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  • Corrected the clan forum thread ID's, they can now be set and clicked on to correctly browse the clan's forum topic (if any);
  • You can now place down Clan Vexillum's in most areas. The Vexillums can be clicked on to view the Clan's details. Only one can be placed down at any time, they will disappear if removed, or, if the player who placed it down logs out;
  • The Keywords option has been added. It can be used to enter clan keywords, ie. 'PVP, PVM, Best clan 2021, Events' etc.;



  • Fixed un-attack-able NPC's (over ledges, barriers, etc);
  • Fixed an issue that would lock the player indefinitely if 2 players opened the same skill door at the same time;



  • Added a new teleport option to the Misc. section: Grand Exchange;
  • Replaced Home's Well with the actual Well of Good Will that Jagex uses;
  • Added the new missing item 'packs' to stores. Also added the missing Summoning store at Gu'Tanoth;


Squeal of Fortune promotion

  • You can now once again obtain various chests: Experience chest, Skilling chest, Protean chest and Animation chest;
  • Experience chest contains various different kind of Experience lamps normally unobtainable from the Squeal;
  • Skilling chest contains various token boxes, feathers, springs, pulse cores, dummies and portables;
  • Protean chest contains various protean items;
  • Animation chest contains various Animation Overrides, including walk overrides normally unobtainable by other means;



  • Macbook users may now enjoy playing Velheim on OpenGL, maximum graphics;
  • Fixed a few formatting issues related to GIM group joining.











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Big thanks on the clan update, Also you can now where clan capes but the emblems on it doesnt appear and the coloring is kinda off. Besides that all the updates here are great. Thanks Sand <3



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