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Ninja Log 08/19/2020 - Alchemical Hydrix

Ninja log

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Alchemical Hydrix


     At last! For those of you out of the loop, this week's mystery update is the Alchemical Hydrix, a ludicrously high-tier gem available to only the finest inventors and crafters.


     If the name sounds familiar, that's because the Alchemical Hydrix is an upgraded version of the regular hydrix, carefully refined under strict laboratory conditions.


To get your hands on one, you'll need 117 Invention, along with the following bits and pieces:

  • 1 Hydrix
  • 50 Fortunate components
  • 50 Refined components
  • 10 Precious components
  • 2 Rumbling components


So, why is the Alchemical Hydrix so valuable? Why, because it's the key component in not one, but TWO enormously powerful pieces of jewellery.


     First up, there's the Brooch of the Gods, which will solidify your skilling… skills. This bounteous little badge will automatically scavenge Invention components from non-combat skills, double the proc rate of portable skilling stations, and store your decorated skilling urns. If that wasn't enough, it also enhances the skilling advantages from Skilling Distractions all across Gielinor. Here's a small sample of the effects we've observed so far:

  • +20% chance to find bird nests
  • +20% more rewards from Fire Spirits


    And that's just what we've found so far. The Brooch of the Gods is a must-have accessory for any serious skiller, but they're not easy to come by. You'll need 97 Crafting and the following components to create your own:

  • 1 Alchemical Hydrix
  • 5 Elder rune bars
  • 5 Gold leaf


     The second jewellery item is the Essence of Finality, which combines the powers of the Amulet of Souls and the Reaper Necklace to turn you into one unstoppable killing machine. It'll also allow you to consume any weapon to store that weapon's special attack within the gem, and then use it at the combat styles tab newly added special attack bar (which will only display itself when the necklace is equipped).


     You'll need to make sure that the attack style of the consumed weapon matches the one you're using, but apart from that, there are no restrictions - and of course, you can change the stored special attack by consuming a different weapon.


     This kind of power comes with a hefty chunk of responsibility, however. As you hack and slash your way across Gielinor, the Essence of Finality will degrade, gradually becoming useless if it is not properly maintained. You're in luck, though, because it's easily recharged with faith, trust and a little Alchemical Hydrix dust.


     You can obtain ten units of dust by grinding up an Alchemical Hydrix - and if you're feeling lazy, it's tradeable, so you can always grab some on the Grand Exchange.


Crafting an Essence of Finality is another tricky task. Alongside 99 Crafting, you'll need:

  • 1 Alchemical Hydrix
  • 1 Amulet of Souls (100%)
  • 1 Reaper Necklace (100%)


     Oh, and one last thing - if you combine the ornament kits for the Amulet of Souls and the Reaper Necklace, you'll be left with a super stylish ornament kit for the Essence of Finality. Go on, give it a try!


Source taken from https://secure.runes...80820#game-news




End of Summer - SALE


     Through 19th to 31th of August, all Squeal of Fortune and Mystery box packages will be discounted for up to 30% on our store page! Show some love & support towards Velheim, and maybe get a juicy prize or five :).

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That was fast. Thank you

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Yeah, i gotta agree with winter and effy, that was fast af ;)

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