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  1. @Sandstorm Positives: It's evident how much you care for this server and the players, and even with the IRL stuff, (hope everything's going okay,) you still are here caring for us all and letting us play. Negatives: I genuinely don't think I have any ^^ @Arcadiez Positives: Seems helpful and friendly, although Arcadiez is probably the staff member I've had least interaction with so I don't have too much to say Negatives: Again, haven't really interacted with Arcadiez too much so don't really know - maybe that's my negative in itself? @Dynasty Positives: Dynasty is a good membe
  2. Material Package (food, skilling supplies, etc, donated by Glories and Nhs) I'm glad you liked my sailfish ; - ;
  3. IGN - Lexa Why I deserve to win - I don't believe I deserve to win more than anyone else, though I am trying to save so that I can buy a new keyboard and mouse so winning would really help me in that regard. ♥
  4. Thank you so much! I'm actually so happy omg ♥
  5. In-game name: Lexa! Why do you deserve to win?: I don't deserve to win more than anyone else ♥
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