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#708 Staff List

Posted by Ahoy on 10 February 2018 - 03:08 AM





Global Moderator




Forum Moderator

Game Moderator


Support Team



Game Developer

Web Developer

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#2818 Everything YOU need to know about Micro-Transactions

Posted by Sandstorm on 21 August 2018 - 11:36 AM

Benefits of Paying members (also referred to as 'Donating' ('Donators'))

You may visit our webstore page located here: velheim.com/store. Your rank will go up for every Velheim Coin you use. 1 coin equals 0.01$ (1 cent). Coins can be earned by exchanging Bonds. Bonds can be earned through game-play, bought from other players or purchased on our store page.


Velheim Coins can be used to unlock game boosting perks and cosmetic overrides. The perk and override interfaces can be viewed by pressing on the Quest Journals tab in-game. We have over 50 unique game perks and over a thousand cosmetics to choose from.







$10.00 - $49.99 - :sapphire: Sapphires

 - A :sapphire: next to your name in-game;
 - Ability to use the Sapphire loyalty title;
 - Access to the ;;yell command;
  - Build an extra 5 rooms in your house (Construction);

 - Receive twice the amount of Divination EXP when handing in Chronicle Fragments;
 - Ability to kill the Bork 4 times per day instead of 2;
 - Access to the Donator zone (;;dz);
 - Participate in killing the Evil tree 2 times per day instead of 1;
 - Create a maximum of 2 Divine locations per day instead of 1;
 - Able to do 5 Grim Reaper tasks per day instead of 4;

- Maximum Heart of Gielinor Bounty quota increased to 6 from 5;

- Maximum daily guthixian cache points increased from 200 to 300;
 Sapphire contributor rank on our Discord channel.


$50.00 - $99.99 - :emerald: Emeralds
 - A :emerald: next to your name in-game;
 - Ability to use the Emerald loyalty title;
 - Build an extra 5 rooms in your house (Construction);
 - Ability to kill the Bork 6 times per day instead of 4;
 - An extra daily Squeal of Fortune spin (total of 2);
 - Participate in killing the Evil tree 3 times per day instead of 2;
 - Create a maximum of 3 Divine locations per day instead of 2;
 - Able to do 6 Grim Reaper tasks per day instead of 5;
- Maximum Heart of Gielinor Bounty quota increased to 7 from 6;

- Maximum daily guthixian cache points increased from 300 to 400;
Emerald contributor rank on our Discord channel.


$100.00 - $249.99 - :ruby: Rubies
 - A :ruby: next to your name in-game;
 -Ability to use the Ruby loyalty title;
 - Build an extra 5 rooms in your house (Construction);
 - Ability to kill the Bork 8 times per day instead of 6;
 - Participate in killing the Evil tree 4 times per day instead of 3;
 - Create a maximum of 4 Divine locations per day instead of 3;
 - Able to do 7 Grim Reaper tasks per day instead of 6;
- Maximum Heart of Gielinor Bounty quota increased to 8 from 7;

- Maximum daily guthixian cache points increased from 400 to 500;
 Ruby contributor rank on our Discord channel.


$250.00 - $499.99 - :diamond:Diamonds

 - A :diamond: next to your name in-game;
 - Ability to use the Diamond loyalty title;
 - Build an extra 5 rooms in your house (Construction);
 - Ability to kill the Bork 10 times per day instead of 8;
 - An extra daily Squeal of Fortune spin (total of 3);
 - Participate in killing the Evil tree 5 times per day instead of 4;
 - Create a maximum of 5 Divine locations per day instead of 4;
 - Able to do 8 Grim Reaper tasks per day instead of 7;
- Maximum Heart of Gielinor Bounty quota increased to 9 from 8;

- Maximum daily guthixian cache points increased from 500 to 600;
Diamond contributor rank on our Discord channel.


$500.00 - $999.99 - :dragonstone: Dragonstones

 - A :dragonstone: next to your name in-game;
 - Ability to use the Dragonstone loyalty title;
 - Build an extra 5 rooms in your house (Construction);
 - Ability to kill the Bork 12 times per day instead of 10;
 - Participate in killing the Evil tree 6 times per day instead of 5;
 - Create a maximum of 6 Divine locations per day instead of 5;
 - Able to do 9 Grim Reaper tasks per day instead of 8;
- Maximum Heart of Gielinor Bounty quota increased to 10 from 9;

- Maximum daily guthixian cache points increased from 600 to 700;
Dragonstone contributor rank on our Discord channel.


$1,000.00 - $2,499.99 - :onyx: Onyx

 - A :onyx: next to your name in-game;
 - Ability to use the Onyx loyalty title;
 - Build an extra 9 rooms in your house (Construction);
 - Ability to kill the Bork 127 (Max BYTE value) times per day instead of 12;
 - Extra daily Squeal of Fortune spins (total of 5);
 - Participate in killing the Evil tree freely instead of 6;
 - Create a maximum of 9 Divine locations per day instead of 6;
 - Able to do unlimited Grim Reaper tasks per day instead of 8;
- Maximum Heart of Gielinor Bounty quota increased to 15 from 10;

- Maximum daily guthixian cache points increased from 700 to 800;
Onyx contributor rank on our Discord channel.


$2,500.00+ - :hydrix: Hydrix

 - A :hydrix: next to your name in-game;
 - Ability to use the Hydrix loyalty title;
Hydrix contributor rank on our Discord channel;
- Maximum Heart of Gielinor Bounty quota increased to 25 from 15;

- Maximum daily guthixian cache points increased from 800 to 1'000;
More information will be released later on for the Hydrix rank.



Special Areas for paying members ('Donators')

'Donator' Zone
Requires sapphire.pngSapphire rank
Commands to get there: ;;dz ;;dzone ;;donationzone



What you can find:

- Furnace

- Gem stall

- Cooking range

- Supply table (overload effect)

- Obelisk of earth, water, air & fire

- Prayer Altar

- Anvil, Forge and Furnace

- Clay rock, Clay oven and Pottery wheel

- Invention Table


Who you can find:

- Grand Exchange clerk


Diamond 'Donator' Zone
Requires diamond.pngDiamond rank
Commands to get there: ;;ddz




What you can find:

- Prayer Altar

- Divine fish (crayfish~cavefish)

- Divine herb (I, II & III)

- Divine hunter (kebbit burrow~box trap)

- Divine rocks (bronze~runite)

- Divine simulalacrum I & II

- Divine tree (regular~magic)

- Obelisk (Summoning)

- Portable brazier

- Portable crafter

- Portable fletcher

- Portable forge

- Portable range

- Portable sawmill

-Portable well

- Robust glass machine

- Supply table (Overload, Anti poison, Anti fire, Renewal, Luck effect)


Who you can find:

- Banker

- Grand Exchange clerk

- Morvran


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#3 Terms of Service / Rules

Posted by Sandstorm on 09 January 2018 - 05:36 PM

In-Game Rules

We ask that while playing, you keep any and all sorts of flame, hatred or rage to yourselves as best you can.
The staff team acknowledge that sometimes we have our off-days and you may get angry with another player.
It is advised that you bring any player-related problems directly to a staff member and post on the forums with provided proof in image form.
Potential Punishments:

  • Friends Chat Kick
  • Mute
  • IP-Mute
  • Ban

Across Velheim, we welcome every man, woman, gender, race, and person of color.
We understand that past histories and cultural differences between sects of race, color, and gender have and still occur today.
Please DO NOT bring these idealism's into the game.
Potential Punishments:

  • Friends Chat Kick
  • Mute
  • Ban
  • IP-Ban

This rule is universal over all servers, if you come on our server to advertise something non-Velheim related, you will be punished to the full extent.
This rule has no exception.
Potential Punishments:

  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban

Glitching/Bug Abusing:
While playing Velheim, it's possible you might encounter a glitch. Sometimes these are simple visual bugs, whilst other times these can be game-breaking and extremely unfair to the community and economy as a whole.
This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Item Duping 
  • NPC Bugging
  • Server Freezing

If found using or encouraging use of game breaking bugs or using software to achieve said goal, the offender and assistant (if present) will be punished dependent on bug severity.
If you find another player abusing any type of knowingly game-breaking bug and/or glitch, please report them.
Potential Punishments:

  • Jail
  • Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban

Third-party software:
As stated above, there are existing software that encourages the use and even provides ways of glitching, automating or bugging the game.
Our higher-ups have plenty of ways of finding out if this software is being used or not, and in most scenarios - it's pretty obvious.
This includes all forms of auto-clicking, mouse recording, macroing, cheat engine, etc.
Potential Punishments (depending on the situation):

  • Jail + stat reset
  • Ban + stat reset
  • Permanent Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban

While in-game, we like to socialize at points and exchange useful information.
Sometimes, there may be a player that gets angry or is disrupting the chat-box.
If you find a player spamming, please notify any available staff members and report them on the forums with some form of picture evidence.
Potential Punishments:

  • Friends Chat Kick
  • Mute
  • IP-Mute
  • Ban

Account Trading / RWT:
Trading accounts or another form of non-Velheim currency for - money, services, or exchanges, of any form is not allowed.
If you find someone attempting to sell, trade, or buy Velheim accounts &/or GP, please notify us in the report section with picture evidence.
Potential Punishments:
Account trading/RWT will result in the following for both parties.

  • Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban


Unofficial Player Run Games of Chance (Gambling)

You must not advertise, organise, promote, or take part in any unofficial player run games of chance where in-game money or items are staked on the outcome of a random in-game activity. This includes, but is not limited to, all types of chance games where players trade an amount of in game money or items with the expectation that they will receive in game money or items in return based on the outcome of a game of chance or similar activity.

It is also against the rules to bet on the outcome of another player's activities within the game, for example: how long it will take to kill a monster, or the outcome of a duel (commonly referred to as "commission staking").

Potential Punishments:



Oftentimes there may be players attempting to scam other players with items in a trade, through the wilderness, or luring to dangerous areas.
Luring affects that similar to how scamming does - it breaks trust between players and won't be tolerated here.
Any attempt to lure is considered against the rules and will be dealt with accordingly.
If you find players attempting to scam/lure players, please report them and provide picture evidence.
Scamming can also include:

  • Faking a Giveaway (resulting in a mute on the first offense).

Potential Punishments:

  • Jail
  • Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban

Punishment Evasion:
Sometimes there are players that will receive punishment and misunderstand the rules of evasion. For example, if you have been banned or muted on one account, you are expected to serve the sentence.
Potential Punishments:

  • Mute ➔ IP-Mute
  • Ban ➔ IP-Ban ➔ Mac-Ban

Account Names / Staff Impersonation:
We take moderation and our duties seriously. Oftentimes, players are of the inclination that they may name themselves "Mod 'x'".
Impersonating staff is also a very serious measure that will result in a ban if caught doing so.
DO NOT trust these members.
In addition to this, such names that are racist, vulgar or deemed 'bad' at the discretion of the staff team, are not allowed.
If you find a player doing any sort of staff impersonation or having a racist/vulgar name, please report them to a staff member online or make a report on our forums.
Potential Punishments:

  • Perm-Ban

Safe spotting is the act of attacking a monster from an area without receiving damage in return.
Areas such as Glacors, Corporeal Beast, all Godwars bosses, and Tormented demons are examples of these.
Do note, that we will ignore safe-spotting if done in mini-games where safe-spotting was intended to.
Potential Punishments:

  • Jail
  • Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban

PKP Farming:
PKP farming refers to the use of two accounts to continuously kill one for consistent PKP (Player-killing points).
It is easy to trace through the kill-streak system and you will be caught.
Potential Punishments:

  • PKP Removal
  • Jail
  • Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban


  • You're forbidden to vote under other usernames if you've voted on your main username. This is to prevent farming vote rewards in an unfairly manner.
  • VPN Voting is not allowed due to the fact RSPS toplists can remove our server if they catch players/our server doing it. Please avoid using an IP-changing software to vote more times per day as was originally intended to.

Potential Punishments:

  • Removal of Vote rewards
  • 48h ban
  • Permanent ban
  • MAC Ban

Mocking Development:
We value our development team very highly. They work tirelessly similar to a full-time job to ensure content is perfect and interesting before releasing. Mocking the development skills or content of developers is a Friends chat-kick offense. Should it be a regular occurrence a Mute would be looked into.
For example: "This server blows, nothing works, staff don't care about us".
We treat our development team with respect as should you, as you're playing on the server that they have dedicated their time into putting for you, the player.
Potential Punishments:

  • Friends Chat Kick
  • Temporary Mute

Note: Should you feel this way about the server's development, whether it be an unfixed issue,or broken content in general, report it in the Reports Section of our forums.



Player services/Account sharing:
Having someone log in on your account is not allowed (account sharing), so selling/doing player services like Fight Caves, Fight Kiln, Nomad or anything else is not allowed, we strive to see people achieve everything themselves.
It is easy for us to track back if you did share your account with another player.
Potential Punishments:

  • Rollback
  • Jail
  • Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban


 These rules are a guideline, EVERY staff member is able to mute or ban should they deem something a mute-able or ban-able offense.
We trust our staff, and their judgement.


Friends Chat Rules
Swear Words in the Friends Chat: We observe the casual 'off' day, death in a boss fight, or PVP and will allow indirect swearing in the official friends chat. Swearing at or towards other players, staff, (or whatever you refer them as) will be punished based on context at the discretion of Management.
Words used below are used as examples:

  • Any and all forms of the racist term "nigger".
  • Any and all forms of the term "Jew" or relate-able phrases i.e "Nazi".
  • Relating to anything in the server as "Cancer" or relate-able phrases i.e "Kancer", this word is upsetting to many members of the community who've lost people to the illness, so don't use it to describe something you don't like in the Server/Community.
  • The use of the word "Gay" or other terms in order to describe something you don't like.
  • Any and all swear words; i.e "fuck", "cunt" and all forms of derogatory terms used in England, the United Kingdom and surrounding countries, Australia and all related forms of derogatory terms affiliated with location, "ass/asshole", "dick" and all derogatory forms of the name of male reproductive system, "gay/lesbian/fag/faggot" and all derogatory forms of LGBT hate/flame, "bitch", "pussy" and all derogatory forms of the name of female reproductive system, and all improvisations of derogatory terms and swears.
  • Reference to another Server(s) by name.
  • Derogatory terms towards other players based on race; i.e "nigger", "wigger", "chink",
  • Derogatory terms based on religion, i.e "towelhead", "jew", "chink", and all forms of this type of flame.
  • Derogatory terms based on lifestyle; i.e "pothead", "methhead", and all forms of this type of flame.
  • Derogatory terms based on political sides; i.e "libtard", "repulican't"

The use of drugs and talking about them is okay to an extent. However, if it gets too much to handle, the
staff will intervene. It's after all a friends chat for Help, and if it gets overrun by drug talk it will be stopped.
Being rude to players, staff and in general will result in a un-warned kick.
Discussions regarding sexual conduct, sex or anything related to the term is okay to an extent. However, if it gets too much to handle and a staff member tells you to stop, you will stop. It is there to help players, some players are under the age of consent and don't
need to hear this type of talk in the Friends Chat.
English is the only language that should be spoken in the official friends chat, while this may seem unfair to those that don't speak
English fluently, it becomes a mess if it's all in different languages.
So please keep it to only English.




Forum Rules

System Security:
Accessing, or attempting to access, the accounts of other users.
Attempting to exploit, bugs, vulnerabilities, or loopholes; whether they are disclosed or undisclosed.
Attempting to penetrate, security measures of Velheim software, hardware, or any other device used in the management or operations of the overall system..
Any intrusion will subject your forum account to immediate termination, regardless of whether or not the intrusion results in the detriment of the integrity, availability, or confidentiality of data.
Forum spam in an effort to overload the system or cause disruption is not tolerated and is not allowed in any form.
This includes the use of, but not limited to:

  • Pictures
  • Words
  • Phrases

Any account involved will be post-limited and given warning points depending on severity.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Excessive off-topic threads or posts
  • Posting nonsensical messages
  • 'Flooding' the forum with similar meaning messages
  • Post-Count farming
  • Unsolicited advertising via private message or email
  • Repeated posting with constant referrals to other website(s) with no purpose other than the promotion of that website.
  • Fraudulent activity (Pyramid schemes, chain letters, etc.)
  • Posting any of the above will result in your post being deleted and your account being infracted or worse - suspended.

Harassment and Profanities:
You may not post content that contains material relating to the following: racism, hatred, violent language, threats, real-life threats, insults, extreme vulgar language, flaming, otherwise inappropriate or hurtful language, or harassment.
Sexual remarks may be considered profane when used in certain contexts, and as such we suggest avoiding them altogether. We have zero tolerance for personal attacks whether public or private on any individual or group ("personal attack" will be determined on a case by case basis by management).
You may not use any method of delivery for materials which refer to ethnic/national origin, ideological or religious beliefs, gender, or sexual preference in a derogatory, demeaning or provocative context.
Forgery and Impersonation:
Attempting to impersonate any person, including staff, using forged headers, instant messenger names, similar usernames in an effort to deceive or mislead is prohibited.
Pornography/Sexually Offensive Materials:
You may not post or link to pornographic material or any content which would normally be considered sexually offensive, including child pornography, nudity, gore, or obscure/inappropriate content. Brief child nudity is prohibited (ex. a 15 year old girl in a bikini set).
Furthermore, erotica (sexually charged literature) is not permitted. The punishment for this is severe.
This includes linking to websites that may redirect, contain, or lead to these types of links or images, as well as images that are disturbing. It also adheres to websites that may hijack ones browser, as well as phishing. Infractions or bans will be laid immediately if you are caught participating in this offense.

