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  1. Was thinking about asking my girlfriend sandstorm to marry me, thoughts?

    1. Yggdrasil


      I bet you'd make beautiful thunderstorm babies.

    2. Grace


      Could i come to the wedding?

  2. Greetings it's your fellow ghost that watches all of you from the shadows, If I won I'd claim the prize in valheim coins to give away back to y'all smelly asses, disrobute the wealth to many like I wish bill gates would do for me. GL GL
  3. IGN - Snowstorm I would Probably use and redeem the prize as velheim coins and return most back into the community through events over a few months XD PS, Gz on 1k posts nub
  4. Snow > Sand

    1. Kiwi


      Snow < Sand


      There, I fixed it for you :)

    2. Sandstorm
    3. Grace
  5. Snow used *storm* It was super effective.

    1. Sandstorm


      Sand will remember that.

    2. Kiwi


      Kiwi liked that.

  6. Some sand just fell into my Snowstorm ;_;

  7. What is the calm after the storm.

    1. Ahoy


      Hugging your butt cheeks.

    2. Pride



  8. This little light of mine...

  9. Giving staff to anyone who comments, ask for more info in game.

  10. If a snow storm blows in and no one is around to hear it, does it make a snow?

    1. duel all day

      duel all day

      depends if the snow goes up my nose or not otherwise i dc ;)

  11. This go's without saying, but these kind of posts will affect chances of staff as showing activity on the forums doesn't just mean spamming posts. There is one thing more important that blindly following a suggestion and it's adding too it, if you like a suggestion why not make it better by adding another suggestion or even suggest a change to the current suggestion. These things a far more important than just showing support.
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