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Velheim's 1 Year Anniversary

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Velheim's 1st Birthday

   In an age where RuneScape private servers are still relevant, and can result in the tragic demise of all too many available public ones, I feel extremely privileged to say that Velheim celebrated its 1st birthday on January 7th, 2019. There are very, very few servers that can boast anything like that sort of lifespan, but the credit should not be mine – it’s yours. All of this would be entirely impossible without the ongoing support of our dedicated players, and I really cannot express strongly enough just how much it means to me that thousands of you have come to check Velheim out. ‘Totes emosh’, as the kids say.


   It goes without saying that over the months I haven’t always got it right. The thing about trying to satisfy a diverse player base, all of whom have different likes and wants, while trying to ensure a game remains economically viable, is that it’s impossible to tick every box every time. But I sincerely hope that I got it right often enough. Who knows, maybe another year isn’t out of the question? Despite the many challenges presented by the RuneScape private server industry, we have huge ambitions for Velheim and we hope that if I do right by you, you’ll come with me on the journey. It’s been an absolutely insane ride thus far, and I quietly dream that the best is yet to come.


A brief history


   The server's base has been on an ongoing development since 2015. It was re-named, re-branded, changed revisions, shut-down, hi-jacked and so on and so forth. I've kept this beauty for a long time, and worked on it in my free time. Starting from December, 2017, I put all my time into developing it. Refactored thousands of lines of code. Added tons of content that has never been seen on an RSPS. I wanted it to be a replica of RuneScape 3 in its current state, but with the 'RSPS twist' to it. I had a solid vision - have a RuneScape client from when it was in its prime glory, with all the neat quality of life and awesome content updates that RuneScape 3 has today.


   After watching myself of how passionate I was about it, I wanted to share it with others. I needed a name for it. Thankfully, I got to met an awesome person - @Ahoy, which helped me nourish Velheim to what it is today. He gave it a unique name, Velheim, which means 'Welcome home [Vel-Heim]', helped me set-up the forums categories, rules, sections, etc., created awesome graphics work, and supported me morally. I could not thank him enough for what he had to put through with me..


   I went a little overboard there, anyways, the domain name was registered on 7th of January - that's where it all began. We set-up a launch date - 20th of January, which was the BETA run and quickly turned into the LIVE game. We were running revision 861 back then (we're now at 901). The client was awfully horrible. Had distorted ambient sounds, Houdini-type NPC's, it was impossible to create instances do to objects moving around on them own. But it was fun. I'd like to believe that the launch was a success. It definitely was more than I was expecting it to be. Although the next few months were rough, I still pushed through. It was enough for me as long as a handful of people enjoyed my work, and it still is the case even today. The enjoyment I get out of people appreciating something I've been working on for long periods of time simply drives me to do some more.


   I've met a lot of people during this year. Funny people. Depressed people. Toxic people. Dumb people. Awesome people. Hyperactive people. People who just want to chat, and people who just want to grind. I still talk to some occasionally, the bond's weakened, obviously, but I can happily say I'm not alone anymore.


I would also like to take the time to shout-out people who have helped Velheim in some way or another (I do apologize if I've forgotten to put your name here, please message me or leave a comment!) -

  • @Ahoy - a truly awesome person. Could not thank him enough for what he has helped me with. #1adminoob who never knew how to do things in-game
  • @Solar - thanks for being my #2 moderator on release even though you didn't last for long.. and appreciate the fact you have trusted me with your RS account for me to be able to get data for Velheim
  • @Pride - thanks for all the months that you moderated for me even though we parted on bad terms
  • @Xax - thanks for being there for Velheim when it really needed it, even though your support position wasn't that long
  • @jdf - one of the oldies, love to see him still sticking his nose in and checking what's going on
  • - same goes for this guy! One of the oldies, and helped me tons with providing information from RS3 for Velheim's development
  • @Sun - I just loved to see this guy get online every day and throw out cheesy puns wherever he could
  • @Snowstorm - one of my closest friends now for a very loong time now, even though you didn't want to participate much in Velheim - you did an excellent job for the time you was here. Appreciate it
  • @God - this guy started back in January/February and played for many months. Helped me with repelling those nasty content bugs and was always the #1 voter on the board
  • @Chase - thanks for being my #1 moderator on release! Chill guy to talk to. Though you still owe me my proxies...
  • @Toxic - helped Velheim a fair bit. Provided loads of end-game content information from RuneScape 3, was a support member (even tho it didn't last long for an odd reason), thanks for being there
  • @Hex - our #1 HC Ironnoob. Played for many months. Was online every single day. Top voter for all of those months. Helped us iron out content bugs, suggested great additions and QoL things, and.. was an awesome person to talk to
  • @Effy - a long time player. Rouse from a noob to a global moderator. Helped Velheim with many information bits, bug reports and great suggestions, as well as provided me information from RuneScape 3's end-game content
  • - thanks for all the early financial support, even though you tried charging it all back..
  • @Pythius - not sure why I remember your name, but you must've done something for me to remember you
  • @MrSwee - helped with ironing out the bugs and just being there for a long period of time
  • @Pie - because who doesn't like pie?
  • @Skiller Ajs - everyone misses you, where did you disappear to? A role model for everyone. What he did to contribute to Velheim cannot be put into words, it was amazing, it was beautiful, everyone wants to see your come back


I would also like to give a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who stuck around. You're an amazingly beautiful person, I'd like you to know that. The support has been astonishing!!!



Sindy's super bad with words, surprised I even got so far..


Guess I'll stop blabbering now.


I'd like Velheim to go strong for at least another year. See where it goes. I have many plans for it this year :)















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It was a blast, it still is a blast with the newer content you are pushing out, that the server is still ongoing is what amazes me the most.

Working with you on the big Velheim project was the best one I have ever worked on from all the RSPS I've been through and worked with over the years of playing this game genre.


Also do not be a stranger to ask me things from time to time, whether it is for the server or for your personal things (yes I know I am rather inactive Discord wise but the IRL effect is kicking in lmao).

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As you said u may not always get it right but to be honest no one can and I would like to say thank you for providing such an amazing server. I have only gotten better in health after joining and am proud to call Velheim my home and I am happy for all that you do for the community and it's players. Sandstorm you are truely an amazing owner and i believe in you and I hope u reach all your goals and i will be there to help whenever you need me to be.


Stay Gucci


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great post, was great getting to read through everything and be apart of what so many have contributed to so far over the last year. i know i may be new but i am grateful for everything everyone has done so far for new players like myself to enjoy this. Here's to another year of badassitude and continuation of awesomeness

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No way the server is a year old 0.0 have I been playing it for that long :D :D 

Cannot thank you enough too Sand for the effort you put into the server everyday you can really see the enthusiasm as each update arrives.

Yeah been a few rough patches, myself included in making them, but you got to have a thunderstorm before seeing a rainbow :) 


Here's to many more fun years! 

★·.·´¯`·.·★ get your sᴡᴇᴀᴛ on ★·.·´¯`·.·★

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