Note: This also applies to your signature, avatar & profile picture along with requesting such content.

This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums
  • Causing disturbances in forum threads such as picking fights or insulting other members
  • Making non-constructive posts for the purpose of causing unrest
  • Abusing the Reported Post feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages
  • Labeling a thread, IBTL, TLDR, or any other fad statements
  • Replying to a thread simply to call the author a troll (regardless of whether the post is actually trolling)

Any sort of advertisement that is not affiliated with Velheim in any way will be considered spam and removed from the boards.
If you do happen to see advertising, you are to report it to a member of staff immediately and it will be removed. Advertising is not permitted by any means, anywhere on the forum.
This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Signatures
  • Profiles
  • Graphics (or requests)
  • Private messages
  • Customize-able spaces.

There are exceptions for major websites such as google, YouTube, yahoo etc.

Note: Search engine links containing search results that lead to forums aren't allowed, of course.
If you post an image that displays a link to a forbidden website, it is punishable.

  • Referral website(s) are also not allowed anywhere on the forum.

Grave digging:
Grave digging is not allowed and consists of reviving a previously resolved, settled, or "dead" thread after a prolonged period of time.
Threads with an activity gap of 2 months or greater (Length may vary in different sections) is considered "grave digging".
Signatures & Profiles:
Signatures and profile information are must comply with all other forum rules, which include no explicit or sexual content, no advertising without paid affiliation and no user impersonation.
Account Distribution:
Using alternative accounts to abuse our systems, or to violate said rules will result in your primary account to be suspended.
Buying, selling or trading accounts is prohibited, and will result in the account to be permanently suspended and may result in your other accounts to be suspended.
Piracy, Copyright Material, Cracks and Product Keys (warez):

  • 'Copyright Material' is any material protected by legally recognized copyright
  • 'Piracy' is the unauthorized copying of software or any material subject to copyright
  • 'Cracks' are programs that disable copy-protection technology
  • A 'Key' is a combination of numbers and/or letters required for software installation.

If any of the above mentioned are listed, you will be permanently removed from the forums.
Moderation & Bans:
You may not evade a ban. Doing so will drastically lengthen your ban. If you have a problem with a ban or feel it was inappropriate, please create an appeal.

  • The creation of an account to post an appeal in the appeals section is permitted, however the use of any other forum other than appeals is considered evasion.

You may not discuss or complain in open forum about another user's ban, the deletion of a message, or the deletion/closure of a thread.

  • Any discussion about warnings, bans, message deletion, thread deletion and thread closure should be done over private email/message between the person concerned and the moderators.

Please do not back seat moderate. Send a message to a moderator with the thread or post in question or use the 'report' button at the bottom of the post.

  • Do not take matters into your own hands

Account security:
While it is of the utmost importance to us to keep your account information safe and secure, we cannot 100% guarantee perfect security.
In order to maintain good account security, we recommend that you perform regular anti-virus scans on your own computers and regular password changes.
Also, please avoid using the same login information that you use elsewhere on the internet as credentials for Velheim servers.
You may not scam another member of this community under any circumstances.
Failure to abide this rule will lead to a permanent termination of your account.
Please note that we do not take responsibility and are not liable to take action and will not hand out any kinds of refunds.

In rare cases where a scamming attempt is blatant, we may intervene. Any other circumstances are the responsibility of the buyer and the seller.





Donations (payment) 

Charge back:
Any charge back will result in a permanent ban, we are sad to enforce such a rule but we have to keep it fair and square.
We run this server for the community and we can only keep running it cause of your donations, so keep that in mind.

  • Permanent ban in the game & forum




Some players may be wondering how to capture certain images on their screen at a certain time. Personally, I recommend the "Lightshot" program, as it can capture a current screen with the ease of two buttons.

This will help tremendously when filing a report to the staff team.

We would like to thank you for reading these rules.
Please be sure to let your fellow players know to read the rules in their spare leisure.

Thank you.

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#5078 Ninja Log 06/10/2020

Posted by Sandstorm on 10 June 2020 - 12:20 PM

Overhauled how Wilderness death's work, and are now as follows:

  • If your death was not caused by another player, all your items will drop on the floor for you to pick-up (the following statements below still apply to your dropped items);
  • If the item is augmented, the augmentation (and perks) will be removed;
  • Treasure Trail Dyes will now remove themselves from the item;
  • Ornament Kits will now split from the item and will drop on the floor as 2 separate items: the kit, and the item itself;
  • Items that degrade to dust (ie. Sirenic, Tectonic, Malevolent, etc.) will now transform into an item that it was made from (ie. Sirenic mask -> sirenic scale);
  • And finally, all degrade-able items will automatically break upon reaching the ground.


  • Added a Shop option to Solomon. The shop will allow you to BUY and SELL items in exchange for Velheim Coins;
  • Added Bank Boosters to Solomon's shop. A bank booster will increase your maximum bank size by +50 slots, up to a maximum of +250 (5 bank boosters);


  • Updated cache version to an RS3's update from 06/08/2020;
  • Added Keepsake Keys and Bank Boosters to the Loyalty Point shop;
  • Degraded (broken) items can now be traded.


  • Raw Chicken will no longer turn into Undead Chicken when Cooking;
  • Hopefully fixed an issue that caused Dungeoneering to 'leave ghost data' behind when going into a new floor.

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#4713 Update Log #80 - The Archaeology Skill

Posted by Sandstorm on 19 April 2020 - 06:38 PM

It has certainly been a while since our last update, but trust me - this was one hell of a ride for me to code. Hope you enjoy all of the new content, and I'll be awaiting for you in the bug reports section :)


Client & Cache

  • Increased the capacity at which the client can load and store models & textures, and made it sweep (clear) unused ones when changing regions (they'll simply reload) to save on memory;
  • Fixed all world map (and minimap) sprites (icons);
  • Packed the newest RS3 cache (rev. 912) from 31/03/2020 - Archaeology skill update. UPDATE: Packed an even newer version of the cache from 14/04/2020;
  • Added new client loading and login backgrounds (thanks Arcadiez);
  • For everyone using the 'standalone client' it is mandatory to re-download as you won't be able to connect. For everyone using the auto launcher - it'll update auto-magically.


