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Ninja Log 03/17/2020

Ninja log

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  • Players can now chop Achey tree's, and then fletch them into ogre arrow shafts. Ogre arrow shafts may be combined with feathers to make flighted ogre arrows. Flighted ogre arrows can then be used with wolf bone arrowheads to make ogre arrows;


  • Fixed an issue with summoning that caused the player to 'null' on log-in;
  • You can now change color on chic scarves either from your inventories or equipment tabs;
  • Re-added and fixed all of the new Prifddinas worker NPC's for Thieving;
  • Fixed the Muspah slayer task teleport location;
  • The Spirit graahk/larupia/kyatt Summining pouches will now summon the correct NPC ID's;
  • Fixed up and improved the Kalphite queen: her overhead prayers will now properly change on phases, phase animations corrected, max hits for magic & ranged attacks will always be 100% accurate;
  • Fixed an issue where aggressive NPC types where not attacking anyone in the vicinity;
  • Abyssal guardians and Abyssal leeches will now drop Abyssal charms from the Common drop-table;
  • The 'dz' and 'ddz' command teleports will now act as regular spell-book teleports;
  • Fixed a couple stair-cases in Varrock;
  • Added all snowboard item tricks (emotes). They can be performed from the equipment tab;
  • Double/Triple/Quadruple pick-pocket actions will now give the right amount of items;
  • The Harmony/Salvation/Corruption auras will now properly increase the amount of bonus Prayer EXP you receive;
  • Elder wisps can no longer turn into enriched versions;
  • Fixed a couple incorrect Treasure Trail locations;
  • Kelhar will now allow the player to enter the Gemstone dragon lair if you're on a 'Gemstone dragon' Slayer task;
  • Eucalyptus tree's may now be chopped down;
  • Re-added all reported missing NPC spawns;
  • Disabled RoTS (Barrows: Rise of the Six) due to a map generation bug that bottle-necked other map generation until the issue is solved.

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OFFLINE   xilou


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Good work thank you :) 

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