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  1. That's what I'm saying, rank based on prestige levels, not total prestiges.
  2. I believe this should be added, without a toggle. When it comes to what Yipe has said that I am quoting, Instead of doing it by how many times someone has prestiged, rank everyong based on priority of, their prestige level. That way someone who prestiges at 200ms, will show higher then someone who prestiges at 99s. I think a toggle would be nice, But not a toggle to see it, a toggle to hide it. Prestige should be the main board. Also you could have two separate categories to show both, "Prestige Level" and "Total Prestiges".
  3. This might be a dumb perk, and or a super overpowered perk but just came to mind, sounded interesting in my head. This perk if added would be fair to be adjusted to be less overpowered. Pet Training Master If using a Legendary Pet to automatically loot. Every 5 minutes, your pet will enter a extremely focused state, allowing it to automatically loot every drop received for a entire minute. Price: 1,500 Velheim Coins
  4. Currently I believe you have it set for each Spring Cleaner Upgrade, to need the "Cumulative Cost" amount on the Runescape Wiki, as Upgrading 3000 -> 5000 on Velheim costs 1,800 Springs, which is the Cumulative Cost on RS3, To upgrade 3000 -> 5000 on RS3 it only costs 1,200 (Upgrade Cost). I believe you should change it to match RS3. https://runescape.wiki/w/Spring_cleaner
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