  • Added the new Archaeology skill to the server skills list, and to the in-game skills tab. The skill goes up to level 120 (all Achievement capes WILL be removed on login);
  • Added the Archie pet to the server pets list, and to the pet storage. He can be obtained randomly while gaining Archaeology EXP;
  • Added Ezreal with his dialogue and Archaeology Chronote shop;
  • Added Matty Ock with his dialogue and Mattock shop. Also made ALL mattocks be possible to be used for excavating;
  • All mattocks can now be added to toolbelts. Adding them to your toolbelt will work in a similar manner to pickaxes, returning your old mattock back to you when adding a different one;
  • Added the full Archaeology introduction tutorial, teaching the player basics of Archaeology;
  • Made the Dig sites map table object be able to send the player to any of the 5 digsites (if the player has the Archaeology level for it);
  • Added Varrock Museum guard and his full dialogue (artefact donation);
  • Added Easty NPC and his full dialogue (he explains monolith relic power and stores relics);
  • Made ALL excavation spots (and their options) be interactable, with their correct materials, levels, exp, messages and artefacts;
  • Added MOST of the Alkharid-et's dig site; mysteries, treasures, obstacles, teleports, and unlocks;
  • Added ALL mysteries and a system to keep track of them (only a few of them will be complete'able at first);
  • Started on the Relic system for the Monolith;
  • All damaged artefacts may now be restored using the appropriate materials on any Archaeology workbench;
  • Damaged artefacts may now be inspected to view what materials and/or items you will need to restore them;
  • Added full Velucia's dialogue;
  • Added the Archaeological Soil box to store player's soil. The amount stored per soil will be based off of the player's Archaeology Qualification, and it can be used to directly screen soil in the Archaeology guild;
  • Added MOST of the Infernal Source dig site; mysteries, treasures, obstacles, teleports and unlocks;
  • Added full Vanescula Drakan's dialogue (the Everlight Dig Site manager);
  • Added MOST of the Everlight dig site; mysteries, treasures, obstacles, and unlocks;
  • Added full Dr. Nabanik's dialogue (the Kharid-et's Dig Site manager);
  • Added MOST of the Stormguard Citadel dig site; mysteries, flying handler, obstacles, teleports and unlocks;
  • Added ALL material caches. They work similarly to tree's, and will respawn globally after X amount of time has passed (higher level ones take longer);
  • Added full Movario's dialogue (the Infernal Source Dig Site manager);
  • Added full Gee'Ka dialogue (the Stormguard Citadel's Dig Site manager);
  • Added a temporary Material Storage interface;
  • Signs of the Porter will now send all Materials obtained while excavating to your Material storages;
  • Archaeology capes can now be 'hooded', and will display the correct 'retro' versions;
  • Orikalkum, up to Elder rune - Mattocks can now be made via Smithing;
  • Added the new skill as all distinction cape additional requirement;
  • Archaeology can now trigger Seren spirits if a grace of the elves necklace is equipped;
  • Archaeological Soil box's can now be used on bank booth's/deposit boxes to quickly deposit their contents into your bank;
  • The Kharid-Et digsite's Fort Debri (Breaking the Seal mystery) has been fully added;
  • Excavation spots now have their own Artefact progress bar's instead of using one bar for all spots;
  • Added regular and master - Archaeologist outfit effects and options;
  • Added the Relic power system. Relic's can be managed via the Monolith at the Archaeology guild;
  • Excavating will now also yield a chance at receiving Sealed Clue scrolls;
  • Added full Tetracompass system. You'll randomly get pieces which you will have to assemble at the Archaeology workbench. Then using it, navigate to the correct location (similar to RS3 navigator clues) and then excavate to receive ancient caskets. Ancient caskets may be opened for up to 25 rewards;
  • Distorted keys and Shadowy keys may now be used to unlock the Display case upstairs in Archaeology guild;
  • 'Complete tomes' may now be received randomly from excavating or opening ancient caskets, and used on the Desk upstairs in Archaeology guild in exchange for Archaeology EXP. They cannot be banked;
  • Updated Excavation speed formula to better match RS3. This also applies to material caches;
  • Populated all new Digsite regions with music tracks related to the theme of the map;
  • Added the full Collector's information interface, along with the collection's system;
  • Added the Kharid-Et's Pylon world event, with the full reward and charge system;
  • Added Kharid-Et's Shadow anchor rewards;
  • Added the Museum Donation cart. Players will be able to quickly get rid of all un-needed-restored artefacts in exchange for 40% Chronotes;
  • Added full Qualification rank climbing with a small interface to display player's current progress towards next qualification. Titles, soil box capacity increase, material storage capacity increase - all of these are fully added;
  • Added the full Restoration log interface, along with the restoration collection's system;
  • Added MOST of the Warforge! dig site; mysteries, treasures, obstacles, and unlocks;
  • Added the Imcando Anvil, with full Thurgo's dialogue for blueprints and the actual making of the Imcando Mattock;
  • All Invention Perks will now correctly work on Augmented Mattocks;
  • Added the Auto-screener v1.080 invention device, it can be made at an Invention Workbench with level 67 Invention and 50'000 Chronotes. The device will automatically 'screen' all soil received while excavating at the expense of player's divine charges;
  • The Easty NPC will now be able to refund all player's obtained, but lost, relic unlock items;
  • Lady Ithell at Prifddinas can now upgrade your Dragon mattocks into Crystal versions the same way dragon pickaxes/hatchets were made;
  • The Thaler shop will now sell the T99 Mattock of Time and Space, requiring the player to have a crystal mattock, an imcando mattock and an energised meteorite shard in their inventory.

Easter Event
It's finally here! The Easter Bunny was so tied up this past month that he completely missed his grand event. And due to his busy schedule he needs YOUR help once again, as per every year. Imps.. those pesky imps.

  • Imps will randomly spawn around every player while they're gaining EXP in non-controlled areas and drop easter eggs;
  • These easter eggs can be interacted with by every player (once per egg pile spawn) to receive a small amount of pilfered easter eggs;
  • 'Pilfered easter eggs' can be used in the Easter Event shop for various Easter-themed items;
  • Easter-themed music tracks and emotes will be auto-unlocked for everyone who logs in during the event.

Cosmetic Overrides & Related

  • Added a bunch of new cosmetic items to the Cosmetic Overrides interface;
  • Various Easter-themed cosmetics have been made into cosmetic overrides to save inventory space;
  • Added all new outfit token unlock items.

Game Perks
The Proficient Inventor perk will no longer decrease junk chance when disassembling;

Added a new perk: The Panteologist, which is Archaeology related and increases all sorts of chances and speeds for the skill.



  • Players can now chop Achey tree's, and then fletch them into ogre arrow shafts. Ogre arrow shafts may be combined with feathers to make flighted ogre arrows. Flighted ogre arrows can then be used with wolf bone arrowheads to make ogre arrows;
  • Players will now get auto-disconnected after 6 hours, or when no packets have been received for 60 seconds;
  • Dumped and updated all newest NPC examines & drops, item examines and item disassembly data;
  • Receiving Clue scrolls while skilling will now activate the Rare Drop message (ie. 'Your luck of the dwarves shines brightly and you receive: item');
  • Overhauled the Expert cape of accomplishment system, including the shard bag itself. Also added the new Ancient Shard (Archaeology) as requirement for the Gatherer's cape. Expert capes will now also give all Skillcape perks based on the skills used to create the cape.


  • You can now change color on chic scarves either from your inventories or equipment tabs;
  • Re-added and fixed all of the new Prifddinas worker NPC's for Thieving;
  • Fixed the Muspah slayer task teleport location;
  • The Spirit graahk/larupia/kyatt Summining pouches will now summon the correct NPC ID's;
  • Fixed up and improved the Kalphite queen: her overhead prayers will now properly change on phases, phase animations corrected, max hits for magic & ranged attacks will always be 100% accurate;
  • Fixed an issue where aggressive NPC types where not attacking anyone in the vicinity;
  • Abyssal guardians and Abyssal leeches will now drop Abyssal charms from the Common drop-table;
  • The 'dz' and 'ddz' command teleports will now act as regular spell-book teleports;
  • Fixed a couple stair-cases in Varrock;
  • Added all snowboard item tricks (emotes). They can be performed from the equipment tab;
  • Double/Triple/Quadruple pick-pocket actions will now give the right amount of items;
  • The Harmony/Salvation/Corruption auras will now properly increase the amount of bonus Prayer EXP you receive;
  • Elder wisps can no longer turn into enriched versions;
  • Fixed a couple incorrect Treasure Trail locations;
  • Kelhar will now allow the player to enter the Gemstone dragon lair if you're on a 'Gemstone dragon' Slayer task;
  • Eucalyptus tree's may now be chopped down;
  • Re-added all reported missing NPC spawns;
  • Skillcape active perks can no longer be used if the player is not level 99 in the skill;
  • Rock Crabs will no longer be aggressive endlessly;
  • Pickaxes, hatchets and mattocks can no longer be augmented prior discovering the augmentation research for the specific tool;
  • While wearing the Dharok's set, the max hit will now be properly calculated before the actual hit happens;
  • The Examine NPC for drops interface will no longer display if the NPC has no drops on their table;
  • Fixed an issue that would not allow non-ironman players to not be able to pick-up items dropped by ironmen.

Squeal of Fortune

  • From 19th to 26th of April, players will be able to win Bloodtusk Warlord cosmetic tokens.
  • These tokens will be DISCONTINUED and NEVER introduced back into another Squeal of Fortune promotion.



 - Media -






















































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#4528 Ninja Log 01/15/2020 - Spring Cleaner & Divine-o-matic Vacuum

Posted by Sandstorm on 15 January 2020 - 03:28 AM


  • Added chat-box messages for when you receive an extra memory while harvesting Wisps with a full Divination skilling outfit equipped;
  • Divine-o-matic vacuum's can now be used to 'dismantle' any energy & memories while harvesting Wisps. It needs to be charged with empty divine charges and configured first;
  • Changed the Divination Skillcape's perk from saving materials to setting the Wisp's lifespan to a fixed amount of 30 seconds. This only applies when the wisp converts to a 'spring' (initial click);
  • Added Enriched Wisps. Enriched versions will have a 1/10 chance of spawning whenever a new wisp re-spawns;
  • Slight Wisp harvesting code improvement. Was a big mess prior!


  • Added Divine-o-matic vacuum & divine charge (empty). They can now both be made on the Invention table;
  • Added Tight Springs to Squeal of Fortune rewards and made them trade-able;
  • The Spring Cleaner along with Springs can now be made on the Invention Table;
  • Made a custom interface for the Spring Cleaner. The Spring cleaner now works exactly as it does on RS3;
  • The Spring Cleaner uses over a thousand lines of code, so I'm sure there will be some kinks to work out. Let me know in the bug reports!


