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✪ Happy 3 years anniversary to Velheim! ✪ Thanks to everyone for your continued support! ✪ Here is to another 3 years! ✪

Update Log #99 - QoL/Bug-galore

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Nothing major this time, however, there were a lot of bugs & needed changes racking up waiting to be sorted - so here they are! Went through most of the bug reports, along with some easy suggestions I could flip in that didn't require a whole new big project to start.

Do not worry! Update log #100 will be a big one, will take more time to do but the 100th update log should deserve some praise. Hopefully I can finish it before the 20th ;)

As always, this update log contains any previous ninja logs.

Anyhow - Enjoy!



  • Slightly increased Araxxor's hilt drop chance (a rough estimate of the increase would be around 20%);
  • Overhauled pet drops - Araxxor will now drop his pets automatically (without an egg (randomly)). All 8 pets can now be unlocked;



  • Overhauled the butterfly Hunter catching action generalising all current server's action methods;
  • The player will now follow the butterfly until it is caught, or it flees away;
  • Black warlock and Ruby harvest will now act the same as Charming Moth's - the player will catch them automatically until they flee away;
  • To start barehanded butterfly catching your main weapon slot must be empty (duh - BARE HANDED), else it will attempt to use the butterfly net + jar method;


Combat (Player)

  • Seeing as 2-handed weapons are WAY out of their leagues - they now have a chance at striking twice in a row;
  • The second hit is a 100% chance to trigger with a 4 tick cool-down, and does not work in PvP areas (yes, this does work with AoE weapons);
  • Mage spell possible max hit's are now directly read from the cache;
  • Ranged weapons that do not use their own ammunition will no longer have their own stacking ranged strength bonus. This is to prevent some weapons being stronger than others;
  • The max hit formula now accounts for player's accuracy values;
  • The minimum hit will now be calculated as 10% of your max hit;
  • Added the Staff of Darkness special attack, as well as the 1/8th chance of saving runes when casting spells;
  • Defenders, Rebounders & Reprisers will now act as a 'shield' item type for negating 'stuns';
  • Armadyl Battlestaff's special attack will now check for your current weapon on each attack cycle, and stop if the weapon is not the same as initial one;


Friends Chat

  • Due to an engine limit, the friends chat player cap has been set to 100. If the 'help' chat is full, players will automatically join 'help_2', then if that's full 'help_3' and so on;
  • Friends Chat game tab will now display how many players have joined the current friends chat;


Christmas event

  • Fixed Santa not being able to be interacted with after all goblins have been slain;
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the giant cracker would not hand out a reward;
  • Increased the giant crackers required paper amount to 50k;
  • Paper contributed to the giant cracker will now affect your chance at getting better items;
  • As a reminder - the event will end on 15th of January;



  • Aftershock will now trigger correctly when there's at least 1 target in the vicinity;
  • (Enhanced) devoted perks will now work correctly: protection prayers will work at 100% (or 75% in PvP) for 3 seconds;
  • You will no longer be able to create gizmo's without sufficient amount of components;
  • The Equilibrium perk will now increase your minimum hit by 2.4% per rank and decrease maximum hit by 0.8% per rank;
  • Formatted the item level-up messages to be in yellow (with black shading);
  • The game will now properly check for what types of gizmo you are adding to which types of item (weapon types, armour types, tool types, weapon+armour types);


Item repair

  • Heavily increased the amount of GP required to repair items;
  • Repairing items that do not change their item ID (usually the ones that are un-trade-able in their fixed versions) will now use all of your repair material at once until you're out or the item's fully repaired instead of you having to use repair item on the item that needs repairing one by one;
  • Frozen key may now be used on Repair Stand in your House to repair;



