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Update Log #103 - General Improvements

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This time around I was more focused on improving various things and fixing all the bug reports players had made in the past weeks.

I've also done some pretty good progress on Shadow Reef, might be ready for the next update log!



  • Corrected the Zamorakian III and IV Archaeology collections (along with theur Museum counter-parts);
  • For players that did not have the Epic of Hebe mystery started and had already obtained the journal pages - the mystery will now auto-start upon logging in, and, if you've gathered all of the pages speak to the Digsite's owner to complete it;
  • Corrected the Archaeology Master cape perk of adding 5-15% towards next restoration. The cape must be worn for the effect to work;
  • The Seed of the Charyou Tree can now be activated while wearing Flame gloves;
  • Fixed a weird issue that sometimes caused incomplete collections to reset;


Distractions and Diversions

  • Guthixian Cache will now run every hour on the hour (same as in RuneScape);
  • Warbands will now run on the same exact times as in RuneScape. You can now use this: https://runescape.wiki/w/Wilderness_Warbands#Timing to keep track of when the next one will start;
  • Added an automated text-based channel to our Discord server that will announce (and publish) all current game events/D&D's;



  • You can no longer sell gatestones to the Dungeoneering smuggler;
  • The Split Dragontooth necklace will now corrrectly restore 100 Prayer points for burying Dagannoth bones;
  • Added the missing Renewal, Rigour and Augury Prayer scrolls to Daemonheim rewards;
  • You will no longer receive any EXP from fighting the skeletons in the Divine Skinweaver Dungeoneering boss room;


Elite Dungeons

  • In-game Hiscores will now display fastest times for each of the Dungeon's bosses;
  • Chest will now auto-convert noted item drops into un-noted versions before placing them into the chest;
  • Instances will no longer destroy if they're not empty (player(s) inside still), this means you will not be able to start a new Elite Dungeon instance if the last one you joined is still going;


Extra Account Settings

  • Added a setting to turn off Yell messages from other players (Staff messages will still come through);
  • Added a setting to toggle NPC 'Attack' options (it disabled means the Attack option will no longer display on hover);
  • Added a setting to toggle Player 'Attack' options (it disabled means the Attack option will no longer display on other players in PvP scenarios);


Deep Sea Fishing area

  • Magical Net and Rowboat bank objects will now allow to (un)note items by using the items on them;
  • A new NPC will now visit the Deep Sea Fishing area once in a while called the Travelling Merchant
  • His shop has 3 slots, and each slot's item will rotate randomly each time he appears;
  • The shop's stock follows the daily shop re-stock system, so, if you buy out an item and then the item appears again in the same day for a new Merchant's store - you will not be able to buy it;
  • All the newly introduced items have been given their full functionality;



  • Crushing/Grinding items will no longer delete your empty vials (if you had amy);
  • Fixed an issue with Enhanced Potion making override and Skill Progress overlay not displaying when making potions;



  • Miasmic burst/barrage spells can now hit multiple targets;
  • The Teleport block spell will now only succeed if the cast was successful
  • Added a teleport option for the Invention Guild under Miscellaneous section;
  • Shields will no longer block stuns/freezes when in PvP areas. This ensures entangles/freeze spells work as intended in PvP scenarios;



  • Lots and lots of server improvement work. This relates from small object cleaning tasks for GC, to server game threads that handle everything. Velheim is growing, there's no doubt about it, so I'll be improving how the game runs on a daily basis now;
  • A lot of Lucy's Untradeable items have had their quest level requirements added;
  • Bonds can now be exchanged for Velheim coins, Squeal of Fortune spins or Loyalty points. Exchanging for other than coins will automatically add 1.00$ towards your next donator rank;
  • Added 'Springs' to the Oddments store;
  • Dieing when on Hardcore Ironman rank will now display the death reason for NPC's and PVP battles. Also upped the minimum total level needed for the global message to display to 1'000 (same as RS);
  • The 'Bad Breath' game perk will now also fully protect you from Wyvern Icy breaths (acting as an invisible Elemental shield). With this addition, the perk cost has been raised from 300 to 500 Velheim coins;
  • Entering any PvP area with disabled player/follower rendering will automatically turn the settings back on, and then disable themselves (if you had them turned off previously) when returning to a safe area;
  • The 'Vote Party' threshold has been increased from 100 to 250;
  • The item destroy confirmation sreen now has an 'All' option to destroy ALL items in your inventory of the same type;
  • Gem bags can now be used on bank's to quickly deposit all;
  • Balthazaar's Raffle winners will now calculate upon drawing; the more players enter - the more players will get rewarded with uniques;
  • You can now skip Dominion Tower taunt and victory cut-scenes from the 'Taunt' sub-menu;
  • Reduced the Adrenaline potion cool-down from 2 minutes to 30 seconds;
  • MTX transfers between accounts will now be 48 hours instead of 72;
  • Treasure Trail rare reward announcement's will now include what rarity the clue casket was;
  • The Yell command now has a 30 second cool-down;



  • Legendary Pets will no longer be able to pick-up items that it cannot reach, it will now also no longer pick-up items that YOU dropped;
  • Celestial Handwraps can now only be received when on Slayer task (Celestial dragon, Dragon cluster-task);
  • The Aegis aura will now properly block all type of damage;
  • You will no longer be able to equip an item directly from the Bank interface if your currently equipped item is not bank-able (or is un-trade-able when in GIM bank);
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused bonds to not switch to their un-trade-able versions when collecting from the Grand Exchange;
  • Manifested knowledge random's will now award the correct EXP amount;
  • Fixed the Prayer party game perk not properly halving the final Prayer point drain rate;
  • You can now repair your Elite Tectonic equipment pieces using Draconic Energy. Used equipment pieces can now also be augmented;
  • Refined Anima core equipment can no longer be traded;
  • The Globetrotter outfit pieces, Master Archaeoligst's boots - can now be stored with Diango;
  • Elite Slayer monsters will now be attackable in the Kuradal's Slayer Dungeon despite your current task;
  • You can now Craft Crystal glass and Robust glass on a Portable Crafter;
  • You can now enter the Soul Altar via Abyss;
  • Enchanting an Emerald Necklace will now transform it into a Binding Necklace rather than a Farming Amulet;
  • The Ring of Tree's will no longer transform you into a static random NPC;
  • Group Ironmen will no longer be able to load presets in the Group Ironman bank.


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