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Ninja Log 05/31/2020

Ninja log

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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  • Trimmed Masterwork platebody & legs may now be augmented and perk'ed;
  • Players may now 'sing' Crystal tool seeds into Crystal Fishing rods along with 150 Harmonic dust. These rods have 1'000 charges, can be augmented and perked. Other tools will be added if players see them needed.

Based on Winter Revel's suggestion, most ability-based perks have been given a custom effect, and are as follows:

  • Brief Respite: Heal 4% of max life points 10 times over a period of 40 seconds when below 10% of maximum hitpoints increased by 10% per rank. Has a 5 minute cool-down;
  • Bulwark: While in combat and wearing a shield, this perk activates for 1 minute to reduce most incoming damage by 6% increased by another 6% per rank. Has a 5 minute cool-down;
  • Caroming: Attacking with shortbows or shieldbows has a 3% chance (increased by 3% per rank) of firing an additional arrow;
  • Clear Headed: Shortens the duration of all stuns by 10% per rank;
  • Lunging: Increases max hit by 1% per rank the further the target is;
  • Mobile: 25% chance of restoring 1% (increased per rank) special attack energy while moving around;
  • Planted Feet: After standing still for at least 10 seconds your max hit increases by 5%;
  • Preparation: While in combat and wearing a shield, there's a 1% (increased per rank) chance of any incoming hit to heal instead of damage you;
  • Reflexes: 5% chance per rank to ignore any stun or freeze;
  • Shield Bashing: While in combat and wearing a shield, there's a 5% (increased per rank) chance of reflecting 10% damage to your enemy;
  • Turtling: When below 10% health, you become immune to any damage for 3 seconds increased ;for +1 per rank. Has a 1 minute cool-down;
  • Ultimatums: Reduces the special attack cost of all weapons by 5% per rank.

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OFFLINE   Arcadiez


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Amazing work as always! :D

OFFLINE   Zexillium


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Great job Sand =) 

OFFLINE   Invalid


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Awesome! Good to see more reason to use invention and augmenting!
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