an option to toggle loot-beams for clue scrolls dropped by NPC's;
  • Sealed Master Clue scrolls will no longer drop at a 100% rate, instead, dropped elite clue scrolls will have a 10% chance of turning into master clue scrolls similar to RS3;
  • NPC's will no longer drop Clue Scrolls if the player already has at least 25 of that clue type;
  • You will no longer be able to purchase Clue Scrolls from Stanley Limelight's rewards shop if you already have at least 25 clue scrolls of that type;
  • The Globetrotter jacket will now store up to 3 charges (4 charges if you own the full globetrotter set) and gain 1 charge every 5 completed clue scrolls (4 if you own the full set), and be able to teleport you to your current clue scroll's destination tile (if any);
  • The Globetrotter shorts will now be able to perform the correct emote IF on an emote clue step;
  • The Globetrotter backpack will now store up to 3 charges (4 charges if you own the full globetrotter set) and gain 1 charge every 5 completed clue scrolls (4 if you own the full set), and be able to swap your current clue scroll for a new one of the same difficulty;
  • Having the full Globetrotter outfit will work as having all required items equipped for your current clue step IF the nearest hidey hole is built and filled with the required items;
  • Blue, the Clue dog - will now display how many Clue scrolls the pet's owner has completed.


  • Cache updated to latest RS3 version (06/01/2020);
  • Hybrid armour (Trickster, Vanguard & Battle-mage) will no longer grant any equipment bonuses when outside of safe PvP mini-games (Castle Wars, Soul Wars, Fight Pits);
  • Fixed up Castle Wars objects & controllers and added the mini-game to the spotlight rotation (I haven't tested it fully yet, but it should work just fine);
  • Added the Magical log banking ability to the Buff bar;
  • Re-enabled Barrows: Rise of the Six - boss fight. I'll still be monitoring this to see if it's fully fixed or not as it's hard to re-create the issue on a development world.


  • Items, gliders and teleport options will now properly allow you to teleport to an area that is within Prifddinas if you have the total level requirement;
  • The Well of Good Will hiscores will now properly save each time someone contributes to it;
  • Fixed the over-sized Archaeology sprites;
  • Fixed and re-added the red virus and red stream Telos 'buff's. Also fixed green and black sprite buff sizings.
















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well done sandstorm, keep up the good work <3 :lol:

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Looking good ! 

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OFFLINE   Arcadiez


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Great job!
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OFFLINE   Zexillium


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Awesome job Sand! Keep it up :D 

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OFFLINE   Invalid


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Awesome work as always!
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OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel

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Thank you sand!

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