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  1. Could we make these buff timers consistent? While I'd love the overload timer to be at 25 minutes, I don't care which way it goes, overload up or the rest down. It just feels somewhat pointless to have 4 at 25 minutes and the last one at 12 minutes, because then if I want to rely on the supply table I have to revisit the ddz every 12 minutes anyway.
  2. I'd personally love to see this as an interface that you can open/close exactly like the examine interface for players. I think adding things to the screen like what's in the screenshot adds a lot of clutter, and raises a lot of questions like how to close it, how to handle mobs with hundreds of drops without covering the entire screen etc. The action(?) bar was made for displaying interfaces like this, the main canvas not so much. I realise you've already said a couple of these things
  3. Biggusdickus Would get 120 herblore on rs3, or maybe an ass load of perks on velheim
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