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  1. Barrows sheet will be a long one, I plan on cheating for that one and using my classic instead as i have most of them on there. As for verac's skirt i doubt I'll ever get it as i got 3 in a row on RS3.
  2. Slayer tasks give a 10% drop rate bonus according to Update #79 which makes slayer tasks worth getting, all the more with sub tasks like Kalphites for Kalphite King or Greater Demons for K'ril Tsutsaroth. Preslaysion, game perk, allows for free task resets when asking the slayer master, not the reward menu, so the 2nd perk you mentioned would not make sense when your tasks are already able to be "chosen" at the cost of no task streak. P.S. The accurate style is the best attack style to use so instead of using halberds I'd train it on bosses or slayer tasks. Head to the dummy at hom
  3. What are your thoughts on adding mini game announcements when the mini game spotlight changes to the channel as well? It gets annoying when the spotlight changes mid game and I get only 1/2 the points.
  4. My guess is Concentration and Flexibility. Concentration for mage accuracy (mage version of attack) and Flexibility as ranges damage (same as strength). I don't know why they haven't been added yet but with 2 gathering skills in the last 3 additions i think they should switch to a combat skill base, not support like invention.
  5. On discord replace the Suggestions channel with Game Events that announce events like Guthix Cache, Crashed Star, Staff hosted trivia, drop parties, hide and seeks and the like.
  6. Oooo fancy Respected Member banner ;)

  7. The masterwork guide is inaccurate now that we have to smith elder rune +4 into +5 so I recommend using Topic 1061 smithing guide from Arcadiez instead as it covers exact numbers for elder rune bars and how to make masterwork. Thank you for making a topic hub I can direct players to!
  8. Thank you, as you have probably seen a "few" times my vocabulary isn't the best...
  9. Make the Archaeology and Starting tutorials unskipable or remove the spacebar skip function for them if possible. Too many players start by asking how to make money right after the tutorial just told them or how to do arche but skipped the whole tutorial.
  10. This is a list of Server Did You Knows to add to the list in response to Sandstorm from Server Did You Knows. You can teleport from the slayer master to your task for 200k Shops around Velheim have stock that resets at 12:00 server time Luck potions increase drop rates adds stack with each other and rings Examine a creature to see what it can drop and how often The command ;;wiki item/monster name takes you to that wiki page Prestige info at ;;topic 1109 and donation rank info at ;;topic 584 ;;commands gives a list of commands The ~ key opens co
  11. This is more of a flaunt of my slayer collection logs. I'll be stating what is unobtainable under the logs that have unobtainable items: 6500 edimmu's dead and roughly 1/100 for elites, this ones a rough one. Using incense sticks helped a lot, 1/85 around for elites now. If only we had the Slayer Introspection relic from archaeology to bump those 40 kc tasks up to 98. Don't underestimate the Darkbow chances on Velheim, all of the rare drops for them were pushed down to very rare making the bow 1/14 items, 12/14 of em seed. That little cra
  12. Use the main ingredient (like steel platebody) on the obelisk to quickly make all of those pouches in your inventory, use the pouch on the obelisk to make all pouches into scrolls.
  13. @Sandstorm My issue with skyboxes is I can't turn them off. Is there a way to change the settings on resizable to turn them off without having most of the graphics on higher amounts?
  14. Is this saving the spell so when you equip a staff/wand later it remembers it?
  15. I feel like someone is nudging me... But thank you as i had the same question. ign: Thronium F3: Post Addict F4: Postie Pete IM6: Completionist cape IM7: Completionist cape(Trim) ---------- F3: Post Addict F4: Postie Pete IM6: Completionist cape IM7: Completionist cape(Trim) You post a lot, but they're only focus on certain subjects. Would want to see a wider spread of posts through out the forum for the "post addict".
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