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    In that case msg me so I can join back, ill bring over my buddy too.
  2. Ahoy


    New classic clan since a lot of people got kicked from Astra. Msg Ahoy if you wish to join.
  3. Pretty much this, you took the words out of my mouth.
  4. I'll only reply on 1 & 2; A bank command should never ever be a thing; 525 > 550 > 600 > 700 > 800 > 900 > 1000; [Or just +50 per rank]
  5. Had a feeling this would be one of the answers, just nice to see this being confirmed. Any chance we will see some hiscore changes when it comes to prestiging? (order of rank)
  6. I like the Yell and Vote Party changes, now I wonder if the trivia answer has been updated when it comes the Vote Party question.
  7. Another player has joined the diamond squad.

  8. You do not have to throw down farming patches, my suggestion would be more of an extra boost on that specific skill like perks/well do (extra chance of items, extra exp etc.). So for example with the Farming skill; It could be set to run on saturday for 24hours to give all things that reward you farming exp to give 10% extra exp on top of it and 10% chance of double herbs, fruits etc. (this benefits everyone, espcially iron players for items). Same can be done with prayer > bones to give 10% extra exp on anything/burry > 10% chance of double bone drop (if you got the perk it wo
  9. I kind of dig this suggestion, gives a nice memory vibe to it as well, a dip of viking vibe that fits with the server name as well (and also a part of the original game theme/genre > relekka for example).
  10. What about; Monday: a focus on artisan skills; Crafting, Construction, Cooking and Firemaking Tuesday: a focus on supporting skills; Thieving & Agility Wednesday: a focus on on combatant skills; Prayer & Summoning Thursday: a focus on artisan skills; Fletching, Herblore, Runecrafting & Smithing Friday: a focus on supporting skills; Dungeoneering & Slayer Saturday: a focus on gatherer skills; Archaeology, Divination, Farming Sunday: a focus on gatherer skills; Fishing, Hunter, Mining & Woodcutting Could be done with; specific avai
  11. Actually working on that Tetsuuu, just a few more levels and POP ships *yay* Arigato for the guide!
  12. This is actually really big in my eyes, serves you extra credits for thinking about this and actually doing this. Even small indy companies underestimated this before in the past (and big stonk companies still do).
  13. Seems fisht to me because you wrote aggreed instead of agreed.
  14. Big stuff, big stacks. Really nice to see extra new content (that I won't be doing cause I suck at PVM, I am a true noob) and I do like it that we got a ton of player suggestions and feedback for changes in this update. Kudos kudos kudos!
  15. I think 500 VC for 25% would be fine.
  16. Let's just wait for coder Sandy to reply on this suggestion. Maybe we could also add a requirement for this feature if it would be a thing (say sapphire rank or something).
  17. Ahoy


    Biem, when 300?
  18. Probably the biggest guide I've seen so far on the forum, I really love this cause I started doing some Archeology and had some issues here and there with it. Thanks for releasing this guide, I will be using this for sure!
  19. What about 100 rare item tokens or 1 strange box as a vote party reward instead of a mystery box or spins, less OP but still a small reward.
  20. Personally I think how it is right now is fine and fits the ironmen style, but if there should be a change I would say 1 mystery box tops.
  21. Bring out your inner prada people! I cannot be there so I hope someone will get a nice snap of the competition.
  22. When you think you vote a lot.. but you see the nr1. voter almost doubling your votes.. good lord.

  23. I do not see them adding a new skill cause of Archeology (unless I am wrong), I can see them upping skills like Construction or Summoning to 120 though.
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