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  1. Just pay the GP to repair it. It aint expensive mate
  2. Since a lot of people are running ed2/ed1 and soon ed3 and we swap inbetween mage/melee mage/range gear quite a bit. It'd be very very nice to have the game remebering your last used spell when you swap back to your stave. Correct me if im wrong but that's the case on rs3? Especially during ed2 when you swap a lot between mage/range it gets quite tedious having to go into ur spellbook > rightclick bb > autocast > attack. Instead if you have the game remember your last used spell all you'd have to do is swap back to your mage gear and you can start attacking again. I can't imag
  3. Yipe


    Bro what is that signature
  4. Adding no stakes /gamblimg duel arena would be nice. Opens up possibilities for pking tourneys etc
  5. I feel like the time spent coding this would be better off spent elsewhere. But I’m all for adding it to lets say trivia shop
  6. I agree bigtime I’m just salty I didn’t get it beforehand on my iron lmfao The ring is extremelt good thus should be extremely rare!
  7. Good thought out suggestion, overcrowding is taking place as we speak. Full support
  8. Good lad for takin this over! Will be nice for new peeps to have this updated topic
  9. ign; Yipe F3: Reputation IM3: Clue Scroll Collector - the clueless title ----------------- F3: Reputation IM3: Clue Scroll Collector - the clueless title
  10. Love this concept. Gl with the cc homie
  11. So about that.. u still want my login details to do my dominion tower service or will u fetch it from the database? @Nhs Jokes aside, big gz! I still have to do this
  12. Since we have skilling announcements for 99, 50 mil, 100, 150 mil and 200 mil and currently have one for "X player has achieved 99 in atleast every skill". Could we perhaps get one for "X player has achieved 120 in atleast every skill" And "X player has achieved 200 million in atleast every skill" For Novice/Iron versions/classic. Since 120 all/200m all is quite a feat for those modes it'd be cool to announce
  13. I can see your argument holding for regulars/novice because those modes are so incredibly fast. But I really don't see it for anything else. Classic Gamemode would have whole firstpage of hiscores filled with people on low total and 1 prestige. How does that look to a new player? If it's toggleable and not default +1, if its not -1
  14. I still think it should be a toggle and not the default option. Creates a confusion more than anything if it isn't the normal hiscores setup from the get go. Both of your argument comes back to the fact that "People who spend more time should be rank 1, aka people who prestige" What if 25 people prestige at 99 all on a classic account, and then we have Bux whos nearly 200 mil all who has spent way more time than those people. Do they deserve to be over him by default? I disagree. Now if it's a toggle, I'm all for it
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