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Update Log #89 - Group Ironman & Ultimate Ironman modes, & some other stuff!


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Group Ironman mode

  • It's finally here! The Group Ironman mode is basically the same as regular Ironman mode in terms of EXP multipliers, drop-boosts and restrictions;
  • Ability to group up with up to 5 fellow Group Ironman mode players;
  • Ability to pick-up, trade, party up in dungeoneering, co-op slayer, enter boss instances, use divine locations, portables, etc. with players that are in your group;
  • Added a brand new interface to handle Group Ironman mode settings, with the ability to see up to 10 random groups and member count;
  • Groups with the 'open applications' setting enabled will show up on the interface for other group ironmen to freely join at any time;
  • Group Members will not be able to leave unless kicked by the group leader;
  • The Group Leader rank can be transfered to a fellow group member in case the leader wants to leave;
  • The Group can be disbanded by the group leader, which will kick out all group members and permanently delete the group itself;
  • Edited the existing Bank interface to allow Group shared banks. If multiple members are accessing the bank at the same time - everything on the interface will refresh retroactively, and if the member (or the group) is removed - the interface will stop functioning and close;
  • Leaders will be able to choose which players can access the shared bank in case newly joined group members want to steal the groups resources;
  • GIM players will have a green skull next to their name and their own separate Hiscores section;


Ultimate Ironman mode

  • Ultimate Ironmen have exactly the same restrictions and EXP multipliers as regular Ironmen, with an increased drop-rate of +10%;
  • Players will not be able to use banks to store items, they will be able to use their items on banks/bankers to (un)note them though;
  • UIM players will have a white skull next to their name and their own separate Hiscores section.



  • Added a brand new game-mode selection interface for new players;
  • Players will no longer be able to switch their game-modes at Darude. There are many reasons why I don't want to have this feature, and the main one being - people often quit after changing their mode and regretting doing so because of their lost items and progress. If they want to play on a different mode they're always free to make a new account;
  • Ironmen will no longer be able to use other player placed portable stations, enter boss instances, attack loot pinatas, or interact with dummies;
  • The Pet Storage interface will now display all pets (not just owned) by default on open, and remember your last pet category when re-opening the interface;
  • Added these item drops to their respective NPC's for Slayer Collection log's: off-hand rubber chicken to Chickens, all hides/spined boots & gloves to regular Dagannoths, Crunchy Claw token to Mogres;



  • All pet, rest & walk tokens are now trade-able;
  • The resizable-screen mode chat-box bar resize button will now disappear when another interface is displayed, and re-appear when it's closed. This is to prevent interface conflicting issues where a central screen interface could not be interacted with when in certain client sizes;
  • Familiars will no longer interrupt Araxxor's shadow path charge special attack animation;
  • You will no longer get as heavily rubber banded while trying to run to an X destination to interact with something while NPC's are attacking you;
  • Fixed an issue with urns not filling up after their first transition;
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't properly calculate the Beach Event cocktail/anti-sun XP boosts;
  • Fixed all remaining incorrect (fe)male hair-style id's (hopefully, let me know if there are more incorrect versions).


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