  • Added Rockertunities for Mining. Each time you swing you'll have a 1/25 chance that a rock of the same type that you're mining will start glowing, click it to deal up to x6 damage. EDIT: The original glow graphics do not seem to work on the rocks, so there's no actual way of graphically displaying which rock is being rockertunised. I'll try and find a different (similar) graphic to it;
  • Added a ';;kickme' command to Discord. Verified users will be able to kick their accounts offline directly from our Discord channel;
  • Removed all 'Akh Sophanem Dungeon NPC's from Slayer Masters as separate tasks and replaced them with a single task named 'Soul Devourers'. The Magister can also be killed to complete this new assignment;
  • Updated the Pest Control EXP reward formula's to RS3. Ironmen will no longer be able to buy EXP;
  • Vile Blooms Slayer task will now teleport the player to Devil's Snare's (lowest Slayer requirement NPC's);
  • Tremendously increased Nex's & Kalphite King's drop rate factors.


  • Fixed familiars not being able to attack at all. Also corrected some familiar combat stats, max hits and attack delays;
  • Fixed an issue with the Thieving stalls teleporting players away after ~5 thieves (it was meant to be ~50).


 - Media -






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#4495 Velheim's 2 Year Anniversary

Posted by Sandstorm on 07 January 2020 - 04:02 AM

Hello hello hello,


Velheim is now officially 2 years old and as much as I'd like to copy & paste every bit of history & information about us (and me) from last year's celebration thread - I'll just link it to you guys (for whoever is interested): thread.



Anyhow, for this year I decided to showcase various statistics about the server. I've categorized them so it's easier to find. I think you'll like them :). All statistics were gathered on 01/07/2020, at 5:20 am (server time).


NPC Kills:



Boss Kills:



Total Pets obtained:



Skilling Actions:



Player Achievements:



Various Activities:










Hope you enjoyed exploring these statistics, and I'm anxious to see how they'll change within the next year! Happy Birthday Velheim!


p.s. If I've missed anything (or you're curious about (that's being tracked)) - let me know and I'll add them as soon as I can!



See you online,


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#3058 Araxxor guide

Posted by Effy on 21 September 2018 - 09:19 AM

I. About Araxxor

The Araxxor encounter is a 3 phase fight leading progressively further into the lair ending with a final 4th phase encounter Araxxi which is a stronger araxyte capable of using all 3 combat styles. Araxxi drops high level materials, hilts for all 3 combat styles and 3 parts of a leg piece. Collecting all 3 leg pieces and any hilt are required to make 1 weapon.

II. Preparations

  • Level Recommendations

» 99 qKBnBC2.png and 99 ZAsJcle.png

» 70-95y0eyoDY.png

» 68-99 5lSKc5j.png War tortoise minimum. I highly recommend using Pak Yak for the first couple times. Once you're more familiar with the boss and mechanics, switch to Steel titan at 99 for more DPS.

» 96+ ARoz1Gz.png To make your own overloads. Otherwise you could always buy them from another player.


  • Item Recommendation

o9s5Nu3.png Araxyte Pheromone whilst in your inventory will force Araxxor to spawn as his weakness against your currently style. Greatly making the fight easier.


  • Aura Recommendations

KgWnamQ.png Master & Supreme Poison Purge are the most beneficial aura you can use followed by Vampyrism. Each aura has a base useage of 1 hour with a 3 hour cooldown


  • Perk Recommendations

These are completely optional can greatly assist you in the fight.


Herbivore Double the duration of potion timers.

Over Clocking Increases aura timers by 50%, reduced aura recharge time by 50%.

Friendly Familiar Increases familiar timers by 50%

Pyromancy Increases health gained from bonfires by an additional 50%


  • Gear Recommendations

Click the spoiler to view a chart of what I'd recommend taking



  • Inventory Setup

Your inventory should look something along the lines of this. If you don't own a poison purge aura you should bring a super antipoison. Please note, you can use regular non-flask potions and food too. If using food, you may want to use a Beast of Burden familiar first to get an idea of how much food you will use per fight.




III. The Cave


How to get there



IV. The encounter

Before you begin, let's go over Araxxor's main attack rotation that you need to be aware of.

  • Cobweb Araxxor's first attack will be this move where he will cover himself with a web and heal 100 points of health 3 times before being attackable again. Please be aware, during this attack all damage you deal to Araxxor while he is covered with a web is reflected back onto you and heals him. This can be avoided by simple moving away and not attacking until it's over.
  • Cleave About a minute or two after Cobweb Araxxor will pull you in and do massive amounts of melee damage. It's important to keep your health up and if you're quick enough, turning on protection from melee will negate the damage.

Assuming you're using range and have brought the araxyte pheromone with you, as soon as you climb down the webbed barrier Araxxor should spawn instantly in magic form which is indicated by his blue legs. This is area is Araxxor's first phase.

» Phase 1
Starting off, turn on your 4gNqrj2.pngT6QWN35.png protections, your best offensive stat boosting prayers and run Keep directly East and burn the web.
At this point, you should be focuses on attack Araxxor. Shortly after burning the web, Araxxor will use either Cobweb or Cleave randomly first so pay attention. Make sure your health is up before this attack. About a minute or two after this attack, he'll use use the other attack he didn't use. If it's Cobweb, get off and wait for it to end. Keep attacking Araxxor until his health is almost completely gone. You will not be able to kill Araxxor completely so get him as low as possible and proceed East to the next phase.


» Phase 2
Assuming you followed the above steps correctly, you can skip the entire phase 2 because of how much damage you dealt to Araxxor on Phase 1. Continue over the Acid pool onto the top ramp and climb down to proceed to the 3rd phase of Araxxor.

» Phase 3
This phase is a repeat of phase 1. Simply pay attention to his rotations, cobweb and cleave and keep your health up. Once Araxxor is nearly dead, he will move onto the final platform where you will face Araxxi.

» Phase 4 (Araxxi)
This is the final phase of the entire fight. Araxxi will come down and kill Araxxor. Please be aware that Araxxi will use both Magic, Ranged and melee attacks. Stay out of melee distance. It's easier to keep prayer on one protection and tanking the other damage. Araxxi has no special moves except her basic range, magic and melee attacks so all you have to focus on is keeping your health up until she's dead.

When Araxxi is dead you can search her corpse for your rewards. Claim them before you teleport or they will be lost.

V. The Uniques

Araxxor has a variety of unique rewards possible after each kill. It's also possible to obtain more than one of the same type of unique if you're lucky enough.

All of these unique rewards below are not tradable in their dropped form. Once all 3 leg pieces are obtained, they can be combined together to make one big spider leg which is tradable. It's the secondary component required to make a weapon which can be added onto an Araxxi's Eye, Fang or Web.

For a full list of Araxxi's rewards, please visit this page


QF51IkN.png Noxious Longbow tier 90 ranged 2 handed bow.
50U4TF9.pngNoxious Staff tier 90 2 handed staff
SVlSnuP.png Noxious Scythe tier 90 2 handed halberd. Has the unique ability to hit multiple targets with each attack in multi-combat

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#4792 Update Log #82 - A bit of everything

Posted by Sandstorm on 17 May 2020 - 09:54 PM


  • As stated on RS3's livestream, distorted keys have never been able to get the guildmaster tony's mattock and is the blurberry special of hazelmere's signet ring - distorted keys will now only grant player Archaeology EXP based on their level and will always state that the key did not fit;
  • Changed the rate at which shadowy keys are obtained to better match RS3's revealed formula;
  • Stormguard Gerege's may now be added to your tool-belts;
  • It is now possible to contribute a single item to a collection via a menu option on the item inside the Collectors interface;
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't properly finish the 'Into the Forge' mystery when pulling the lever. For players who have already gotten inside and the mystery has not completed: re-enter the forge door for it to complete;
  • Chronotes can now be added to, and used from, the Currency Pouch (however, they cannot be withdrawn from it);
  • Opening an Ancient casket will now automatically move all materials to player's material storage before placing them into your inventories;

Player Appearance & Cosmetics

  • Keep-saked items that you do not have the level requirements for will now get auto-disabled on login, and will not be able to be used if the player does not have the level requirement for them;
  • Max cape and Completionist cape customised colors will now also apply on max/completionist capes that have been keep-saked;
  • Transmog rings (e.g. Ring of Stone) can no longer be activated whilst in PvP zones;
  • Equipment slots may now be hidden individually, which will only display the original character's clothing for that particular item slot;
  • Cosmetic weapon overrides that have their own unique idle/walk/run animations will now take priority over Solomon's walk overrides (ie. plushies, parasols, etc.);
  • All weapon & shield overrides will now work with all weapon & shield types. Weapon/shield overrides will get hidden while in combat if the cosmetic weapon/shield is not the same 'type' as the weapon/shield you have equipped;


  • All players may now enter the Max garden, but will not be able to enter the tower entrance without being maxed;
  • The skill banners inside the garden can now be unfurled if you have at least level 99 in the respective banner's skill;


  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't alert the nearby guards to attack you while stealing from stalls;
  • Reworked the 'Sleight of Hand' game perk to increase pick-pocketing success rate rather than make it 100% success. Also made it reduce the chance at which guards will attack you when stealing from stalls;
  • Overhauled the Thieving success rate to not be 100% even without the perk. This formula is subject to change at any given time;

