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Update Log #94 - Too much to fit in a title!


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As always, this update log contains any previous ninja logs.





Combat related

  • Changed the damage modifiers for Inquisitors Staff, Terrasaur Maul and Hexhunter bow from dealing a % of target's levels to a solid modifier of 1.125 (ie. your final damage * 1.125 (same as RS3));
  • Reverted changeIncreased the damage penalty you receive for using higher tier ammunition with lower tier bows;
  • Added a message that'll notify the player if they're using bolts higher level than their weapon can handle (5 minutes/re-log/ammo switch - will display the message again);
  • Dying in all instanced boss rooms will now remove the Hardcore Ironman rank;
  • Augmented Noxious weapons can now perform their special attacks;
  • Ascendri Bolts (e) and Hydrix bakriminel bolts (e) will now restore 1% of your Special Attack energy with a 10% chance (12% if having the Ranged cape perk effect);



  • Cursed Energy will no longer be drop-able in the Wilderness while in combat (this is to prevent people from dropping it to cancel enemy's attacks);
  • Cursed energies in a Beast of Burden now block teleportation as well as allow players of any combat level to attack you;
  • Overhauled the Cursed wisp harvest/convert EXP modifiers;
  • Corrected EXP modifiers for all other Wisp conversions;



Enchant Crossbow Bolt

  • Overhauled the 'Enchant Crossbow bolt' spell to now display a bolt selection screen instead of just trying to use the first suitable bolts in your inventory;
  • Added Ascendri/Hydrix Bakriminel bolts to the 'Onyx' category;
  • Corrected all Magic level requirements and EXP rewards for different bolt types;
  • You can now cast the spell if you have less than 10 bolts (previously you needed at least 10 to even cast the spell);



Grand Exchange

  • Added a 'Tab' system to the main Grand Exchange interface with a total of 10 tabs (60 G.E. offer slots in total now);
  • Extra tabs will be locked by default and will unlock retroactively with player's donator rank;
  • 'Player Listings' tab and 'History re-do' offer features will automatically find the next free slot in all player's available tabs;



Player Examine

  • Utilized the old Dungeoneering player information interface for our new Player Examining;
  • The interface will now override regular Quest Journal's game tab (can be closed to undo) when examining a player;
  • Added a new section onto the interface which displays all information that our Noticeboard/Information panel tab currently shows (excluded global server info);
  • The new examine system will display all target player's levels (+total level and total exp), beast of burden inventory (if any), equipment, and inventory.
  • You will no longer be able to examine other player's if you (or the other player) is in a PvP area. The interface will also auto-close when you try to refresh it prior entering a PvP area;



Treasure Trails

  • Clue Scroll step count will now be pre-determined based on the clue difficulty (easy = 2, medium = 3, hard = 4, elite = 5, master = 6);
  • NPC's will now be able to give you the reward casket after the step count has been complete (on RS the NPC's do not give caskets);
  • I felt as the Investigator perk was way overpowered for its price tag, so I changed it to no longer complete all Clue scrolls in a single step, but rather, it will now halve the step count (ie. master would take 3 steps to complete with the perk instead of 6). With addition of this slight nerf, the Investigator perk will now pick up all Clue scrolls dropped from NPC's and place them inside player's Banks->Inventory (based on availability of the containers);
  • Made a brand new custom interface for Clue scroll rewards: it will now show you the combined total G.E. GP along with the new addition of re-rolling rewards;
  • Added re-roll 'tokens' that will be given when completing the same difficulty Clue 3 times in a row (with a progress bar), up to 3 tokens can be stored. Players will be able to re-roll their rewards in exchange for a single token to obtain brand new rewards from the casket;
  • Reward caskets will now always grant 50k-150k coins multiplied by difficulty level;
  • Increased all stack-able reward amounts by random double (2-5) times (ie. runes, salvages, arrows, planks, etc.);
  • Fixed the Globetrotter backpack not setting correct data for the 'Swap clue' option;



