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✪ Happy 3 years anniversary to Velheim! ✪ Thanks to everyone for your continued support! ✪ Here is to another 3 years! ✪

Ninja Log 11/24/2020

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The familiar overrides update should not have been added tonight, but the system decided to push this update anyway despite me opting out of it, oh well.. No Aminishi yet, it'll be here with the next proper update log :)



Familiar Overrides

  • Added an extra button in the Pet Storage interface that will allow to enable/disable the selected pet to override your familiar's models;
  • Examining an overriden familiar will also display the pets statistics (ie. Sifu (attack skill pet) override will display player's Attack EXP);
  • The overriden familiar will not play any combat animations simply because it would look horrendous;
  • Familiar overrides will automatically get disabled when entered in PvP areas, and can also be turned off the same way that turned them on;


  • Dragon trinkets will no longer block other drop transforming sources to take effect when killing dragons (ie. bonecrusher crushing bones);
  • Hazelmere's Signet ring and the Double Drops event will now apply BEFORE any other drop transforming sources take effect. This change guarantees that items like the bonecrusher, seedicide, etc. can utilize the double dropped item;
  • Further increased the GWD2, Kalphite King/Queen and Nex drop-rate factors;


  • Trying to attach the farmer's hat add-on will no longer state that you need the diviner's headwear with no farmer's hat in inventory;
  • Super antifires are no longer trade-able;
  • Adjusted a whole bunch of NPC combat attack styles to match RS3 (I'll be doing this periodically as we go);
  • Max/Completionist capes/Cosmetic overrides - can now once again be re-colored.



For all inquiries, e-mail us at: administration@velheim.com

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