Treasure Trails

  • Opening Treasure Trail reward caskets will now globally announce when an X amount of caskets have been opened (similar to X Boss kills);
  • Added costume-skipping tickets which can be used to completely skip the requirement of needed items to obtain the next clue from Uri;
  • Both, the costume and puzzle skipping tickets can now be received as 'overall' clue rewards;


  • Cache update from 05/11/2020 RS3 update;
  • Updated some Trivia questions, also added new ones;
  • Added black demon NPC spawns to the ruins south of Demonic ruins;
  • Soul split will now display the healing hit-mark on player;
  • Overhauled the Raptor's key (and parts) to have a combine option on the parts, and an observe option on the full key to inform the player of what to do with it. Also moved the Raptor's Chest of Slaying to War's Retreat hub;
  • Various bosses and Slayer monsters have had their stone spirit drops re-balanced. Higher-level creatures will now drop appropriately high-level stone spirits;
  • The portal redirect option at Wizard Rinsit for the RuneSpan mini-game will now graphically display the mid/high - level portals;
  • You will no longer be able to receive any more sealed clue's if you already have at least 25 of that clue type;
  • You can now examine each item's stats while the Equipment bonuses interface is open;
  • Removed the Easter event;
  • Added a simple Trivia Bot answer protection so player's could not directly give everyone else the current question's answer;


  • All legendary pet descriptions will now state that they can be unlocked via Velheim Coins rather than Solomon;
  • Fixed an issue that would not announce level 99's in skills that go up to 120 IF the player jumped from levels below 99 to higher than 99;


  • Overhauled our main website's theme, as well as fixed and improved some bits of the site code. Special thanks to Cloud for ideas;
  • Huge internal vote script changes. Thanks to Soul Summon for pointing out the flaws;
  • Forum design improvements, such as new member group pips (still experimenting with them), crowns and icons. All credits to Arcadiez for making them!

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#4549 Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Posted by Arcadiez on 27 January 2020 - 02:37 AM

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

* Teleport FAQ
* Slayer FAQ
* Miscellaneous FAQ

* Mining & Smithing Rework FAQ
* Invention FAQ
* Dungeoneering FAQ
* Problems/error/freezing FAQ

Teleport FAQ

Q: How do I teleport around the map?


Q: How do I teleport to Anachronia?

Q: How do I access the Deep Sea fishing area? (Sailfish,Minnows)

Q: How do I get to Lost Grove?

Q: Where are the stores/shop and how do I access them?

Q: How do I access Prifddinas?

Q: How do I teleport to the abyss?

Slayer FAQ

Q: Where are the slayer masters?

Q: Where is Reaper (Death store)?

Q: How do I access the Sophanem Dungeon and kill Corrupted creatures?

Q: How do i start a Wilderness slayer task?

Miscellaneous FAQ
Q: How do I make money/gp?

Q: What is the drop rate and how do I increase it(LUCK)?

Q: How do I automatically heal?

Q: What is skilling fragments and how do I use them?

Q: How do I make and upgrade my Ore Box.

Q: How do I make Overloads?

Q: How do I access Auras and how do I obtain Loyalty points?

Q: How to I change spell book/prayer?

Q: How do I increase my bank storage?

Q: How do I make a crystal hatchet/pickaxe?

Q: How do I get a Demonic Skull?

Q: Where can I get Hunter supplies?

Q: Where can I get Farming supplies?

Q: Where is Player Owned-Ports and how do I start it?

Q: How do I make flasks/crystal flasks?

Q: How do I make Dragonbane bolts?


Q: How do I obtain a Godbook and how do I upgrade it?



Q: How do I make bakriminel bolts?

Mining & Smithing Rework FAQ

Q: Mining rework FAQ(New ores, location, pickaxes, ore box etc)

Q: Smithing rework FAQ(New bars, Equipment etc)

Invention FAQ

Q: Where do I start Invention/where is Invention guild?

Q: How do I disassemble items?

Q: How do I train Invention?

Dungeoneering FAQ

Q: I have lost my ring of kinship, how do I get a new one?

Q: How do I get an off-hand chaotic Weapons and more Dungeoneering items?

Problems/error/freezing FAQ

Q: My game froze, how do I fix?

Q: How do I fix this lag?

Q: My game keep crashing, how do I fix it?

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#4387 Ninja Log 12/06/2019 - Buff Bar

Posted by Sandstorm on 06 December 2019 - 01:41 AM

Buff Bar

  • Scrapped everything buff-bar wise and made a huge re-haul on it;
  • It is now tied to the chat-box interface and will drag alongside when resizing the chat-box;
  • Every buff will now display a tool-tip when hovered over with your mouse;
  • The buff-bar will no longer display in fixed screen mode;
  • With the huge code revamp, the buff-bar's now using about 50 times less stream data than it previously was, meaning, less packets, less data needed to be sent, less strain/packet-loss on the end-user (you);
  • The split private chat window will now automatically move depending on your buff bar size - no more overlapping;
  • Added Telos's buff's for: all viruses, all streams.



  • Melee main-hand weapons (1-hand) will now deal +25% more damage, which now makes them in-par with other styles. This buff also applies the damage increase to off-hands;
  • Trying to perform a weapon's special attack with not enough percentage will now display the special attack's name;
  • Shields will now have an extra +10% damage reduction.



  • Updated cache version to RS3's 12/02/2019 update. This comes with a client update to support all new items that were introduced with the upgrade;
  • Added the Telekinetic grab spell;
  • Grand Exchange player listings will no longer display offers made by yourself;
  • Players will no longer be able to purchase items from the rare token store if they already have the item they're trying to buy;
  • Added 3 new Cosmetic Override sets, and over 50 new cosmetic items to the Cosmetic Overrides interface;
  • Huge back-end stream data changes. About 2 nights worth of change (not worth explaining, you'll have to take my word for it);
  • Players may now use augmented inferno adzes for woodcutting. Both adze versions will now take priority when Woodcutting IF the player has them equipped;
  • Added Balthazaar to the Market area;
  • Added Player-owned ports destination menu to the Miscellaneous section of the Teleportion Menu interface.



  • Fixed Balthazaar's right-click options. You may now claim all your stashed rewards;
  • Tree saplings are no longer trade-able;
  • Aura weapon glows will now properly check for your cosmetic override versions first (if any);
  • Using unstable essence on an altar will now display the action progress interface. Also corrected the amount of EXP you receive (increase by x10);
  • Added Smouldering lamps. They'll now use your Bonus EXP for the chosen skill (if you have any bonus EXP in that skill);
  • The EXP Lamp interface will now display the correct amount of EXP that'll be added for each skill (some lamps are hard-coded in cache, those will still show original RS3 values).


 - Media -




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#4306 Telos Guide

Posted by TheDarkTurm on 19 November 2019 - 07:34 PM

Indept Telos guide on Velheim




Introduction to Telos


Telos Mechanics


Setup suggestions


Perks & Auras








Introduction to Telos

Telos is a high level end game boss that is worth learning due to the amount of money that can be made from killing him. It's for that reason I thought about making this guide - to help the players out learning the ropes of Telos. 

The first time facing Telos is always something special. You're nervous and you have to try to figure the mechanics out while also surviving the whole thing. But this is why we are here, to help you prepare you for the fight.



Telos Mechanics



Setup suggestions



Perks & Auras






Killsteaks and Enrage







Closing words on this guide

I would like you guys for reading the guide, and I hope you guys find Telos as much fun as I do! :) 


I would also like to thanks Bux and Arcadiez for helping me with pictures, things I forgot to mention and generally helping out while doing this guide. The guide wouldn't be the same without these two amazing guys! :D 


If you still have questions about Telos, you are very welcome to write to me whenever im online or over Discord. :) 



I think that is all and there is only one thing left to say and that's happy hunting!

Other than that there isn't much going on in the inventory, a surpreme overload, a prayer renewal and a summoning potion

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#4096 Ninja Log 08/07/2019

Posted by Sandstorm on 06 August 2019 - 10:46 PM

Change-log still too puny, classing tonight's server restart as a Ninja log :)




  • Updated cache from v906 to v907u2 (RS3 update 5th of August, 2019);
  • You may now select protean cogs from any protean pack item;
  • These Auras are now fully functional: Aegis, Berserker, Dark Magic, Equilibrium, Ancestor Spirits, Regeneration, Resourceful, Invigorate, Knock-out. All other ones were already functional;
  • Added the Orlando Smith's hat effect. While having it equipped and opening a Clue scroll reward casket (Medium and higher) you'll have a chance at receiving a reward casket of lower tier;
  • Players will now be able to change/reset their Telos's enrage at the Soothsayer who's inside Telos's lobby room;
  • Fletching will now show all possible products in a single dialogue box to choose from rather than just the first possible product. This fixes issues like bolt tips being used in multiple 'recipes', where they would only work for the first Fletching instance, which would be the regular bronze opal tipped bolts in this example;
  • All combination runes may now be used for all Magic spells.


