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  1. That would genuinely be perfect and so, so ideal.
  2. As mentioned in title, it would be nice and convenient if the login screen had a remember username option
  3. Was this for people who cheated and hid their MAC's rendering them near impossible to perm ban? If not, I dun get it
  4. @Sandstorm Positives: Cares about server unlike some other owners. Respectful to all players and doesn't make us feel like we're nothing. Responds well to feedback. Polite Negatives: None @Arcadiez Positives: Rarely see online/can't make a proper evaluation Negatives: Rarely see online/can't make a proper evaluation @Dynasty Positives: Nice and helpful when online. Doesn't appear to have favouritism, which is crucial to a fair, and just, staff team. Negatives: None thus far @Nhs Positives: My favourite. Super, super helpful, super polite and nice, and always makes you
  5. As you cannot currently spawn a Nihil familiar because of Muspahs and no Nihils to kill, can you please add the Nihils unique drop (Icyene feather, Aviansie talons, Vampyre fangs and Demon horn) to the Muspahs? Please and thank you OR add Nihils completely
  6. Thank you very, very much for the support guys. I really do appreciate it
  7. Hi there, I would love to see a quick option when right clicking slayer masters to 'quick' tele to slayer task. So if I right click Morvran, I would click 'Tele to task' or 'Quick tele' and go straight to location of task. Whether that option is locked behind being a donator or open to all, up to you. But it would be cool nonetheless. Thanks for reading.
  8. Idk, it sounds good, but perks getting destroyed kinda helps the econ by forcing buys
  9. Hello, I'd love to see the Balmung be made available. I was thinking put it in the loyalty point, donor, or vote reward store as a buyable item? Thanks for reading.
  10. Hello, my donation perk suggestion is that for each rank, going from lowest to highest, get more strike chances when pickpocketing at Prifddinas. Right now its 3, it would be great if starting at a certain donation rank, whether Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, etc, you got extra strike chances instead of the standard 3. A game perk I'd also like to see is reduced time banned from pickpocketing in Prifddinas after you reach your strike chances. Maybe it could be added to Sleight of Hand and have Sleight of Hands price slightly increased or something? Anyway, thanks for reading
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