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Forum Signature Giveaway! v2

signature forum giveaway animated gfx

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ONLINE   Arcadiez


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Hello everyone!


Back again with another forum signature giveaway.


This is something different as i wanted to try something new, I call it a glitchy!

Recommended for people with a bit longer username.

But of course everyone is welcome to participate.


To participate in the giveaway all you have to do is to leave a comment below telling which year you were introduced to Runescape or RSPS and a nostalgic memory.


"Mine was around 2009-2010ish. I remember getting lured into wilderness as a new player(more than once, haha)"


A random winner will be picked this Saturday, 11th of October.


(Has ended)

Congratulations to Northlate for winning the Glitchy Forum Signature!



Best of luck!


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OFFLINE   Syneios


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I was first introduced to RuneScape in 2007, And the first memory that comes to mind for that year is feeling confined to Lumbridge because I died to Dark Wizards in the north and then died to the Jail House guard to the west and was afraid to leave for weeks after that,

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OFFLINE   gamerscore


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back in 2010-11 when i was introduced to RuneScape, my brothers and i were all addicted right away and we only had 1 computer at the time and we were way too young to afford one for our selves. We decided to take turns every hour between the 3 of us all day, and we had our own accounts so after the hour came up it was a rule that we gave it up to the next person.

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OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel

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Super cool design! (not an entry)

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OFFLINE   Brotherloe


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I got introduced around 2008-2009. A friend from my soccer team had a pretty good account and we started sharing it. He would train skills and do pvp while I would do quests and pvm. I remember this one time when we were pking and he killed a guy with over 200m worth in his inv and we just lost it! We felt so good! That feeling can never be topped in a video game :)

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OFFLINE   Karamelli


    Very sweet :>

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I remember starting out my rsps career in 2009ish :D I remember playing with my school friends and i specifically remember getting a dfs and a robin hood hat, they made me so happy. Because i thought i was rich xd. Before that i started playing runescape with my halfbrother in 2005-2006 era. He made me bronze armor set which made me very happy.  I remember somebody scamming me for 200kish on a piece of charcoal (this was a time i didnt properly speak english and i thought charcoal was rare item like a easter egg or disk of returning).

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I was introduced to RS in 2006 and all I can remember back then was that I was a skiller, my first ever 99 was woodcutting. RSPS' came along around 2012 for me and the first every server I played I had met a really good friend of mine and we are still friends to this day. It was the dumbest thing (How we met) We both saw a funny picture posted on the forums and talked about it for a bit and hit it off. (Is a girl) Fun times back then and I do miss those days.

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OFFLINE   Northlate


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  • Time Online: 3d 8h 6m 31s

I began to play runescape in 2006-2007. I remember doing a fp2 magic pure and fire striking people in full iron in varrock multi wilderness

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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Not an entry, just wanted to share my story; started back in 2003 and the oldest thing I remember is being stuck in the tutorial island along with my buddy from school, there was this tutorial progress bar (which we at the time thought meant % to completing the game) and we only got up to like 30% by our selves (we hardly knew any english). We used the public library computers at the time and some older dudes walked up to us and helped us complete the tutorial (since they already did it), which was after around 5 days of trying to get past those 30%...

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ONLINE   Yuzuki


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I started playing rs back in 07 and my most memorable moment was hopping combat stats around to try and get slayer as my first 99 then screwing up at 97 by getting 99 defence. Took me about 2 years to get to that point as well so there was no restarting.

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ONLINE   Cabbage


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Started in about 2009 or 2010, when I think it was silab or silas can't remember the name, I just remember it was green. You'd open the webclient and put in the server ip manually, the first one I tried killing the npcs (i think it was allstar source) at ;;train were dropping partyhats and I thought I was the richest man in the world and getting the glowing dagger the og op weapon  :lol:

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ONLINE   Arcadiez


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  • Discord:Arcadiez#1663
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Giveaway has ended

Congratulations to

Northlate for winning the Glitchy Forum Signature!



Thanks to everyone who participated in the Event. Was really fun and interesting to read how you all got into RS/RSPS.

Hope to do more Giveaways like these in the near future, so keep an eye out!

- Arcadiez

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