  • Seeing as the well is still active 24/7 and our player counts are rising - bumped up the Well of Good Will price from 30m to 50m.
  • Made the 'Santa Beard' cosmetic be an actual item. The beard can now be combined with (black) santa hat to make it the bearded version. Can also be split afterwards;
  • Updated the Drakan's Medallion teleport emote/graphics;
  • Added the Deep Sea boost to the Tavia's Fishing Rod. It now has a chance of granting all 3 Deep Sea Fishing boosts (5% additional Fishing experience, a 10% chance to gain an additional catch, and a 10% fishing rate boost) for 10 minutes to the player using it, and for 2 minutes to the surrounding players;
  • Elite Sirenic and Elite Tectonic can now be dyed (including 'worn' versions), augmented (including dyed versions) and repaired (ancient scales for sirenic, draconic energy for tectonic). Augmented versions can be repaired with coins;
  • Slightly overhauled the prayer drain rate formula. The Prayer Betrayal perk and all Halo's (head-slot items) now adds an invisible prayer boost;
  • Added 'the Venerated' loyalty title to the Loyalty titles interface (5'000 reputation in all GWD2 factions must be obtained to use this);
  • Added Soran, the Zaros Emissary's dialogue and his Inquisitor staff piece swapping. Simply use any staff piece on him and he'll exchange it for you;
  • Vote Books have been changed to a different item ID (old ones will still be usable). They are also trade-able now (including the Grand Exchange);
  • Home Thieving stalls will no longer 'deplete' so new players wouldn't have to 'fight' over them;
  • Emotes will no longer restrict from firing if the player is (or was recently) in combat;
  • The Grand Exchange player listings interface will now remember what you had searched for previously, and how were you sorting items (by price - up or down) on re-open;



  • The Collection Log for Temple of Aminishi will now correctly display how many Seiryu's you've killed (this will properly increase seiryu KC for all players who've damaged him);
  • Added extra clipping to the furnace located in home;
  • Auras will now properly de-activate on dangerous death's;
  • The client's 'ctrl+h' and 'ctrl+t' short-cuts will no longer be triggered on other key combinations;
  • Made some improvements towards the Agility Pyramid course;
  • The Slayer skillcape 'Laniakea' master teleport option has been moved to the South-East location instead of main ruins;
  • Regular glory amulets will now correctly de-grade on each teleport use;
  • Fixed a barrier that didn't open in Temple of Aminishi (4th room);
  • All Player-owned-port equipment should now be disassemble-able (let me know if I missed any);
  • All snowboards can now perform it's 'Trick' emote;
  • Gregorovic's shadows/spirits will no longer drop anything;
  • Fixed a few max item stack overflow issues when picking up from the ground and collecting from the Grand Exchange. Coins will no longer drop on the ground when pouch+inventory is maxed; Opening item packs will now correctly check for maximum item stacks (targeted at spirit shard packs mainly);
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth will now properly class as a 'Demon' NPC type;
  • Tuned Banite ore are no longer trade-able;
  • Onyx Contributors may now complete up to 127 Grim Reaper tasks per day instead of 8;
  • The Wyvern dungeon 'frozen screen' overlay will now corectly re-appear when opening & exiting the skill guides interface;
  • Adamant Dragons will no longer melee attack if not in range to do so;
  • The Magic Watering can will now properly infinitely supply water for the Sappling -> plant pot action;
  • Corrected the Ports Resource crate item drops when wearing at least 4 Superior port armour pieces (including augmented);
  • On Masuta's death (Temple of Aminishi), every player that is standing on top of the staircase will get thrown off of it;
  • Any overflow items (when inventory full) that do not go into your Material Storage when opening Ancient caskets will now properly drop on the floor under you in noted form (if applicable);
  • Your Player-owned-houses can now be moved to Prifddinas correctly;
  • The right-click 'Redecorate' option on Estate Agent's now work as intended;
  • Pets will no longer block walking path's for other NPC's and vice-versa;
  • Added Belladonna seeds to Master Farmer's pick-pocket table.


No media this time, nothing to show off really.



For all inquiries, e-mail us at: administration@velheim.com

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Wow Sand, this is quite the list! I'm sure everybody is very happy with these changes and fixes, I know I am! Keep up the good work man, never seen an owner as dedicated as this, and that's not sucking up man, legit you do a shit ton for a single person coding. Keep it up! 

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