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  1. Loving the guides lately, maybe someday this will encourage me to get 4K chompys
  2. Great suggestions! Add Rare Item Token to the Currency Pouch. +1 Add X/ALL redeem on Lamps and Stars. +1 Make a Stone Spirit Bag, or something similiar if possible. X (Couldn't find anything similar to it on RS3 would be a nice QoL to save bank space but one custom item would eventually lead to more being asked) Make Rewards for Taijitus, for example chimes or things used for PoP. +1 (I believe Waiko shop has some items that require Taijitu, but could maybe be used for some scrimshaws if they get added to PoP shop) Add Area Loot for general Slayer/Bossing.
  3. Nice guide! I'll be sure to promote it whenever I get the chance
  4. Congrats on Max! Great video
  5. I don't like the idea of gambling coming into Velheim. However, the duel arena could be a fun addition but a fast way to lose a lot of players. Seen it happen too many times. ^These 100%. I started to play games of chance online because I started to do them on Runescape and different PS, and developed a really bad gambling addition that almost ruined my life. ^Perfectly said!
  6. +1 would be a good QoL addition. Would save me from a lot of typing
  7. Love the scope. Best of luck, Wayne Enterprise!
  8. Not really since the intros and taunts have a skip option! Probably 100 kills an hour? I wasn't too crazy about the speed
  9. I personally enjoy Rolling Rock and India Beer! Had a sour beer made locally called 'Aloha' It was different but a pretty good sipping beer, grew on me after a while!
  10. +1, would love for these milestones to be announced!
  11. +1, I think it's been brought up before but I love the idea of it
  12. Looks fun! Good luck everyone
  13. +1, would love to see a wipe to boss hiscores.
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