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  1. Not really doing that though. As I said, I was ignoring item drops, but just quickly mentioned that it would double overall profits at the end. Effort as in you would need to be activiely playing the entire time. Active play should always give higher rewards than afking. Also, the whole autoclicker thing is completely different issue that should be addressed seperately. Not saying you said this, but just because another problem might be bigger, doesnt mean this one should be ignored. Havent played too much the last few days, but hasnt thieving also received a huge nerf (lik
  2. You're either the most forgetful person alive, or you're just lying to further whatever agenda that benefits you the most. Just a few days ago, you, me and others discussed it in another thread. Don't say you've never heard people complaining when you were just arguing in a thread that was complaining about it. Yes it was, and you know it. Its been one of the most discussed topics, which you've even taken part in. Ofc you should need to work/grind for certain things. Just because its an rsps doesnt mean you should be able to get everything you want with minimal e
  3. Easily bis clan! <3
  4. If the perk isnt working as intended then ofc I think they should look into it/fix it imo, I just havent personally noticed anything off about it.
  5. I've always thought skilling pets are too easy to obtain lol
  6. It improved the rate I got my pets :O All boss pets I've gotten has been under 1k kc
  7. Im guessing it would be as simple as changing "bankable = false" to "bankable = true" or something similar in the code. Also +1, been times where I have just destroyed a few in my inventory since I couldnt bank them.
  8. The statues are aweful when it comes to pathing. Just have to click the squares surrounding them to move around.
  9. I have no idea how to aquire most of these so take this with a grain of salt lol. I think adding them to the untradeable store would just make it too easy to aquire certain items and flood the shop menu. I am however in full support of making every item you need obtainable without having to open mystery boxes.
  10. Having a couple of quick teles like that would be amazing! <3
  11. This is a guide I didn't know I needed! Can confirm that my life is atleast 5x better after reading this!
  12. This isnt really the right place to continue this drama.
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