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Update Log #90 - Hunter Improvements, Virtual Levels, Flatpacks & Misc. changes


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With the addition of virtual levels (since those were client-sided) a client re-download is necessary for those who do not use the client launcher or else it will not let you log in. Read below for more information about virtual levels!


This update also includes the last ninja log changes.


  • Added full flatpack creation. Flatpacks can be made on a workbench in your House (perk plank saving & protean plank usage applies);
  • Flatpacks can now be used to build your house and will be used up before actually touching your materials (if you have any);
  • Overhauled the code behind House object building interface & actual building system;
  • Added sky-box message support for most House 'You cannot do X..' messages;
  • Added the full Constructor's Skilling outfit which provides bonus EXP while training Construction, it can now be also obtained from the Squeal of Fortune;
  • Added the Portable Workbench, this portable skilling station can be used to make flatpacks outside your House. Obtainable as a Squeal of Fortune reward;


Combat & Related

  • All Aggressive NPC's will no longer pile up on you in single-way combat zones, they'll only attack you one at a time until you leave or kill your current target;
  • Player's defence will now have a slightly higher base value so that at level 1 Defence low level NPC's will have a higher chance of missing their attacks;
  • Turoth's will now also die from off-hand leaf-bladed swords;
  • Added spear-type weapon attack sound effect;
  • Added combat animations for Elite Cave horror NPC;
  • Fixed Aquanite, Jelly & Pyrefiend attack projectiles;
  • Locust meat, all gnomish cocktails and all gnomish premade food can now be consumed, including their after-effects (if any);


Group Ironman

  • GIM (& UIM for that matter) will no longer get loot-beam triggers based off of the G.E. prices;
  • The 'Random Groups' section can now be clicked on to view each group's members;
  • Before joining a group you will be able to see which players are currently in that particular group;


  • Bird snares can now be 'Reset' when they fail to catch the bird;
  • Trap checking and dismantling will now directly walk the player on top of the trap instead of going zig zags before walking on top of it;
  • Boulder Traps will now properly reset 2 ticks after a failed kebbit catch;
  • Multiple Hunter NPC's will no longer focus on the same trap at the same time;
  • Added Green/Orange/Red/Black/Yellow Salamander catching and added all salamander locations as possible teleport destinations under Hunter category of the Teleportation Menu;


  • Added all basic Ore up to Runite to the Miscellaneous Shop at home;
  • Heavily increased the item shop value of basic logs & ore;
  • Added a few missing items to the General Stores;
  • Reduced the price of Vote Points for some Vote Shop items (darklight, rune pouch, herb bag, crystal key, magic secateurs);
  • Added Freda NPC to south-west of Death Plateau, Freda will sell Rock Climbing boots for 75k each;

Virtual Levels - y'all wanted it, here it is!

  • Added a toggle-able option to the 'Account Settings' for Virtual Levels;
  • With the option on - all skills that are above level 99 will now display your virtual level (with a GOLD TRIM);
  • The total level will also reflect the change and show your total virtual level (clicking on it will show real and virtual levels).


  • 10h XP boost and Donator rank will now only get given to actual new players (only 2 accounts per users address);
  • Removed Monkey's and Scabarites from the table of possible Slayer tasks;
  • Stomping Strykewyrms (if using melee hand!) will now walk the player next to the Wyrm before actually stomping it;
  • Added 'Kalphite Hive' Slayer teleport destination that will put the player just outside the Kalphite Hive entrance;
  • Changing a Slayer Master will no longer reset your current Task streak;
  • While Smithing items, the system will now be able to check your inventory for any bars you have before checking your metal banks;
  • You can now cut Leaping Trout/Salmon/Sturgeon for some Cooking EXP and Roe/Caviar/Fish offcuts;
  • Pulse Core bonus EXP will now be able to stack up to 60 minutes;
  • Hiscores will now save on log-out rather than log-in;
  • The Donator Zone's Gem stall will now re-spawn much faster;
  • Players will now receive 2 x Squeal of Fortune daily spins rather than just 1, and another + 2 for each rank (sapphire = 4, emerald = 6, ruby = 8, etc.). Also increased the amount of Spins received from Vote Books by 1 (total of 2 per book);
  • Updated cache version to an RS3 update from 10th August, 2020;
  • Dungeoneering Token amount can now be viewed directly from the Noticeboard tab;
  • Updated Portable examine text to RS3 standard (also added whoever last extended it);
  • Invention will no longer be able to be trained IF the player does not have 80 smithing, crafting & divination (ie. has visited Invention guild and prestiging after);
  • The Beach Event has been removed.


  • Culinaromancer's gloves, brawler necklaces and strange boxes are no longer trade-able;
  • Items that get dropped on death in Wilderness will no longer show up to players that cannot interact with the killed player (ironmen);
  • The Barrows brother NPC's will no longer drop anything on death;
  • The Kalphite Lair entrance will now visually represent if your rope was attached to it or not;
  • Fixed an issue with the Player Design interface that caused clothe clipping issues (arms for male chars, body for female chars (clothing data is now directly pulled from the cache));
  • Hitpoints will now properly visually refresh to 0 upon death;
  • Corrected White Wolf Mountain Wolf NPC combat affinities;
  • Fixed Ibis's Fish rain special move;
  • Fixed Diamond Donator zone portables;
  • The Augmented Crystal fishing rod should now properly gain item XP while Fishing;
  • You will no longer be able to start another QBD instance if you're already in one;
  • Jungle Tree's can now be cut down;
  • Skillchompas no longer require Mining levels to equip;
  • Re-added Armadyl to Armadyl's Tower. Players may now once again obtain the Ring of Solomon by giving Armadyl an Aviansie Dreamcoat;
  • Jungle Spiders are no longer aggressive;
  • Added a few missing item combinations that required skill levels to the Assist system (spirit shields, spiky vambraces, blood amulets, slayer helmets, etc.);
  • The Cave entrance on top of Trollheim will now place the player inside Eadgar's cave not Sabbot's, also made the Cave Entrance at the start of Death Plateau take you to outside of the cave entrance from Death Plateau quest.



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