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  1. Even before diamond I had no issues getting ports for myself or having others place them down with a simple question in the fc. None the less, just seems like the wrong place for this is all I'm saying. Feel free to continue posting.
  2. Pristine

    HCIM Deaths

    -1. Nobody posting on this seems to be a hcim and if any hcim die it should be their decision to share what they died to if they want.
  3. I feel this isn't the right place for this as it isn't a suggestion it's just you calling out portables. Either way the only portable that's worth knowing about is the deposit box, which if I were using myself I wouldn't be telling others especially if I paid for it.
  4. You say it's easy to obtain but it requires 115 arch, 99 smithing, and "it should have been called aetherium" quest to even make it. Then we have all the materials required to make the normal spear. Then we have the 7 masterwork trim and the 2 glorious bars for the trimmed mw spear. Giving it a special attack would require lots of extra work. I think the idea of "proc every X seconds" would be fine. Just need to come to an agreement of what the cd of it should be. It's not a main weapon it's a weapon to swap to like on rs3 to use a bleed ability but on here but swap to it for the bleed attack
  5. Max slaughter dmg with spear outside of a zgs spec (as it doesnt stack on rs3) is 27.5k which converted would be 2750 on here. This an end game t92 weapon and as it is on here is just a spear for corp, whereas on rs3 its useful in all sorts of scenarios. Not even trying to make it op. If we base it off of the base dismember stats it'd do minimum 759 base dmg over 6 seconds. Even if the bleed is "too weak" as you say, it's still something in the direction of making it a useful weapon for how much goes into making it.
  6. Thought it'd be nice to get a passive added to the spear seeing as we don't have abilities with bleeds to be affected perhaps adding a bleed to the spear itself that can only proc every X seconds. (up for debate on the cooldown suggestion as dismembers cd is 15 seconds) As for the damage of the bleed I feel the base for dismember is a decent comparison and doesn't sound too broken. "player inflicts a bleed upon their opponent, doing 5 equal hits, dealing total of up to 188% weapon damage over 6 seconds. The minimum (total) hit of this ability is 100% weapon damage." Would be nice to see this
  7. There's not too many items that can be dyed seeing as they have to be t90+, but the issue for me is I wasn't sure when\how long it would take to get the dyes I wanted and now that I have 1 I'm stuck with either removing the expensive perks or waiting and leaving it undyed.
  8. Currently we cannot dye augmented weapons\equipment as it is in rs3. I feel we should be able to dye already augmented equipment as some weapons\equipment could have very expensive\hard to obtain\annoying to get perks on them. I also submitted this as a bug report.
  9. Yeah the idea is just to give it a good increase as cash flow into the game is much to high atm.
  10. Cballs were hardly in the shop to buy in the first place. Seems like people want ezscape too often and dont want to grind anything. I think if we leave the cash option it should be much more expensive than it is at this point though.
  11. People aren't sinking money into the well for the titles\top rank. They do it for the well buff. If you limit the amount they can do, it will just lower the amount of gp leaving the game and the eco gets more inflated than it already is.
  12. Increase well cost to 500m and broadcast all participants that donated to the well. If continuously still only 1 person, we keep raising price.
  13. Or perhaps an upgrade for legendary pets? Say 1k coins per upgrade or even the same price with the min being the 5s for those that dont want multiple pets.
  14. Overwhelming amounts of gp isn't caused by lack of money sinks. What would sinking 50-100m every few days do when you make 1-1.5b in the time you used the gear?
  15. Masterwork armor hasn't change during this whole thing. When sirenic\tect got switched to use the mats people complained because it actually cost them to use the top gear. Mw\tmw is already a grind or cost to obtain it not to mention alt scape is almost fully gone. Just leave mw how it's been and then dyed+aug'd can be repaired with coins imo.
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