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Top Voters & Contributors of January, 2021

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Player feedback winners:

Actually very nice to see a lot more people participated in the feedback and gave us (the staff team) some good points to improve on, as well as left us with good comments on what we did right! Was hard to pick the winners this time, so I thought why not reward everyone :)

Everyone who left their feedback for January's feedback thread will receive 5 x Bonds in-game for their participation!


Top Voters:

  • @Rekx - with 329 votes,
  • @Eila - with 309 votes,
  • Dodo ( @Dranbo ) - with 308 votes,
  • Yves - with 304 votes,
  • @SlyFox - with 296 votes.

Each of them will receive a Christmas Cracker in-game, congratulations!

We beat all our previous voting records, with a total of 40,423 votes in January! I'm proud of you guys, have a cookie on the house.




Top Donors:

A massively HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported Velheim this month! Without you guys we wouldn't of get as far as we have right now, able to purchase advertisements freely, pay off server expenses and any other additional tools that I require.
Here's for another great month ahead!




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