  • While woodcutting, you will no longer use the skillchompa animation IF you have a better hatchet that you do not have the Woodcutting level for AND you don't have any chompas on you;
  • Re-added the 'Craft' option on all logs that bring up the selection menu on what to do with it;
  • Regular skillcapes will no longer take priority over capes that have been set as overrides;
  • All second-age items should now be disassemble-able;
  • Praying Mantis and Granite Lobster pouches can now be made with any kind of flowers and any size granite respectively;
  • Divine Charge are now trade-able;
  • Dungeoneering Master cape now has all Dungeon teleport destinations (same as regular cape);
  • All Raw fish received from Fishing will now get banked via Signs of the Porter;
  • Gregorovic will now drop Crest's of Sliske.

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#4025 looking for OP perks...?(invention).

Posted by Angel on 12 June 2019 - 11:37 AM

Invention.png?97229    so with the recent new skill added to the game..maybe you guys wondering what's good about this skill.. that's why Im making this post to give u guys some tips  ^_^ .

  • First of all, you need to get your weapon/gear augmented.. and to do so.. follow these steps .. 

go to the inventor's workbench desk and and click on the manufacture option.. to see this


make the augmentor ( this is the item used to make all your weapons/gear/tools augmented ).


then simply, use the augmentor on the weapon/gear/tool you wish to augment.



  • after following the previous steps,  you're set to apply perks to your weapons, to do so you need to make weapon/Armour/tool gizmo
  1. ( REMINDER: weapon gizmos apply on all weapons, such as drygore long-sword, seismic wand & singularity.. etc.
  2.  Armour gizmos are used for armours only like pernix chaps,top

 tool gizmos are used on tools, fishing rods ,pyromatic, pickaxes...




now the fun part grinding for componets to unlock the best perks you possibly can get ( you can use runescapewiki to see the items you could destroy for componets by following this link ( https://runescape.wiki/w/Materials ).


now, for the best.. i mean the BEST. perks you could use on your high tier weapons/gear/tools. this sheet will help you out.


Melee_icon.png?44f32 Melee:





Magic.png?63af9 Magic:




Ranged.png?6750b Ranged:










and yeah, hope these will make it very simple to make perks.. good luck people ;)


credits to " runescapewiki" & " viperxk"







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#3958 Follow the brick road to 120 Invention! (Invention Simplified)

Posted by Riley on 31 May 2019 - 08:48 PM

Introduction to Invention!:




So, Invention, where do I start?! Honestly, I couldn't even answer that question myself. Invention is a skill that requires a lot of knowledge to fully understand.  Like myself, I'm sure you're struggling to learn Invention at first, but this guide will hopefully clear a few things up for you and get you started on the road to 200m exp! Unlike other skills, you actually train Invention through training other skills. This is actually pretty convenient because you're gaining experience in multiple skills at once! Invention is a skill that consists of multiple steps in order to get the most efficient exp possible, but lets start making this impossible skill a little easier for you! I recommend starting this skill off on a double exp weekend so your first few levels go by a little bit faster for you!


*Notice: There is other methods to training invention, I am only going over the method I used.*


Baby Steps...:



80 divination

80 smithing

Divination Energies(more the better)

Lots of supplies


Now, where do I start training this skill you might ask?  To first start training invention, make your way to Falador and head northeast over by the Dwarven Mines, into the Invention Guild! (No items necessary, bank inside.)




Once you have all of the requirements and you are inside of the guild, you are ready to start training Invention!


Where's My Items?:



Random Supplies


Okay so now that you're in the Invention Guild and ready to start gaining some experience, lets start by disassembling a few items! I recommend using items like Magic shortbows, Rune items, Sharks etc. for your most convenience. This step may make Invention seem like the worst skill in the world, considering you don't get very much experience for the items you get rid of. In order to do this, just use your item of choice on the workbench(See picture below.)  I recommend disassembling a few hundred items before moving on to the next step.




Once you have disassembled a few different items and got a couple of different components, we are ready for the next step!

Discovering the new World:
You've gone through the craziness of practically giving away your items for nothing, so hopefully this step will cheer you up a bit.  Now I'm going to show you how to discover different devices, which gives you a lot more experience than disassembling! The reason I didn't show you this first is because you need to reach a certain Invention level before you unlock new discoveries, so the higher level you start at the more discoveries you can unlock right at the start!  In order to discover new devices, right click on the left side of your workbench and choose the option "discover." (See picture below.)
Repeat disassemble and discover steps until you have discovered everything you can on the list. You may need to disassemble a few different types of items in order to make some discoveries, so here is a list of what items give you different types of components:
Once you have discovered everything you can, we will move on to the next step on our journey to the Invention Mastery Cape!
Lets play Fishvention:
Minimum of 60x base parts
Minimum of 4x swift components
1x fishing rod
500x divine energys
At this point in the guide, there is a few different methods you can continue to train experience. The main idea behind training the skill at this point is that you need to manufacture new devices such as the fishing rod, pyro-matic and hammer-tron. (More methods available, these are just examples.) For the sake of this guide, I will be showing you how to train through the fishing rod! Okay, so make sure you have all required items in your inventory, then Manufacture Workbench-->Skilling-Related-->Fishing Rod-O-Matic to make your first fishing rod!
You will also need to make some Divine Charge's to charge up your fishing rod, to do this you need to go to Manufacture Workbench-->Augment/Charge-Related-->Divine Charge.
Once this is finished, add some of your divine charges to your fishing rod and you can begin fishing! It doesn't matter what you're fishing for, you will still be gaining experience toward your fishing rod. If you right click-->Check your fishing rod, it will show you what level it is currently at.
Your fishing rod level goes All the way up to 14, however I would only recommend going up to level 10 before disassembling because your exp to level your fishing rod is not worth the exp you get for disassembling at that point. Once you get to a level 10 fishing rod, you can disassemble your fishing rod by right click-->Disassemble and gain some pretty crazy experience if you ask me!
Extra Extra Read All About It:
In this section of the guide I will be putting a little bit more information about the skill Invention in general, as previously the guide only explained how to gain some decent experience in the skill. Now I will be giving you some tips on how you can incorporate Invention into so much more than just fishing exp!
9S6JtQs.png - The Hammer-Tron is used for smithing, and can be very efficient while you work on getting your sweet masterwork armor as you'll be getting more exp for your time! It does not make you smith any faster, but will only allow you to train multiple skills at once.
5mq7aLa.png - Augmentors are used to be able to also gain experience on various types of weapons and armor, also the rest of your skilling items such as a hatchet and pickaxe. This works the same way as the fishing rod did in the guide, only you gain your experience in the augmented item of choice and the skill behind it.
zuUYNkr.png - Gizmo's allow you to add different components to them and create different recipes on loads of perks that you can add to your augmented items, there is a list of the perks you can add to different items here: https://runescape.fa....com/wiki/Perks
Finishing Up:
Now that you have gone through this guide and learned a little about that the invention skill has to offer, you can discover more about the skill as you go! This guide was not meant to fully cover what Invention can do for you, but to give you a simple understanding how to get some experience in it. All of this being said, I really hope this guide helped some of you starting your Invention journey and I look forward to hearing some feedback about this guide and knowing things that I'm missing and need to add. Thank you for reading this and happy gains to all :)

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#3942 Guide to your very own Masterwork Armor! (Who needs a shield?)

Posted by Riley on 30 May 2019 - 06:18 PM



As we all know, getting some decent gear to go bossing with in Velheim can be a bit of a struggle at times. However, fear not, this guide is aimed directly at getting you the gear that you need to satisfy your boss cravings.  Masterwork is a T90 melee gear that is upgradeable to T92 with a little more effort. (will go over this briefly in guide.) So, how can it get any better you ask? Well, getting this Masterwork gear is actually FREE and will only take you some time. I did not incorporate the materials for getting the masterwork shield in this guide because there is better items to use for this slot. This process isn't going to be instant!

Reminder: If you do not have ;;dz unlocked, forge is found in port phasmatys, and anvil in Yanille.


Before We Begin:


Before I jump right in to the whole thing, I just want to show you a few perks that will help you get your Masterwork a little faster. Because we all know, efficiency is key!


1. PERKS: You are able to purchase different perks in the store that will make your journey a little more efficient, but here are a few that will really help you with this guide! (Perks are not required, you will only benefit from them.)

