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Update Log #88 - BEACH EVENT! & other goodies.

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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  • Added support for ALL RS3's resting animation tokens;
  • Added support for ALL RS3's walk animation tokens;
  • As with cosmetic override tokens, these tokens can also be used on other players to unlock their respective animations for the other player;
  • Walk Animations & Rest Animations that are unlock-able via tokens are no longer directly purchase-able from the animation override's interface;
  • Added new rest animations 'Tea Service resting', 'Sandy Sandwich resting', 'Cocktail Flare resting', 'Cherry Tree resting';


Beach Event (you don't have to read this, our event is basically a 99.9% re-creation of RS3's version)


Sunnies? Check. Flip flops? Check. Sandboards? You betcha! It’s time to hit The Beach!

From July 24th to August 15th the Lumbridge Crater will be transformed into a scorching hot island paradise filled with fun and rewarding activities – including everyone’s favourite Dungeoneering hole.

The rewards include a whole bunch of new summer-themed cosmetic overrides, animation overrides & new pets!


  • You can quickly teleport to the Beach Event via any Event Noticeboard;
  • Added workout body building podium's. You will be able to gain Strength XP based on your current level, with bonus XP if you keep an eye out for the current workout type (player's will be able to AFK this activity for up to 100 iterations per click);
  • Added Sarah NPC and her full dialogue, explaining how the coconut shy and hook a duck activities work;
  • Added the 'Hook a Duck' activity. You will be able to gain Hunter XP based on your current level and the rod you choose (up to 10 iterations per click);
  • Added the 'Coconut shy' activity. You will be able to gain Ranged XP based on your current level and the 'ball' type you choose (up to 10 iterations per click);
  • Made the Deck Chairs function-able;
  • Added Reyna NPC and her full dialogue, explaining you what you can do at the Beach Event. You will also be able to receive some free items from her, as well as special unlock-able loyalty titles;
  • Added the Tropical Trout fishing spots, Wellington NPC with his full dialogue, and made the fish be able to be deposited at the Fish Table for extra XP;
  • Added Nigel NPC with his full dialogue, and made the Large Chopping Board and Grill function-able. These 2 activities will grand the player with Cooking XP;
  • Added the Dungeoneer hole along with all of it's quotes and the dialogue. You will be able to gain AFK Dungeoneering XP based on your current level (up to 30 iterations per click);
  • Added all Lifeguard NPC's with their full Dialogues;
  • Added the full Sandcastle building activity, along with rotating 'visitors' (and their full dialogues) every 150 seconds, all sandcastle progression types, visuals and messages. You will be able to gain Construction XP based on your current level, with bonus XP if you work on the sandcastle that has a visitor to it (up to 30 iterations per click);
  • Added Foreman George NPC and hiss full dialogue;
  • Added Palmer NPC and his full dialogue;
  • Added the Coconut picking activity. You will be able to pick coconuts around the Beach Event crater in exchange for Farming XP based on your current level. You will then be able to deposit those coconuts near the 'Coconut Shy' activity for even more Farming XP;
  • Added 'Clawdia', the mini-boss fight that appears at the centre of the crater every hour with a neat message saying so for everyone in the area. Clawdia will roll up to 6 item drops (randomly) for everyone who participated in killing her, she has 150k HP and her damage scales towards each player's hitpoints level. Clawdia will despawn after 10 minutes if not killed;
  • Added Guthixian cache, Evil Tree, Shooting star, Archaeology and Anachronia portals function-able (the rest will not work since we do not have those D&Ds);
  • Added the heat mechanic. All Beach activities will build up heat over-time and you will not be able to participate if you're at 100% heat;
  • Added the heatwave mechanic that will be active every weekend. During heatwaves, players will be able to participate in all beach activities even if their heat gauge is at 100%;
  • Added miscellaneous beach event related boost items that will help players get more out of the event. These items will be received randomly by participating in the activities, or helping kill Clawdia;
  • Eating ice creams will reset player's heat gauge back to 0% (up to 3 ice creams can be eaten per day (resets along with other dailies));
  • Large Shells will now have a 1/15 chance of disappearing when used and will remove 2-3% of player's heat on the beach. The rest of the times it will display a random message with some shenanigans. It can be obtained while playing on the beach;
  • Added the Spotlight Plot rotation. Every hour a random beach activity will be selected in which players will receive an additional 10% XP bonus. On Happy Hours, player's heat levels will not raise and those with already capped heat gauges will be able to continue with the activities. They'll also have an increased item reward chance;
  • Anti-Sun potions will grant a +5% XP boost for 24 hours while skilling at the Beach Event area (can be any skill);
  • The 'Purple Lumbridge' drink will now grant +10% XP boost to all artisan skills while at the Beach Event area for the next 30 minutes;
  • The 'Pineappletini' drink will now grant +10% XP boost to all gatherer skills while at the Beach Event area for the next 30 minutes;
  • The 'Pink Fizz' drink will now grant +10% XP boost to all combat skills while at the Beach Event area for the next 30 minutes;
  • The 'Lemon Sour' drink will now grant +10% XP boost to all support skills while at the Beach Event area for the next 30 minutes;
  • Added Sheldon NPC. Sheldon will be able to sell you tons of cosmetic override tokens, pet tokens and animtion tokens;
  • Added Flo NPC. Flo will be able to sell you a few new items that got introduced in this years Beach Event;