Website related

  • You can now link your in-game accounts with your website accounts directly from in-game, type ';;forums' to start;
  • Linking the accounts will (as always) grant you an extra 5m GP and 5 Squeal of Fortune spins (only once) as well as an additional 5 Loyalty points per minute (on top of the extra 5 from Discord);
  • Once connected - all your ranks and game-modes will then display on the site. You'll also be able to view some basic forum information directly from in-game;
  • This feature opens up A LOT of possibilities for future updates, such as the real adventurer's log, achievements, forum-based in-game rewards, point systems and much much more;
  • With this change I decided to re-work the ';;bug' system. The in-game reporting system can now only be used by players who've linked their forum account. After submitting a bug report it will automatically land onto our forums under ';;topic 1260' (the official bug report thread) from which players will be able to view their submitted bug's status;
  • Only one forum account can be linked per in-game account, so choose wisely. There might be some kinks to work out as the system's new and it's hard to extensively test it on my own, so bare with me while I sort everything out!



Shop related

  • Shops will now sell the correct Magic Stone item versions;
  • Increased the Sophanem Slayer Supply shop stock of Ma'at feathers;
  • Created a custom, easily expandable shop system which will work for points, tokens, coins, or any other currency retro-actively;
  • Made a brand new interface for this shop system which will automatically scale and adjust itself based on the items in it. The interface includes currency displaying, item valuing, an 'on-top' confirmation sub-interface, auto pet & cosmetic override unlocking, etc.;
  • Overhauled the Oddments store to use this new shop system and added a bunch of new buy-able items to it (including pets & overrides);
  • All shops that contained Silverhawk boots will now sell them for free. Also, you will no longer be able to purchase another pair if you already own them;
  • Converted all custom shops (Vote, Loyalty, Prestige, Rare item token, slayer bounty, thaler, treasure trail, trivia, velheim coin, vote point, dungeoneering shop 2) to use the new system;




  • Regular mode players will no longer trigger level/EXP world announcements;
  • Created extended classes for Cooking while inside a Daemonheim dungeon (Dungeoneering) to better differentiate the changes. This means the perk, or any other boosts will no longer work while inside Dungeoneering. Also made sure stackables and inventory space are calculated correctly;




  • The Log Banking ability reward from Evil Tree's will no longer bank bloodwood logs (neither will porters, or any other banking-ability perks);
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 'players online' interface to display your total level besides every player's name rather than that particular players level;
  • Existing stackable ground items will now generate a secondary item pile if the existing items owner cannot be interacted with;
  • Fixed a few issues with Protean Hunter traps;
  • Elder Tree's will no longer be able to be chopped down after they've depleted;
  • Fixed a few issues with Sophanem's Dungeon NPC's. Also made 'Akh' NPC loot be collected inside Sophanem's chest;
  • Prifddinas Elves will now count for the Thieving pick-pocket daily challenge;
  • You can no longer 'stall' the Burthorpe Agility course's monkey bars;
  • The Essence of Finality will now correctly receive it's Amulet of Souls 'Soul Split' effect;
  • Dying in the Wilderness with a skull will now drop all players items;
  • The Combat Barrier in Clan Wars Red portal can now be passed through to enter the PvP area;
  • Treasure Trail objects that required the 'Search' option to be used should now function correctly;
  • Dying in Barrows crypts will now properly reset all the mini-game's data;
  • When upgrading your Slayer helmet with a Corrupted gem via Slayer rewards it will now correctly delete the gem from your inventory;
  • Fixed Kebbit boulder traps for Hunter not actually being set-up;
  • Fixed an issue that caused temporary placed objects to lock out the object's owner on re-log (ie. ironmen placing down portable's);
  • Capes that have the 'Emote' option when worn (skillcapes) can now perform their emotes directly from the equipment tab. You can now also boost your Skills via the 'Boost' option;
  • The Corporeal Beast is no longer immune to Poison.



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