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Update Log #86 - GUI Improvements, Animation Overrides, Item Drop Search & Misc. stuff

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This log also contains the previous ninja logs.


Animation Overrides

  • Made a new custom interface for handling ALL animation overrides (teleport, walk, spell, rest, skill);
  • Added 2 new Walk animations that weren't in the Solomon's store before;
  • Added full support for all Teleport animations. These animations will be used whenever the player Lodestone teleports somewhere;
  • Added full support for Rest animations. These animations will be used whenever the player will be using the Rest function to replenish their run energy;
  • The Overrides interface can be found in the new Squeal of Fortune game tab;
  • As always - purchasing overrides will add onto your $ total contributed amount;
  • Skill & Spell animations will be added later on;

Pest Control

  • Defiler's and Shifter's will now try to target the Void Knight in the center. The Knight can be healed by destroying a portal. The game will end if the Knight dies;
  • Pest NPC's will now be limited to a certain amount per portal;
  • Games will now have a maximum amount of 10 minutes before they stop;
  • If a player is in the death sequence when the game ends, it'll now properly place the player outside the lander along with everyone else;
  • Replaced the dialogue-type message when a game ends with a chat-box message in-case it disappears upon exiting the game;
  • Fixed the ugly double door opening;


  • You can now buy items from shops if you have more than a max cash stack on you;
  • Inventory coins will now get deleted first before accessing the money pouch (if you have any);
  • You will no longer be able to sell items to the shop IF the shop already has the max amount in them;
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes refresh the shops items to incorrect quantities;
  • Selling items to shops will now automatically un-note them inside the shop;
  • Implemented the Currency pouch feature for future expansions (buying & selling);

Smelting & Related

  • Improved Smelting to now use inventory + ore storages together. If you have ore in inventory, it will use however it needs from your inventory first and only then remove ore from your ore storage;
  • The system can now also combine both containers, ie. - to smelt an iron bar you need 2 ore - you can have 1 in your inventory and 1 in your ore storage;
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes it would not calculate the correct amount of bars to make, and leave 1 ore in your storages;
  • Drastically improved the code behind it resulting in faster calculation and check speeds;
  • Added a filter-able chat-box message to display how many bars you have smelt;
  • Made a custom Smelting interface;
  • Jewellery & Silver crafting is now fully metal bank applicable. Bars will be taken out of the storages if you don't have them in your inventory;


  • Added the 'Slayer Masters' location to the Slayer Teleportation menu category;
  • Elite Slayer NPC's will now roll their drop 5 times upon death to make them worth-while killing;

Teleportation Menu & Related

  • Moved the default home are to the Market zone;
  • Added 3 new Teleport destinations to Hunter (Anachronia);
  • Added a new destination to the Rogue's Castle under Thieving teleports;


  • Added the Weapon Poison buff icon;
  • Made the ';;bug' command open up an options dialogue with 'small/big' bug types;
  • You can now cook and consume Great White Sharks;
  • Added the full Lobby system. You'll be able to chat with your friends, your current friends chat and clan chat's, as well as choose worlds (more worlds coming in the future), or even report players;
  • Replaced our custom 'report player' option with the original fully functioning report abuse system;
  • Donator stars will now display alongside player's main rank (if any). Also made it so clan chat's will now display player's icons;
  • Increased the speed at which Evil Tree saplings turn into their tree versions, also increased the rate at which the Evil Tree decays;
  • Claiming Bonus EXP stars from the Squeal of Fortune will now automatically consume them;
  • Updated Cache version to v913 (RS3 update from July, the 6th);
  • Added a filter-able chat-box message for how many tetracompasses the player has completed (sent whenever the player receives an ancient casket);
  • Reverted the Divine-O-Matic vacuum update because of popular demand. It will now charge up at 100% rate as it used to;
  • There is now a 1/1'500 chance of receiving a Dragon Mattock while training Hunter on Anachronia;
  • Wilderness NPC's will no longer be force aggressive towards the player;
  • Added Rogue's to the Rogue's Castle in the Wilderness. They can now be continuously pick-pocketed until caught;
  • Slight regular Donator Zone changes;
  • Replaced the Quest Tabs 'Cosmetic Overrides' button with a brand new one - Item Drop searcher. This neat little button will display all the NPC names that drop the item you've searched for;
  • When picking up an item, the auto retaliate feature will now have a slight delay;
  • Added Training Dummy to test your max-hits to the new home area;
  • Added custom Loyalty Titles to the Treasure Trail Collection logs;
  • Players will now receive free Velheim Coins upon the world announcements of 'Player did X amount of times';


  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't let players rejoin their boss instances on several occasions;
  • Various fixes to liquid containers, such as buckets, jugs, cups, bowls, vials, etc. Let me know if I missed any that transform into wrong items;
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the 'bald hair-style' to not display the top of the player's head;
  • Fixed an issue that could prematurely cause Nex's minion's to die;
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause augmented gear to lose their perks and augmentation when a certain criteria had met;
  • You can now empty vial's of water;
  • Fixed an issue that caused un-trade-able items to be trade-able when noted;
  • Updated Cow combat animations.


- Media -






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Love the new interfaces!

Great work! :D
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"Wilderness NPC's will no longer be force aggressive towards the player;"

That hurts man... ;)

Edited by Sun, 08 July 2020 - 02:57 PM.

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OFFLINE   Brotherloe


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Looks good, can't wait to check some of this out!

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