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  1. I have added this to the guide, Thank you for the easy import!
  2. I have added this aswell as many others. Thanks for using the guide!
  3. This guide is no longer being updated. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hello! Considering there is no thread for money makers yet i decided to make one! This is a work in progress and will continue to be updated as I get suggestions and find new ways to make money. I will be ranking them in order of easiest to hardest (In my opinion that is) for your convenience. For this guide i made a brand new account from scratch to really see the results. SoF (Squeal of Fortune) You can get many great items from the SoF that are more than just skilling items. You can decently co
  4. Added this to the quick topic guide! Thanks for the guide very well done!
  5. Thank you for the additions! The ones you said such as Prestige and Cosmetics are already in the list like you said. Thank you for the suggestions! Keep them coming to help this thread be even better! Changes - Changed from previous Invention Guide in Skilling section (Saw the one you suggested seemed a bit more in-depth.) Additions - General Donations to Donation section (I was looking for that post before and couldn't find it! Thank you for that) Custom Invention Perk to Misc section (I was hesitant on this one but it was a great update with a lot of new stuff. P
  6. ~Disclaimer: This guide will be updated once in a while, however since I've quit the server for the most part, It will take a back burner, but will still be updated through your replies and suggestions. Sorry for the inconvenience. *Updated as of 02/09/21 at 6:30pm EST time.* This is a 1 stop shop for all your topic number needs, This has just about every topic number you may need or want regarding your everyday play or for those curious in chat. This can be a bit easier to find all the forum posts you need. I will continue to add and take away topic numbers as better guides or post
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