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Update Log #95 - Halloween & Misc. changes


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As always, this update log contains any previous ninja logs.





Halloween Event

  • The Count Draynor Cosmetic override's can no longer be purchased via Velheim coins;
  • Every so often, while skilling, you'll be finding 'Candy Corn' which will be placed into your Currency pouches automatically;
  • Candy Corn can be spent at the Grim Reaper NPC at 'home' to purchase various cosmetic overrides & pets (the old event items are now cosmetic overrides to save container slots);
  • Every hour a Giant Skeleton will spawn near one of the major city lodestones with a world message saying so. Players must find him and slay him before he disappears (30 minute timer) to earn rewards exclusive to this event (everyone who deals at least some damage will be rewarded);
  • Replaced the Death that's in the Death's Office (duh) with Frank, as he'll be substituting Death himself while he's away exchanging rewards;
  • Upon logging in during the Event all players will automatically unlock all Halloween event themed Emotes and Music tracks;
  • Read more about the Event at https://velheim.com/forums/index.php/topic/1296-halloween-event-2020/


Combat & Related

  • Interrupting your combat action will now check for both hands when re-initiating the fight (ie. your off-hand will now hit when re-clicked on target if not on delay);
  • While inside the white Clan War's portal (FFA) you will no longer drop items on death;
  • Fragment bolts & arrows will now deal slightly more damage against the Order of Ascension NPC's;
  • Increased ALL previously hit-capped NPC's damage cap to 1'500 (1.5k);



  • Completely scrapped everything Runecrafting wise and coded it from scratch since it was such a huge mess previously (wasn't my work). You might not see a lot of difference but server and performance wise it'll be a huge impact (in a good way);
  • Binding essence into runes will now automatically use all essence from all your carried Runecrafting pouches (if any in inventory) as well as all essence from your Abyssal familiars in a single click;
  • Mysterious ruins (Altar entrances (if any)) will now accept ALL the omni items, talisman staves, tiaras or regular talisman versions in order to enter the altars;
  • All portals, ruins, EXP rewards, level requirements, rune multipliers - should now be 100% function-able and correct (if not - let me know (late night coding..));
  • Also took the liberty of adding all combination rune crafting - they can be made the same way as you would on RS (info here: Combination Runes);
  • Added the 'Magic Imbue' lunar spell which gives you an effect for 15 seconds that removes the requirement of needing to have talismans on you to create Combination runes;



  • You can now renew your familiar's timers with new pouches without time restrictions;
  • Added a few missing Music tracks for instanced boss-rooms;
  • You will no longer get kicked out of your instances if the time expires, instead, NPC's will simply stop spawning (with a message saying so (however you will not be able to re-enter your expired instance if you've left));
  • Re-placed the Dummy Dispenser's in War's Retreat area to actual Max Hit dummies;
  • Added the Custom Fur Clothing shop to Fancy Dress Shop owner in Varrock;
  • Heavily increased the amount of Summoning blank Pouches and Spirit Shards all shops contain;
  • Warbands will now track actual Computers address rather than IP address for max collected resources;
  • Increased the Well of Good Will (double EXP) from 25m to 30m, reason being that it's always on and only a few select people keep filling it. The Well's ALWAYS active right now. It's supposed to be a community thing for more people to 'chip-in', and I'll keep increasing the required amount slowly through updates to find the sweet spot for it;



  • Making Bobblehead Barrow's pets will now correctly add them to your Collection logs;
  • The Mining Daily challenge will now only progress when an actual 'ore' has been given instead of on each swing;
  • Selecting the 'Confirm' option without having a high-lighted skill will no longer delete the EXP lamp (same goes for Bonus EXP stars);
  • Used Elite Robin Hood items can now be repaired;
  • Added the missing Treasure Trail General clue rewards that can be seen in the Collection Logs to the actual Treasure Trail rewards tables;
  • Holy Biscuits can now be consumed and will heal 3 hitpoints and 10 prayer points per;
  • Dungeoneering Skill doors can now be opened if you have the virtual level for it;
  • Al'Kharid palace door entrance will now animate when walking through instead of just teleporting the player forth and back;
  • Moved the 'Beckon in the Digsite, near the eastern winch' clue step to the actual 'most-eastern winch';
  • Fixed an issue that caused user addresses to not be read correctly;
  • Correct Lletya's Archery Store item quantities;
  • Ramokee hands and Potion hat can now be unequipped directly from the Equipment tab;
  • Corrected prestiging point amount (from 29 to 28 (1 for each skill));
  • Clocktower, Gu'Tanoth and Lighthouse teleport scrolls are now function-able;
  • Weapons/Ammunition can no longer be poisoned (dipping item in a vial of poison (Jagex removed this functionality ages ago));
  • Miss-clicking/closing the rewards dialogue after finishing the Fight Kiln will now re-start the rewards scene when trying to move;
  • Used Seismic's are no longer trade-able;
  • Fixed a couple issues with resting;
  • The Sapphire Donor title will now get removed when the player's trial rank expires.



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