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Locked Update Log #140 - 6th Anniversary Events, Lobby+Multi World support, Blessed Flask, Fixes & Misc. changes and the usual

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Hey! It's been a while since an update log, so I'll compile everything that has been done throughout the ninja's and whatnot.

Also - 6 years baby! I'll be making a list of statistics along with the usual soppy stuff in a mega thread first thing on Monday since I'm probably not going to have much free time during the weekend. Enjoy the goodies in the meanwhile!


6th year anniversary!

  • Events will be running from the 20th of January to 29th of January (excluded);
  • Double drop chances from NPC's (excluding 'chest-type' drops);
  • Double reaper points from completing Reaper Tasks, as well as double reaper task amounts daily;
  • Double slayer points from completing Slayer Tasks;
  • Boss Instance creation is now free of charge;
  • Double daily Squeal of Fortune spins;
  • An additional +5 Velheim Coins every Vote Party (15+5);
  • No Death costs, your items will not degrade during the event time upon dieing;
  • Party Pete will drop ballons near every lodestone every hour, these ballons contain various rewards, including ballon pets, misc. celebratory goodies, mystery boxes, and even Velheim Coins;
  • Everyone logging in during the event period will receive a free Cosmetic Outfit set;


  • 'Drop Cleaners' will no longer clean Croesus's reward chest or edit it's contents as this was unintentional. Added charm rolls to the chest;
  • Croesus Core Fishing action now grants EXP and increases contribution correctly;
  • 'the Infected' Loyalty Title is now available for players that have completed the Boss Collection log;
  • Re-clicking the same Mining Guard will now refresh your characters stamina and keep your Mining progress;

Lobby and Multi-World support

  • Upon logging in you will now be directed towards a lobby screen from which you'll be able to choose the world to log in;
  • Players will be logging into a separate 'login server', which then will direct them to the game server based on the world chosen;
  • Rewrote the Private Message and Friends Chat systems to now be handled on the login server. This change now supports cross-world chatting;
  • Players are now instead handled as 'Accounts' upon logging in. This change will make it possible for me to implement display name changing, as well as different data storing (temporary event worlds, etc.) and much more;
  • There's still a lot of work for me to do to make it function 100%, but we'll get there. Please do report any issues you encounter with the new lobby/login system!
  • Re-wrote all punishments to now be account-based. Current punishments will, however, be lifted. We'll re-apply them to some of our worst apples if they decide to log in though; Made a tool that transferred old punishments to our new system, most punished players will remain so;
  • Private messaging now supports quick-chat;


  • Players may now use the Seal of the Praefectus Praetorio to unlock (and use) the Unexpected Diplocamyn Monolith perk. This perk increases reputation gained by 10% in the Heart and Menaphos;

Blessed Flask & Everything related

  • You may now siphon Positive Energy wisps on the Cyclosis or the Islands That Once Were Turtles with level 90 Divination. These wisps last twice as long as regular ones, do not move and do not produce memories. If you have Negative Energy in your inventory then the Positive Energy you'd receive automatically converts into Ancestral Energy;
  • You may now siphon Negative Energy wisps on the Goshima or the Islands That Once Were Turtles with level 90 Divination. These wisps last twice as long as regular ones, do not move and do not produce memories. If you have Positive Energy in your inventory then the Negative Energy you'd receive automatically converts into Ancestral Energy;
  • Added all of the Tortle Portals to the Islands That Once Were Turtles. You may now use them to travel between the islands;
  • Converting Truthful, Blissful or Manifest Shadow Cores at the Light Rift in Prifddinas now has a chance to yield Light Cores;
  • You can now obtain Holy Water from the Water Pool in the Kharazi Jungle (same purchase method as other Quest Items);
  • You can now Craft Glorious Silvthril Chains at any Furnace with level 90 Crafting;
  • Added Molten Glass Crafting to the 'Casting Metals & Glass' section of the Smelting interface. You may now Craft Molten Glass, Blessed Molten Glass, Blessed Molten Glass (Golden) and Blessed Molten Glass (Azure);
  • You can now Bless your Extra Fine Sand at any Saradomin Altar with level 20 Prayer to make Blessed Sand;
  • Combine 10 Blessed Sand (Golden), 10 Blessed Sand (Azure), 100 Necrite Stone spirits, 100 Phasmatite Stone spirits and 5,000 Harmonic dust with level 90 Crafting to create a Blessed Flask Shell;
  • Combine the Blessed Flask Shell, a Glorious Silvthril Chain, a Holy Elixir, a Holy Water, 5 Light Cores, 5 Holy Overload potions, 5 Extreme Prayer potions and 500 Positive Energies with level 96 Crafting to create the Blessed Flask;
  • The Blessed Flask stores up to 80 Extreme Prayer doses in a single inventory slot. Use more Extreme Prayer potions/flasks on it to re-charge the Flask;

