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  1. +1, either that or have the perk use Bowstrings from the bank.
  2. Cost: 500/750 VCoins. Effect: The user no longer requires a Frozen Key to access Nex's chamber.
  3. If this is too hard to implement, maybe have the charges shown in the skill tab (there's space next to Archaeology)?.
  4. Any loots regarding Corrupted Creatures (Khopeshs, Corrupted gems). *Godsword Shards. Barrows Gears (exception: Corruption Sigil/Amulet of the Forsaken). If you have any more ideas, please leave them down below and I can add them to the thread. * = already feature in this linked thread.
  5. When I got scammed by the "drop your items and press ALT+F4 to duplicate them". RIP Black Armour Set (g) - 2007.
  6. Not only alphetize but grouping 1h/2h/Staff/Wand/Orb/Bow/crossbows together so I can use 1h Sword overrides on Maces/Daggers for example would be great.
  7. Actually thought this over, made a slight change (so that having sapphire donator is beneficial).
  8. Hi guys, today I'm suggesting the Skeletal Horror as a Daily Boss (think, like Bork). Fight counts allowed daily will be; Regular: 1 Sapphire: 2 Ruby: 2 Emerald: 3 Diamond: 3 Dragonstone: 4 Onyx: 4 Hydrix: 5 To access the Skeletal Horror fight you would speak to the 'Odd Old Man' for the first time, and upon completing a small miniquest - you will be allowed to enter the Skeletal Arena slightly north of him. For the drop table of the Skeletal Horror, it will be exactly as RS3 with some custom inclusions, such being: 10,000 Slayer Experience & 7,000 Prayer Experience (Gamemod
  9. With all the possible items to construct on Portable Workbenches, and so very few of them being used/viable for training - it would be nice if we had a right click option for "Last Creation" where it will straight up automatically construct the last item that you selected.
  10. Edited to reflect that I wanted it dropped in its three pieces, one from each of the matriarchs.
  11. As we already have the Inquisitor's Staff and the Hexhunter Bow as situational BIS weapons for both Mage and Range, I think it's about time we see the Terrasaur Maul. BGH would probably be a pain to code in - so I thought that adding them to the Rex Matriarchs would make more sense, with each Matriarch dropping one of the three pieces used to create it. They were fairly recently released in RS3 but I think having them drop Laniakea's Spear pieces would be pretty meh. (Plus, they are Dinosaurs so I guess it would also work thematically). As for Laniakea's Spear, my initial idea was
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