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  1. Sorry but I treat people accordingly based on the respect that they show me. Yes you could bring up the chat logs and see that I was nice and pointed out that we can share the kills. But you said you had a better idea, stayed quiet for a moment and showed up with a second account to take all of the kills for yourself. Now I don't know if it's just me but that is a big act of disrespect on your end so why should I treat you with any respect at all after you showed me you are nothing but a greedy person? I think you have it the wrong way around guy you are playing victim. Find something else to
  2. As I can see the problem looks like it will be taken care of, Thanks guys for the support! P.S, It almost gave me AIDS trying to read what BIG LOG and HAMDER are typing. ENGLISH PLEASE., EDIT, I came to moss golems with a nice attitude, His salt is what turned this around very quickly.
  3. Not when they have better gear in general, and go to the extent of bringing another account to kill them. Point is they are also making that item basically obsolete by owning that many, they could very well ruin the economy.
  4. Hello, I just wanted to bring this up as I am quite sure it hasn't been looked into. The moss golem zone in the lost grove is being controlled by two people on this server. There is not a moment in the day where I can go to the zone and kill moss golems as it always seems to be taken by either Hamderbob, or Big Log Dog or his alt. If you attempt to attack monsters they bring a second account to take them all, now i think that would be considered using two accounts to gain an advantage over another.. Either way I was hoping that somebody could please consider making that zone into a PVP zone so
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