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  1. Destroy them, if you already have 200M or charged the pylon anchors. But sometimes you want to spare them for later.
  2. So basically I've been trying to get all the Hidey Holes fixed and filled, and there is also an award here on the Forums for it. It looks like there is a few items that is impossible to get, or really tedious getting in general. Maybe even add these to Lucy's (untradeable), or other shops/new shop: Enhanced Yaktwee Stick, Infinity Set, Cavalier (clues only), Asylum Surgeons Ring, Scabaras Mask, Lab Coat Top, Lab Coat Legs, Dragon Rider Amulet, Boater (clues only), Holy Cithara and Ring of Devotion. The clues only isn't really needed to any shops, but would be sparing time. I could ha
  3. It's a great suggestion, but I don't think it is possible, as you can't bank them on rs.
  4. Alright, well if you need any help just pm me ingame "Kim", or via the forums, or ask in the friends chat, if you need any help!
  5. Cheers! Hopefully, it is very doable in my opinion, considering it takes max 8 hours.
  6. It has almost everything RS3 related, I know Raksha and ED3 isn't added, and a few small things besides that. But most besides that is added as far as I know!
  7. Thanks for the feedback/support. The Stone Spirit bag isn't really that important for me, but was thinking in general it would be nice to save a bit of bank spaces. If it is possible to add it, as RS doesn't have anything like it. For the Frozen key charges, I wouldn't mind having that you can choose how many chargers to add aswell, as the 100 charges was just a suggestion, and which could be altered, or different.
  8. Yeah, would be very nice.
  9. Thank you for your kind words, sir!
  10. This is a guide for people who want to get 4K Chompy Bird kills, for the Award on the Forums, or if it is for their personal achievements. So with just having your ogre bow and ogre arrows equipped, you can get over 500+ Chompy bird kills an hour. It will take you around 8 hours (MAX) to complete. This is with using aggression potions and enhanced Excalibur. I suggest using aggression potions, and enhanced Excalibur for an more AFK method. Obviously not needed, but I wouldn't recommend attacking all 4K Chomby birds manually. Also will make it less annoying, with the aggression potio
  11. Would be nice, but not sure if adding like 5 or more would be ideal, but I wouldn't mind having a few teleports that you have added as your favourite.
  12. RS3 doesn't have a Stone Spirit Bag, but was just thinking if it was possible in general. Also for the Area Loot, there is always pro's and con's, if thinking about people AFK'ing Slayer monsters/creatures, it would just help them alot. But doesn't seem like anything is being done with it, so I guessed why not. I know RS has a shop at Waiko, didn't check if it was added on Velheim thought, should probably have checked first, which I forgot about. Thank you for your support, if not all getting added, would love to see one or more getting added.
  13. Thank you very much, also very kind of you. I can see this helping alot of people in the future!
  14. Yes, that is true, or well you need the Frozen key aswell (doesn't have to be fully charged), with the full Ancient Ceremonial set and 10M. That would be nice aswell.
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