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Update Log #84 - A little bit more of everything, mostly bug fixes and QoL stuff

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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  • ALL EXP boosters will now work on the Archaeology skill;
  • You may now climb-down the stairs in Rellekka to access Koschei the Deathless's dungeon. Talk-to Koschei to exchange the Koschei's needle for a Death Egg;
  • The Archaeology master cape will now automatically give some progress towards the next artefact after one has been discovered;
  • You can now use the Chronotes stored in your Currency Pouches to activate Monolith Relic's;
  • Materials received from Ancient Caskets will now automatically try and deposit themselves into your Material Storage's first before going into your inventory;
  • You may now access the First Tower excavation site (below Wizard's Tower) for Vellum/White Marble/Cadmium Red - Material Caches;
  • Added both Guildmaster Tony mattock's passive special effects: "small chance that the mattock will draw the player's attention to a nearby artefact, allowing them to discover it immediately", and "a chance of yielding an additional material".


  • Added the new 'Bastion of Fortitude' cosmetic override;
  • The Enhanced Fire cape can no longer be bought directly with Velheim coins, instead, you will now have to hand in all 3 TokHaar-Kal capes to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh.


  • All Dungeoneering Staves that should provide unlimited elemental runes now correctly do so;
  • Fixed lighting logs directly from the floor;
  • You may now once again Fletch logs into bows, shafts, staves or traps.


  • Re-named Ancient Components to Third-age components;
  • All Third Age items may now be disassembled to obtain Third-age components;
  • Using an Augmentation Dissolver on an Augmented item with perks in it will now reset the perks as well, not just remove the augmentation;
  • Disassembling upgraded smithable items (+1, +2, +3, +4, +5) will now give the proper amount of materials per bar used in creating the item from scratch;
  • All new Archaeology items may now be disassembled;
  • All Culinaromancer's gloves may now be disassembled;
  • You can now make Gizmo Dissolvers at any Invention Workbench. Gizmo Dissolvers can be used on perked augmented items to selectively remove the perks on them.


  • Players may now smith Masterwork Spear's of Annihilation at the Imcando Anvil in the Warforge! dig-site;
  • Smithing (trimmed) Masterwork gear will now have a requirement of having made all Elder Rune + 5 armour at least once (helm, platebody, platelegs, boots & gloves);
  • With the introduction of Masterwork Spear of Annihilation, it is now a Trimmed Completionist cape requirement to smith the spear at least once;
  • The Spear can be repaired with a large amount of coins at Bob.

Soul Wars

  • Added all Barricade options: lighting, attacking, and using explosive potions on them;
  • Pyrefiends and Jellies will now drop Soul Fragments, which can then be used on the Soul Obelisk in the middle to reduce enemy team Avatar's Slayer level;
  • Fixed player's being able to attack their own teammates/Avatar's with auto-retaliate;
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes would not end the Soul Wars active game for everyone inside.


  • Fixed all incorrect item sell prices to regular shops;
  • Coeden has been re-added to his rightful place in Prifddinas. He runs the 'Coedens Seed Store';
  • Fixed the 'Fresh Meat' shop in Oo'Glog, run by Chargurr;
  • The Thaler shop will now properly give you the item quantity that is displayed in the shop (ie. Buying Magic notepaper will give you 100 paper instead of just 1). Also fixed Master Runecrafter boot price.


  • Corrected the RuneSpan node EXP values;
  • Improved the 'Wizard Finix's RuneCrafting Shop' with proper buying methods, buttons, and sub-interfaces.


  • All Incense Stick effects will now have their icons on the buff bar, along with descriptions on what they do;
  • Added the neat Yelp's overlay interface for whenever you have any Squeal of Fortune spins available;
  • Completely overhauled how Dynamic Map areas (instances) were built and handled. All map generation is now queue based;
  • Heavily increased Trimmed Masterwork item repair price;
  • Receiving an Orlando Smith's hat from Treasure Trails will now globally announce;
  • Increased Wilderness Warband's EXP reward received from Quercus by ~30%;
  • Removed the gear check for when traveling to Entrana as it was very outdated. Might update and add it back later idk;
  • Added 2 Elder Tree location's to the Woodcutting Sentinel outfit teleports;
  • Added Monkfish fishing spots at the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Also added this to the Fishing Teleports section in the Teleport Menu interface;
  • Added the Bracelet of Clay. It starts with 28 charges, and will turn all regular clay into soft clay when mining. Mining Soft clay rocks will yield 2 soft clay per iteration at an expense of 1 charge. The bracelet will disintegrate to dust when out of charges;
  • Kebbit Claws may now be attached to all dragonhide vambraces (except blessed & god) to make spiky vambraces;
  • Re-worked the Expert Skillcape Shard bag once again, this time it will be 100% functionable. Any currently stored shards in your shard bags will be gone after this overhaul;
  • The Teleportation Menu will now remember which 'section' you last clicked on when re-opening the interface. By default it will now open the 'Monsters' section;
  • Slightly updated how Slayer monsters requiring a last blow 'item' work: they will now die instantly ( when reaching low hit-points rather than waiting on the next hit to check if they can die;
  • Since regular Luck and Enhanced Luck potions currently have almost 0 usage, I've made them stack with other luck-related boosters. The luck potions will also stack with each other, the lucky seven perk, game-mode drop-rate increasers, prestige level increases, and other luck related items;
  • Made Exiled Kalphite Paragon's non-aggressive to give players more time to enter the Kalphite King boss room;
  • Fire Spells will now be much more effective against Ice Strykewyrms and Glacors.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to take slightly less damage than their maximum hit-points, ultimately not being able to die at certain scenarios;
  • Fixed an issue that would not properly update the player's dynamic region if re-logging in the Fight Caves mini-game;
  • Fixed an issue with Flickering wisps that would 'class' them as Pale, also made sure Pale, Cursed and Elder wisps do not turn into wrong wisp variants after re-spawn;
  • Corrected the Chaos Altar bone/ash offering EXP values when using the item on the altar rather than right-click 'Offering';
  • Crafting Potions may once again be made with the correct frog spawn via Herblore;
  • Rune Minotaur's will now take 100 spirit shards instead of just 1;
  • Fixed combat spell Magic level requirements for all combat spells on the regular and dungeoneering spell-book's;
  • You may now create dragon 2h crossbow's, not just main and off-hand variants;
  • The Magic capes will now properly switch your Magic spell-books to the one you've selected;
  • All Polypore Dungeon NPC's will now attack properly with their correct attack styles;
  • You may now use Dragonbone Upgrade kits on Dragon gauntlets;
  • Wyvern Spines (bolts) can now be used with the Wyvern Crossbow;
  • Fixed the Twin Furies not walking up close to the player;
  • Fixed incorrect Hard Clue Collection log item id's;
  • Fixed an issue that would crash the client if hovering over Aggression Potion buff sprite.


- Media (not much this time) -




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OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel

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Loving every update, thank you Sand! 

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OFFLINE   Arcadiez


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Amazing update with a little of everything.
Thanks for your amazing effort!
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Thank you for your amazing services c;

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OFFLINE   Invalid


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lol another reason for Bux to lose his Comp cape. Good Stuff. Thanks boss

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