Fe Forge(uses 1x                                                         Quarry Master(Plus 25                                                         BlackSmith(Plus 10

iron instead of 2)                                                         percent stamina, plus 5                                                       percent extra bar, 5 

                                                                                  percent crit and damage)                                                    percent saving ore,

                                                                                                                                                                          15 percent increased speed)

DgaclD.png                                                              9HwFhX.png                                                         S58laD.png

2. Ore Box: Making an ore box is as simple as making a bronze ore box using a bronze bar, and then using your ore box on the anvil for the higher tier boxes. It might not seem like it right away, but getting the highest level ore box you can will greatly increase your efficiency over time! (Refer to Ore You Ready or Let's go to the Bars if you don't know what you need.)
3. Grand Exchange: The grand exchange can save you loads of time if you have the money to purchase some ores, as it sells all ores up to Mithril for just +5% the original value!

*Recommended: Buy 10x cowhide and tan them either in Al Kharid or at ;;dz for later on in the guide.


4. Smelting Gauntlets: Smelting gauntlets allow you to automatically deposit your bars into your bar bank, allowing more room for efficiency! You can purchase smelting gauntlets from the Trivia Point store (Wise Old Man) for a whopping 5 trivia points, very well worth it if you ask me!


Ore You Ready?!:


Now that you've gotten the perks you want, and made the ore boxes you want, lets get into what ores you're going to need and the exact quantities you'll need to finish off your armor. You will need slightly more Luminite, Rune ore, Dark and Light Animica in order to make your Elder Rune +5 set later on in the guide, but this in incorporated into the numbers. Nobody wants to be mining more ores than they need to, right? (If you purchased Blacksmith obviously you will need slightly less, but I cannot give an exact number.)



h5cWPE.pngCopper Ore: 600, THiSaB.pngTin Ore: 600, DzTiRA.pngIron Ore: 1800(1200 if you have the perk), dOpkOv.pngCoal Ore: 1200, djQODl.pngMithril Ore: 600, 16OP8P.pngAdamantite Ore: 600,



CwbM34.pngLuminite: 2200, BXfsta.pngRunite Ore: 1600, PPAtdj.pngOrichalcite Ore: 600, wmMHsV.pngDrakolith: 600, s7YFDl.pngNecrite: 600, t4oAYo.pngPhasmatite: 600, XNvS4L.pngBanite: 1200, 



E1PR4Z.pngLight Animica: 1000, h5OMmT.pngDark Animica: 1000




Let's go to the Bars:


So, you think you've got all your ores now do you?! Then let us move on to the part of this process that will probably be a little bit for you.  Now, you are going to need to smelt 600 of each of the following bars: YcZqQE.pngBronze Bar , cVrQd0.pngIron Bar, aUbA4u.pngSteel Bar, 0FtTWr.pngMithril Bar, zblQtJ.pngAdamant Bar, kEEyEd.pngRune Bar, 1WX7o6.pngOrikalkum Bar, 3ez3Ax.pngNecronium Bar, XgISPL.pngBane Bar and last but not least, your   nPIgeN.pngElder Rune Bar. Although you will need a little bit more elder rune bars for making the armor +5, essentially meaning more rune bars as well. It takes around 400 Elder Rune bars to make the set +5, so you will need around 1000 Elder Rune Bars. (Using Blacksmith perk with this many bars will greatly increase your efficiency, as you are given an increased 25 percent extra bar chance.)


Elder Rune +5:


You're doing great, don't give up now! You've mined your ores, you've smelted your bars, and almost finished 5 whole seasons of your favorite show on Netflix. So, I'm here to tell you that the worst part is by far over, and you only have a few more simple steps to go until you're wearing your sexy Masterwork Armor! Just smith all of the Elder Rune gear you're going to need to make the armor, and use each aindividual piece on the anvil until you have Elder Rune +5 and this simple step is done!



Rivets and  oh so Glorious Bars:


I bet you thought you thought "Did he really just make me mine all of those ores, and smelt all of those bars for no reason? What do I need them for?" Well, in this short step all you need to do is smelt 12 iQVzBC.pngGlorious Bars using all of the bars that you have smelted previously, then make 30 masterwork rivets using steel bars and this step is done. You now have all of the requirements needed to complete your Masterwork!


Making Masterwork/upgrading:

Items Required: 

30x Masterwork Rivets 

10x Leather

12x Glorious Bar

Elder Rune +5 Set


The moment we've all been waiting for, our mouths filling up with saliva as we think about all the sick boss drops you're going to get with your new armor, its time for our Masterwork armor! All you need to do to smith the armor is use every individual Elder Rune +5 piece on the anvil and turn it into Masterwork. However, upgrading your armor is a bit more difficult.  In order to upgrade your Masterwork armor you need to collect Malevolent Energies and add them to your armor.  This process is very simple, it just takes time to collect enough energies to upgrade.

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#4766 Bux's Skilling Event

Posted by Dynasty on 08 May 2020 - 12:17 PM


Hello all, With the triple exp event currently active Bux has decided to host a skilling event.


This will be ongoing for the duration of the Triple exp event.


To get here use the event noticeboards at ;;home, ;;market and ;;dz.




This is what you can expect to find here:

All portables

Most ores



Divine Magic, Yew and Maple trees

Summoning obelisk

Ge clerk

Misc shops

Invention table

Thieving Dwarf Traders

Divine Locations

Herb Burner

And finally "Trader Sven" with the purely cosmetic armours.






Also massive thank you to Arcadiez for helping out.


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#4540 Triple XP Weekend: Extended returns!

Posted by Sandstorm on 24 January 2020 - 12:34 PM

It’s nearly February, and a lot of you know what that means – it’s almost Triple XP time!


Triple XP Weekend: Extended will return on February 21st. And like the last TXP Weekend, we are again extending the amount of time you have to enjoy the XP goodness.


However, we heard all of your feedback after the last event and can confirm that you’ll get a full 48 hours (up from 36 hours) of Triple XP that you can use whenever you want over the course of 10 days! So you don’t need to worry about cramming all your play time into a single weekend – there’s all the time in the world to watch the match, cook a meal, phone your mum and do your ironing. Or, if you prefer, you can instead enjoy the thrills of Triple XP Weekend as you always have done.


Simply log in whenever you like between Friday February 21st (12:00 game time) and Monday March 1st (12:00 game time) to enjoy your skilling boost. As soon as you’re in-game, your XP timer will start ticking. Any unused Triple XP time will be removed at the end of the event.


So get it in your diary – and we’ll see you in-game!

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#4412 Client fix [Crashing]

Posted by A D A M on 14 December 2019 - 08:41 PM

Client Crash Fix




The following 3 things



Velheim client



This can easily be done by searching for "Velheim" in your search bar

or go to your Userfolder.

Remove everything Velheim Related.




(Disclaimer you may have more folders/files depending on your version)





You can uninstall java by going into Control Panel.

You can find Control panel in system

or Searching "Control Panel"

into the search bar.

(In your native language)


Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features


Located java and right click it and uninstall.

(If you for whatever reason have more than one java, uninstall them all.)





It's Highly recommended to use 64bit java over 32bit java.

This is usually the main issue of crashes.


How to check if you running 64bit or 32bit java





Make sure you have the Latest verison of Java (Version 8, update 251 as of 13/05-2020)


Download Link for 64bit java, Windows



(You MUST uninstall & remove all old JAVA versions.)

Already have 64bit but not the latest Version?





Once Java has been installed (1.8.251):


Download Velheim

Link: https://velheim.com/.../Velheim718.jar


Open Velheim and let everything load in.

(Meaning it will take a while for the cache to download from the Server which may cause lags or other issues.)


How to see the progress on cache downloading.



Extra soloution that may help



I hope this helped someone, me myself had this issue that Velheim kept crashing.

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#4263 Triple EXP Weekend: Extended

Posted by Sandstorm on 04 November 2019 - 05:10 PM

     The moment so many of you have been waiting for is very nearly here. It’s Triple XP Weekend on November 22nd – but as you may have heard, this time we’ve given it a little twist.


     Triple XP Weekend: Extended is designed to be a lot more relaxing than before. This time you’re all going to be able to maximise every one of the precious Triple XP hours but without the worry of cramming it all into a single weekend. Instead, Triple XP Weekend: Extended will offer 36 hours of Triple XP goodness but spread over the course of 10 days! That’s seven extra days!


     Simply log in whenever you like between Friday November 22nd (12:00 game time) and Monday December 2nd (12:00 game time). As soon as you’re in-game, your XP timer will start ticking, and you can keep track of how much Triple XP time you have left whenever you need via the interface.


     This means you’re absolutely free to stop for meals, hang out with friends and family, pet the dog, do karate, get some sleep and even go outside – all without the fear of missing out on XP. Alternatively, if you prefer, you’re free to enjoy Triple XP Weekend just as you always have done! It’s entirely up to you.


     Seriously though, we recognize that the burden to stay logged in sometimes gets in the way of real life, so we’re really pleased to make sure everyone has plenty of time to take advantage of as much XP as possible in a far more relaxed manner. Any unused Triple XP time will be removed at the end of the event on December 2nd (12:00).


     See you in-game on 22nd of November.



The Staff Team

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