  • Added oddments. They'll be added to your currency pouches by default;
  • Oddments can now be obtained from spinning the Squeal of Fortune. For every spin you'll receive 10 x Oddments;
  • Oddments will also be obtainable during the Beach Event;



  • Added support for ALL RS3's pet tokens;
  • Added all of the new pets to the pet table and the pet storage interface (including on how to unlock them (obviously with tokens, duh..));


Squeal of Fortune

  • Removed all Sumer-themed promotional items (since they can now be obtained from the Beach Event);
  • Added Lava Lanterns, Smouldering Lamps, Dark Lamps and Celebration lamps to the table until the end of the Beach Event!



  • Upgraded the cache to the latest RS3's version (Beach Event update from 20th July, 2020);
  • Pets and Familiars will now get automatically hidden when inside the house at the home area;
  • Further improvements and additions towards the new home area;
  • Strip of Cloth's can now be used to craft the blue Wizard robes;
  • Added the full H.A.M. hideout along with all H.A.M. member NPC spawns and their pick-pocketing;
  • Reduced the max hit of all Dungeon NPC's by half;
  • Huge improvements towards the packet delivery system (server-sided). I've triple-checked if maybe I missed anything on the way, so if an X action does not work at all - please let me know ASAP so I can fix it!
  • Prepared for the Triple EXP LIVE event that'll automatically start on the 7th of August;



  • You can now freely enter/exit the Magic Axe hut at level 55 wilderness;
  • Slashing through spider webs will now have a back-up knife animation if the currently held item has none;
  • Blue Wizard hats can now be disassembled;
  • Fixed an un-reach-able cavefish shoal fishing spot at the Living Rock Caverns;
  • Aura's will now auto de-activate on dangerous death's rather than dropping on the floor as actual items;
  • Defenders can now accept weapon & armour gizmo's;
  • Fixed incorrect stair-case checks at the Draynor Village houses;
  • You will no longer be able to prestige with an active familiar;
  • Un-trade-able items will no longer show up in the Player Listing's interface (as the server undergoes continuous development, it's hard to keep track of all the (non)trade-able items, this change should remedy it);
  • Fixed the anti-macro on home stalls;
  • And some other things not worth mentioning (or keeping in secret :)..).




- Media -















Beach Event info: https://velheim.com/...nt-coming-soon/

Triple EXP event info: https://velheim.com/...returning-soon/

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ONLINE   Arcadiez


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Dude! Seriously, you're a beast!
Amazing work!
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OFFLINE   Ragnar850


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Code wizard for a reason. Thank you for all your hard work mate. Can't wait to see future updates.
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Great work Sandsei. Low key hype for the HAM hideout lol

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