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  1. Personally I would love to see the introduction of Elite Dungeons 4. Though I would settle for just the boss
  2. I like the ability hiding behind some pretty long/hard achievements. +1
  3. IGN: Wengs IS2: Earth and Song IP7: Bounty IP9: You Really Zuk Awarded! -Tyrone
  4. I like this suggestion, for me anyway it gets pricey changing the portal 7-8 times a day for my reapers.
  5. Welcome! Hope to see you online sometime :)
  6. Hey guys my name is John, ign Wengs. I used to play rs3 and grew tired with the economy and wanted to start an ironman so this server gave me all that I wanted. I don't play a lot but am slowing working towards maxing, bis gear, and eventually a comp cape. Good luck to everyone gaming!
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