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Update Log #91 - Daily Challenge Rework, Alchemical Hydrix, New Interfaces & Misc. fixes

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Honestly I think this is worth an update log just because of the sheer amount of work I've put into it.

As always - all previous ninja logs get combined into the next proper update log! Enjoy.


Alchemical Hydrix

  • This gem can be made at an Inventor's Workbench at level 117 Invention with: 1 x Cut Hydrix, 50 fortunate components, 50 refined components, 10 precious components and 2 rumbling components;
  • Alchemical Hydrix is a key component for 2 new powerful items: Brooch of the Gods and Essence of Finality;
  • Essence of Finality: requires 1 x Alchemical Hydrix, an Amulet of Souls and a Reaper Necklace to create. This necklace combines the powers of the Amulet of Souls and the Reaper necklace. It'll also allow you to consume any weapon to store that weapon's special attack within the gem, and then use it at will from your Combat Styles tab (a new special attack bar will display when wearing the necklace);
  • Combining the ornament kits for the Amulet of Souls and the Reaper Necklace will leave you with a super stylish ornament kit for the Essence of Finality, which also increases its combat bonuses;
  • The necklace will degrade in combat and will only be repair-able by using alchemical hydrix dust. 1 dust yields 20% charges, and can be obtained by cutting down an alchemical hydrix which gives 10 dust per gem;
  • Alchemical Hydrix Brooch: You'll need 97 Crafting and the following components to create your own: 1 x Alchemical Hydrix, 5 x Elder rune bars, 5 x Gold leaf. It is made in a furnace under the 'castings' section;
  • The Brooch can then be enchanted to make the Brooch of the Gods using the level-6 enchant spell. This pocket slot item will: automatically scavenge Invention components from non-combat skills, double the proc rate of portable skilling stations, store up to 1'000 of each decorated skilling urn, 20% increase chance of finding bird nests while Woodcutting, 20% increased reward amounts from Fire Spirits;


Daily Challenges

  • Completely scrapped everything daily-challenge related and re-wrote it to match RS3's system;
  • You can now have up to 5 daily challenges at any given time;
  • Upon logging in (with no challenges) you'll receive 5 new ones;
  • If challenges are capped at 5, the oldest one will get replaced on the next daily reset;
  • Revamped the Daily Activities interface to reflect the challenge changes. The list there will be built automatically;
  • Added Dungeoneering, Divination, Archaeology, Slayer & Combat challenges;
  • Over-hauled the Skill blocking interface to use our new Lamp interface (more information about the interface is below);


XP Lamp & related

  • Made a brand new XP Lamp interface which now includes the 3 new skills - Divination, Invention & Archaeology. This interface will be used for select-able Bonus XP stars and XP Lamps;
  • Fixed an issue that failed to check if the player had finished Archaeology tutorial before adding XP in the skill from Celebration lamps;
  • XP preview and post chat-box messages should now be 100% correct;


Virtual Leveling changes

  • Invention will now display up to level 150;
  • All virtually received levels will now send a chat-box message saying so;
  • The gold trim border surrounding each skill will now only display if the skill is at it's highest level;



  • Overhauled Hydrix jewellery smithing. It will now use gold bars from player's inventory and metal storage, as well as display sky-box messages with how many items you're still missing (if any);
  • Demon Slayer equipment will now increase damage against Demons by 4% per piece equipped, increase overall base combat XP gained by 2% per piece, and increase Slayer base XP while on task by 1% per piece;
  • Slight gametab graphical changes. I'll slowly be changing how the client looks & feels to better match RS3 legacy interface mode (+ the new look I have intended looks more like OSRS, which could potentially lead to more people trying out newer revisions);
  • Added a new action managing system that supports milliseconds. I'll be able to implement VeRy specific actions for future content if needed (current system uses game ticks, 600ms per action (ie. woodcutting, fletching, combat, etc.));


  • Deploying skilling dummies will no longer delete all dummies from inventory, also made it so auto-deploying them automatically starts the action;
  • Failing to grab the Desert Phoenix's feather will now properly visualize a failed action;
  • You should now be able to note/un-note items on most Banker NPC's;
  • Exiled Kalphite Queen should now account for Kalphite Queen Reaper tasks, and Fight Kiln TokHaar-Jad's will now account for TzTok-Jad Reaper tasks;
  • Increased the required inventory slots before being able to withdraw runes from the Large Rune Pouch from 1 to 3;
  • The Dragon Halberd will now hit twice with its special attack;
  • Titan's Constitution Summoning scrolls can now be properly made from the 3 titan pouches (Fire, Moss, Ice);
  • 'Crushing Claw' Summoning scrolls can now be made from Granite Lobster pouches;
  • Corrected the Terrasaul Maul, Inquisitor's Staff & Hexhunter bow damage multipliers against NPC's with Melee, Magic & Ranged bonuses accordingly. They'll now perform depending on your target NPC's bonus affinities;
  • Replenishment Potions will now also restore special attack;
  • Lemon and Lime can now be cut into chunks/slices, & then consumed;
  • Corrupt Magic log bonfire's warmth will now last for 66 minutes rather than 30;
  • Black Unicorn Foal's will now always drop a Unicorn Horn.



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