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Ninja Log 04/23/2020

Ninja log

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  • Fixed an issue that caused players with level 120 Archaeology to not gain any more EXP from tomes;
  • Artefacts received from excavating will now be in order so that the player does not get 10 of the same in a row;
  • Added the Chaotic gatestone to the Daemonheim rewards shop #2, and added the creation of abyssal gatestones;
  • Reduced the total needed pylon batteries to activate the Pylon's in Kharid-Et from 1'000 to 100;
  • The Legatus Pendant and Pontifex Signet ring may now be added to your tool-belts;
  • The resourceful aura now works on material caches. Also updated it's examine text;
  • Fixed an issue with Collection's that caused the 'always' reward to 'disappear';
  • The contents of your Material Storage are viewable from the Archaeology Journal via the 'Information' option;
  • Tetracompass pieces now use the artefact 'Inspect' option displaying the requirements to make a complete tetracompass;
  • Archaeology microsites now have a minimum of 3 material caches of each type available at that site;
  • Archaeology dig sites will now have a minimum of 2 material caches of each material specific to that site;
  • Added an option to deactivate the Auto-screener v1.080;


  • The Imp-souled invention tool perk will now teleport Archaeology materials to your material storages and Ore to your metal banks before trying to place them into your banks;


  • Pack yak's can no longer bank items that are not bank-able;
  • Fixed hair clipping issues on male and female characters while a 'hat type' is equipped (ie. spiked hair/pony tails would go outside the hat);
  • Fixed chest-piece clipping issues on female characters. Also fixed Thessalia's make-over where the old top 'background' style would not change;
  • Fixed a duplication glitch with the Dwarf Multi-cannon.

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OFFLINE   Pack Yak

Pack Yak

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Just thought I'd let you know that after the recent update to fix Archaeology last night, now doesn't allow you to charge with the Pylon's where as it was giving the option last night when clicked on. (not sure where to post this, so thought I'd leave it here to see). :) 

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