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Update Log #79 - Slayer & Treasure Trail Collection logs, Buff bar, & various other goodies

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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Collection Logs

  • Overhauled the Boss Collection Log system to support other types of collection logs;
  • Added Slayer Logs and Clue logs as tabs under the main interface;
  • The Collection log entry names will now be colored from red to green based on your current progress (ie. if you've collected 0 items then the entry will be red, if you've collected half it'll be yellow, and fully completed logs will be green);
  • Re-named and improved everything to match the new system.


  • Updated cache version to RS3's update from 09.03.2020. This cache upgrade also included all NPC's, which MIGHT break some spawns as Jagex has started recycling them. Let me know if anything needs updating;
  • Overhauled the Buff Bar: moved it to the right side of the screen (de-tached from the chat-box) and made it click-through-able. The chat-box will no longer interfere with main on-screen interfaces;
  • Talking through our Discord's in-game text chat channel will now show a brand new icon in-game to help people differentiate platforms;
  • Prestiging will now increase your drop-rate boost by 0.02% per prestige level. This is subject to change on player-based suggestions;
  • Your drop-rate will now increase by 10% on a Slayer task of the NPC you've killed;
  • The total level in your skills tab will now show the correct level, and you'll be able to click on it to view your total EXP. With this change, the Divination and Invention skill levels should now update properly as well;
  • Slight Dominion Tower Reward interface improvements - it'll now show how many kills you have when trying to claim a locked item, the locks (and buttons themselves) will now 'unlock' when you have enough kills to claim the reward;


  • Overhauled the Crackling perk from Invention. It'll now correctly 'zap' the target on hit with the combat style you're using after each 60 seconds in combat;
  • Removed some underground unlimited items on the Grand Exchange that contained fortunate components;
  • The Divine-o-matic vacuum will no longer be able to store more than 100 FULL Divine Charge at a time;
  • All mutated Jadinko's will now drop the Whip vine;



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In other news...

  • I've started another server as a side project. It's a complete remake of RS2 from the year 2009 (revision 530), if you remember Arios - this is it. It's not ready for public advertisement yet as I still want to do a lot of things on it, but the server-host/website are all set-up and ready to be explored & tested. You can check it out at https://2009remake.com , it is entirely hosted and developed by myself - so expect quality work only.


  • Disclaimer: Before everyone flips their desks, I'd like to clarify that Velheim is and will be my #1 priority. Man simply needs some fresh air and a new perspective on things, hence I'm working on this beautiful masterpiece whenever I have some extra free time. The website and server itself is hosted on the same machine and costs a few dollars a month to run, so no worries there.

OFFLINE   Bloodiesharpie


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Quality update as usual thankyou for your work <3

OFFLINE   Arcadiez


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You're on fire! So much work lately!


Amazing as always! :D





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ooooooooooooooo new server! MOAR GRIND!

OFFLINE   Xeon_Vaz


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Hey that's pretty cool. Always wondered if there were people like me that liked 2009 - 2011 esque RuneScape. I'd gladly help with that.