Velheim Pass

  • Fixed a few incomplete-able tasks;
  • Corrected a few text formatting inconsistencies;
  • Fixed progress tasks to complete on the dot instead of the next step;
  • Added a chat-box message telling players where the Pass is located at whenever they complete a new task, this message will disappear as soon as the player opens the Pass for this month;


  • Animation Overrides and Cosmetic Overrides will no longer transfer over when using Darude's MTX transfer feature;
  • Increased Divination Wisp 'health', players will now be able to siphon from a single spring for much longer;
  • Added a small sound effect when item drop loot beams get triggered;
  • You may now create Prayer Urns via Soft Clay Pottery. These Urns will auto-collect Ash drops from NPC's to fill up your urns and auto-send them away for Prayer EXP;
  • Added World Broadcasts for unlocking 'the Warden' and 'the Iceborn' titles from set amounts of enrage;
  • The Inactive version of an Archaeology Auto-Screener v1.080 can now be stored with Diango;
  • Halved the burn time of Araxxor's initial web (from 60s to 30s);
  • Increased Archaeology Monolith max power from 500 to 650 for Guildmasster Qualified players;
  • Added 2 new Trimmed Completionist cape requirements: Owning the full Globetrotter outfit from completing Treasure Trails, and defeating the Arch-Glacor on at least 1,000% enrage;
  • Added warning messages for when trying to purchase spellbook/prayer codexes when having them unlocked already;
  • Added a progress overlay for the Bonfire action
  • You may now create Super Fishing potions/flasks at level 75 Herblore by combining Enriched Fungal Algae with regular Fishing potions;
  • Added an Ecto Token Exchange shop that sells First Age Prayer training equipment located at the Ecto-Funtus;


  • Upgraded Bone Blowpipes and Laniakea Spears will now disassemble into correct components;
  • Warpriest equipment piece drops in Godwars Dungeon 1 will now correctly check for all tiers before dropping the next piece;
  • Added Charm drops to Arch-Glacor. Up to 3 sets of 5 random charms will be dropped alongside main drops on Normal Mode;
  • The Blood Necklace in Dungeoneering will now heal the user for 20-50 HP every 15 seconds while in combat with a target;
  • The Snow Imp pet will now spawn besides you to progress the Christmas Quest as you start it or enter the area;
  • Fixed the XP-Popups not working after a relog;
  • Fixed a few inconsistencies with the new Player-owned Farm Totem Animal Perks;
  • Fixed an issue with a few item special re-charge, they will now properly reset their charge data when charging with items;
  • Menaphos Overall EXP will no longer display more than it is required for level 10 (330k EXP);
  • Equipment Separators will now work on augmented defenders;
  • Tz-Kek in Fight Caves will no longer be ignored for the start of the next wave;
  • Shadow Spells will now also count as Earth Spells, and having at least 3 Cryptbloom equipment pieces equipped will now double the damage reduction you receive on incoming damage;
  • The Attuned Ectoplasmator will now turn into a regular ectoplasmator on death, and get stored with Diango;
  • Fixed the ignore list not functioning in chats, as well as not displaying player names in the actual ignore list;
  • Clan Chat quick-messaging will now longer disconnect you;
  • The Grace of the Elves will now auto-bank products received from picking bushes, Hunter action at the Croesus Front;
  • Velheim Coins from the Battle Pass will now be given correctly;
  • Fixed an issue with Ranks not properly synchronizing between the world and login servers;
  • Howl's Drafting bench will now require 75 Crafting and 95 Archaeology to make blueprints.


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11 hours ago, Sandstorm said:

Animation Overrides and Cosmetic Overrides will no longer transfer over when using Darude's MTX transfer feature;

I don't agree with this since big part of my donations was on Cosmetics on my HCIM and I keep restarting when I die.

This IMO would be unfair.

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