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Locked Update Log #135 - Elder God Wars - Arch-Glacor

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This update might look small just from this text, but it actually took quite a while to do since toggle-able mechanics, hard mode, and separate enrage and streaking systems - it's like I had to code 2 Arch-Glacors! Anyways - enjoy :blush:

Elder God Wars: Glacor Front

  • Added Glacytes on the bridge leading to the Arch-Glacor, with drops, animations and Slayer task support;
  • Added the full Arch-Glacor encounter with toggle-able mechanics in normal mode, and a hard-mode version with enrage and streaking system;
  • Arch-Glacor has been added to the reaper table, as a new collection log entry, can be killed to complete 'Glacor' Slayer tasks, added to War's Retreat and Prifddinas Boss portals, and as 2 new entries in the Boss leaderboards at War's Retreat for both - normal and hard mode versions;
  • New item - Scripture of Wen: 33.3% chance to summon an Icy Beam that deals a small amount of damage 5 times in a 3x3 area on your current target's tile with a 6th attack doing a lot more damage. Damage is calculated depending on your max hit. The Scripture is charged Manuscripts of Wen and work the same way as godbooks, grimoires and other scriptures;
  • New item - Dark nilas: base crafting ingredient to create the new weaponry and cosmetic override wings;
  • New item - Leng artefact: used to upgrade Nightmare gauntlets/Gloves of Passage/Kerapac's wrist wraps into tier 90 power gloves;
  • New Boss pet: Gladys (Glacor core). This pet is a super rare drop from normal mode encounters, and increasingly easier to obtain in hard mode encounters based on enrage and kill-streak;
  • New item: Frozen core of Leng: only obtained from hard mode encounters. This item is used to upgrade the weapons crafted from Dark nilas into a powerful Tier 95 Dark shard of Leng/Dark sliver of Leng. The weapons have a special attack that increases your melee damage hit cap by 30% for 30 seconds, with a 60 second cool-down;


  • Added these new buff bar overlays: Scripture of Ful (Gladiator's Rage), Dark Shard of Leng (Icy Tempest special attack);
  • Added special passive effects to the new Zuk capes: 5% max hit increase in the respective combat style, and 5% special attack usage reduction;
  • Added a simple chat-box message when receiving a Telos drop indicating what you got from your current kill;


  • Added the missing Linza's gear to the Barrows Brothers Collection log;
  • TzekHaar-Jad's will no longer do melee + range/magic attack in the same tick;
  • Objects (ie. portables) can no longer be placed on tiles that have static NPC's on them;
  • Lucky Charm Elite Dungeon drops will now be rolled much more frequently on Bosses rather than regular NPC's;
  • Added the 3 missing Clue Scroll Collection log titles: Double Agent, Clue Chaser, Master of Clues.


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Post-update changes:
- You can now use the Rewards chest outside to look at your current loot and/or withdraw it;
- Added a secondary bar displaying current kill streak and enrage for hard mode encounters;
- Ash Petchum game-perk will no longer modify the Boss pet chance roll directly as this has been moved to the threshold system;
- In normal mode encounters, the exit portal will now re-appear once Glacor has been defeated, and disappear again once a new fight starts;
- Decreased the rare item drop chance at lower enrages and increased it for higher enrages and kill-streaks. This should better balance out the drop system as a whole;
- Corrected a few timer issues.

Edit 2 - 07/07/2023:
- Rarities of items on the Arch Glacor's (Normal Mode) Drop Tables have been adjusted.
- Drop amounts of items on the Arch Glacor's (Normal Mode) Drop Table have been adjusted.
- Killstreak now resets when changing custom enrage.
- Regular Glacors' not having a drop table has been fixed.

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