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  3. Sand with a bold opening move; how on earth will NHS react!?
  4. +1, agree to this since its part of GWD
  5. @Winter Revel @Winter Revel @Winter Revel @Winter Revel @Winter Revel @Dynasty
  6. Kim


    Awesome to see a Ironman only clan, I wish you the best of luck!
  7. We don't have 120 farming and herblore. We are still operating with 99 being max (they wont go past 99 like slayer ect in your skills tab and are not required for max/comp) until a herblore and farming rework update arrives on Velheim, so I'm going to assume this is also how it will work for the event.
  8. Accepted, please check your PM in-game and I will send you an invite!
  9. Bilbo


    In-game username: Bilbo Game Mode: Ironman Time Played: 269 Hours Total Level: 2659 Looking forward to finally being in a clan, and contributing to it in any way that I can
  10. Ultimate Oni


    What is Fe? Fe is an Ironman only clan (Ultimate Ironman, Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, and Group Ironmen). We are a helpful and wholesome community of players within Velheim and have the knowledge to give advice to others. What are the requirements to join Fe? The only requirements to join Fe are that you must be a form of Ironman, and that you must be a respectable member. Are there any rules for Fe? The only rules that we have are that we don't tolerate hate or spam. Jokes and sarcasm are welcome, just don't genuinely put someone down, flame, or s
  11. | | X | - | - _____|_____|_____ | | - | - | - _____|_____|_____ | | - | - | - | |
  12. So as we are all coming out about the fact we have no life this weekend it occurred to me. This event is going off total levels first I assume this means actual levels and virtual levels are irrelevant. However, this raised a question in my head technically we have 120 farming and herblore they just do not show up on the highscores. Will these be considered for their virtual levels or will they just need to be leveled to 99 for the total levels event in the case that a few of us 99 every skill?
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  14. Your a goat @ everything keep it up Kim =) Fantastic guide
  15. I'm not the best at understanding POP but this guide really makes it simple for me. 10/10
  16. Great guide as always kim! keep it up <3
  17. Welcome to the Player Owned Ports Guide. In this guide I will show you briefly how to start out on Player Owned Ports, for those who are curious about the mini-game, and how to be able to get your hands on PoP Armour. Also note that you can see players inside the Ports itself, unlike RS3. REQUIREMENTS TO START You need atleast level 90 or higher in five of these skills: Agility, Construction, Cooking, Divination, Dungeoneering, Fishing, Herblore, Hunter, Prayer, Runecrafting, Slayer or Thieving. HOW TO GET THERE Start off by doing CTRL+T, Po
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