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Update Log #92 - Smithing Overhaul, Oddments & Quite a few Quality of Life Improvements!

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As always, this update log contains any previous ninja logs.




Protean Traps

  • The traps can be used as a stackable substitute for bird snares and box traps. The traps do not work with Hunter urns;
  • Using the trap gives a 25% experience boost with successful catches and gives 50% of the normal catching experience for failed catches. This stacks with bonus experience and other modifiers;
  • Use of the trap adds a 10% chance of catching prey, and it stays up for 50% longer;
  • The traps disappear once triggered; no drops are given from anything caught. Players can obtain skill shards and trapper fragments from using these traps;
  • Protean traps have an auto-deploy option, which causes the player to automatically deploy the maximum number of traps possible at their Hunter level (this works with the Hunter perk). Used traps are automatically checked and redeployed until 60 traps have been deployed. Moving or running out of traps also stops the auto-deploying;
  • They can be obtained either from the Squeal of Fortune, a protean pack or exchanging any other protean item at a 3:2 ratio;



  • Added the Boogie Bow to Trivia point store for 100 points;
  • Added the Ring of Whispers to the Vote point store for 10 points. When equipped, it provides a +3 invisible level boost to the following gathering skills: Divination, Farming, Fishing, Hunter and Archaeology. Mining gains a +3 damage boosts to rocks. The mining damage boost stacks with familiar damage boosts such as the lava titan. Woodcutting gains a 3% boost.
  • Moved the Cooking and Smelting gauntlets from Trivia to Vote point store;
  • Overhauled how shops restore items to match RS3;



  • Slightly improved the look of the Smelting interface;
  • Made a new custom interface for Smithing that looks and works similar to RS3;
  • Completely scrapped every logic method from Smithing (deleted over 3k lines of spaghetti) and made it super flexible to expand on in the future;
  • With this change I also added the new tuned Bane equipment and a few other new equipment;
  • Armour spikes (regular and alloy) have been added. They will inflict damage to nearby NPC's attacking you (if you're using melee style) based on your Smithing level;
  • The new functionalities of Smithing should now be much much smoother for the end user as well;



  • Added a brand new shop at which you will be able to spend your oddments gained from the Squeal of Fortune;
  • The prizes won from Squeal of Fortune can now be converted into additional oddments;
  • Oddment amounts given from the Squeal will now increase from the rarity of the prize gained;
  • The shop can be viewed from the Squeal of Fortune game tab;
  • Side note: I wasn't sure if adding useless follower pets was needed, let me know if you want them (they're quite costly, 10k oddments+) and I'll add 'em.



  • Melee style accuracy will now go negative if wearing other style equipment;
  • Added the missing Varrock Armour (1-4) passive effects to Mining & Smithing. The armour will also work if you have it somewhere on your character and wearing a golem torso or a golden mining top when Mining, or a blacksmith's top when Smelting;
  • Re-added the 'Double all earned Squeal of Fortune spins' to our store page. Since it was not a game perk to begin with, it will only be available for purchase on the store. For anyone who had bought it previously - it's still there;
  • Updated cache version to an RS3 update from (08/24/2020);
  • You will no longer be able to equip transformation rings at the Home area;
  • Charms that did not go to player's bank previously while having a Charming Imp (or the perk) (ie. Abyssal charms) will now do so properly;
  • It will now display a chat-box message when the 'Smith all Elder Rune + 5 armour' requirement will be completed;
  • Having the aggression potion effect active will now force aggro all NPC's around you even in single-way combat zones;
  • All Dinosaurs will now drop dinosaur hide & dinosaur scale;
  • Hide can then be tanned at any Tanner for 25gp ea, and combined with scales can be made into tank T75 Ranged Dinosaurhide armour;
  • Swapped the 'Max Guild' and 'Wear' options on Max capes;
  • The Collection Logs interface will now remember it's last tab and selected collection when re-opening it;
  • Added a Fairy Ring to the Donator Zone, and Portable workbench to the Diamond zone;
  • Your Legendary pets picking up items will no longer interrupt your current action;
  • You can now gift bonds to other players by using one on them from your inventory;
  • Added Dwarven Rock cakes to the home Food Stall;
  • The 'Follower details' game tab can now be closed with the new 'X' button on it which will display the original Squeal tab. The details tab can then be re-opened by right-clicking on the Summoning orb;
  • Added quite a few new Trivia questions (thanks to @Kiwi!);
  • There was also quite a few behind the scenes work in regards of engine improvements & server managers which I don't want to announce publicly, but trust me - the server's running even better now!



  • While Mining high tier rocks with a low tier pickaxe - your ore progress will no longer go into the negatives;
  • Food that 'over-heals' will now do so correctly (ie. Rocktails);
  • Ennchanting jewelry will now once again require the correct Magic level for the action;
  • The Daily Challenge for firing Urn's will now work properly with the Ceramic Champion game perk. Also fixed an issue with Runecraft regular runes where it would only increase by 1 ignoring the amount of essence used;
  • These items are no longer trade-able: Overloads, Master capes, Extreme potions, Old Random event items (zombie, lederhosen, mime, prince, etc.), Korasi's sword;
  • Divine Blessings will no longer spawn if you do not have unlocked the Invention skill yet;
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes your walk animations would get overriden by the weapons you had equipped;
  • Fixed special attacks of Magic weapons that had their own unique damage system (ie. God staves);
  • The Brooch of the Gods will now instantly move any started decorated urn's from your bank into your backpack while training the skill that the Urn has been designed for;
  • Manufacturing devices that require items which can be stored in the currency pouch can now be properly made;
  • Un-equipping or switching the Demonic skull for a different pocket slot item while in the Wilderness will now instantly remove the skull's effect;
  • Fixed up Divination convert XP modifiers & multipliers;
  • The Spring Cleaner will now say if the mode you tried selecting is not supported on the current items version;
  • Pylon Batteries are no longer bank-able.




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