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  1. 1. Yes +1 2. Everytime I do the clue stacks and end up clicking my way to carpal tunnel, I wish we have the use all option like rs3 but never get around to making a suggestion. + 1 3. Not a huge deal, might be nice for bank saving space but that's about it. + 1/2 4. Had a look at the rewards you use them on, it would require a PoP update to make most of the items you spend them on useful + 1/2 5. Been suggested a few time, would be nice to have but I can live without it. 6. Yes +1 7. Since Sand added teasers for the portals being added, this would be a nice addit
  2. Never noticed they were missing, since they are craft-able in rs3 they should be here too +1
  3. Farmers are going to keep farming until Sand nerfs the gold drop/overall drops for that npc, they'll then move on.. Until then you can only wait, or ask them if you can do your slayer task, I managed to do all mine without much issue just by asking.
  4. Am also against. Firstly, player run gambling is against the runescape tos you shouldn't be playing flower poker and dice bags were removed so linking it to that is really irrelevant. *gives spanking for playing flower poker* I dislike the spamming that comes with it 'gambling x amount come to whereeveriam' People deciding they are just going to yolo gamble entire bank and win or loose to decide if they are quitting or not. Adding restrictions wont effect this, it'll just lead to people begging for restricitions to be lifted or bypass it by saying 'trade me after' Expa
  5. Sprout: IM6: Completionist cape - Awarded to members who achieved the Completionist cape. IM8: Max the Classic - Awarded to members who have obtained Max Cape on a Classic account. Cabbage (general clues - clueless title) IM3: Clue Scroll Collector - Awarded to members who have completed one of Clue Scroll collection logs. ------------------ IM6: Completionist cape - Awarded to members who achieved the Completionist cape. IM8: Max the Classic - Awarded to members who have obtained Max Cape on a Classic account. IM3: Clue Scroll Collector - Award
  6. I say this every time someone posts regarding this category, I support adding Chameleon extact in some form to allow us to unlock exclusive skin color. Also the solomon exclusive haircuts if sand is feeling extra generous
  7. You have my support on this one +1 Add it before rs do on the 4th (jk no need to rush, probably not even in cache yet >.<)
  8. If you speed up sara sounds you could almost make witch doctor, just missing ting tang walla walla bing bang. Random video to stay on topic;
  9. Banhammer level: 99 New ability unlocked: Duel Wield Nice work on the update though, no more imposters among us ._.
  10. Brilliant idea + 1
  11. Images are cropped so it's hard see how it works if you have not done archaeology on rs3. Basically the teleports stay the same and when entering the digsite you are prompted with the option of which location you would like to go to. I have used the internal digsite 'decend' option on the lift as an example hopefully this will make it easier for people to understand where the teleports might be added (if this is how Kim's suggestion is intending it is to be added of cause). Thus not over clogging the teleports hub with 17+ teleports (including for when orthen gets added) On t
  12. If Sand adds it to comp cape requirement I'll, I'll... *inserts navy seal meme* Ot: Great suggestions, since there are people that are actively in the wilderness they need some love too no matter how much people dislike them +1
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