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I'm sick

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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  • Discord:".Code Wizard | Velheim#0001"
  • Locationforever stuck in Java
  • Time Online: 84d 6h 47m 33s

Hi, my girl got me sick and now I'm in bed. Just a common cold so no worries, should be back up in a few days.


Just as a heads up - I'll only get on if absolutely necessary as my whole body feels like a mushed potato right now. This means no updates until I get better, sorry.




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OFFLINE   Ragnar850


    White Poster

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  • LocationIceland
  • Time Online: 13d 7h 24m 32s

Get well my dude, your health is important. Updates can wait a while.

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OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel

    Supreme Overnoob

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  • LocationUSA
  • Time Online: 10d 12h 48m 53s

All G man. Get better, and make your girl wetter! wooooo

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  • Discord:LilJPDawg#9463
  • LocationOhio
  • Time Online: 8d 17h 4m 31s

I'm sure your brain will still be working even though your sick. Take it easy and get well soon!

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    Dragon Poster

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  • Time Online: 24d 11h 5m 15s

Get some much needed rest and feel better.

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OFFLINE   Run Escape

Run Escape

    Steel Poster

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  • Discord:run escape#3636
  • Locationwisconsin
  • Time Online: 8d 12h 47m 38s
Hope you feel better soon sandbrain!
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OFFLINE   Arcadiez


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  • Discord:Arcadiez#1663
  • LocationSweden
  • Time Online: 56d 1h 50m 19s
Ajaj, get better buddy! Whiskey helps against a cold ;)
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OFFLINE   Brotherloe


    Iron Poster

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  • Discord:Brotherloe#1287
  • LocationThe Netherlands
  • Time Online: 2d 10h 36m 24s

Get well Sand! Take your rest!

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    Bronze Poster

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  • Time Online: 34d 5h 42m 39s

Only vacation you can take..... Get better soon! ;)

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    Steel Poster

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  • Discord:Mikiwi#0001
  • LocationKiwi-Landia!
  • Time Online: 2d 23h 58m 51s

Sand, get better! c;

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OFFLINE   Bloodiesharpie


    Who's ready for a TEA PARTY!

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  • Discord:Harley#8109
  • LocationUnited Crumpet Kingdom
  • Time Online: 4d 1h 30m 53s
:( <\3 Hopeful for a speedy recovery

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