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Hellfire (#1 PvM Clan BTW)

#666 #clan #PvM

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OFFLINE   Schnauzer


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:slayer:  Hellfire  :slayer: 

Intro: The #1 PvMer, by the name of Black Sun, has decided to create a legitimate PvM clan. The server continues to grow, so I am looking to attract both new players that would love a head start on their Bossing/Slayer journey by joining my clan, and more experienced players that would make PvM more organized and fun.  

Purpose: To create a PvM oriented clan chat where members can share their goals and experiences with each other. To provide members with a trustworthy group that will be ready and available to tackle PvM related assignments. 

Clan Atmosphere: Our main goal is to have fun, so the clan chat is free to any subject of talk... but we get serious when its time to boss. 

 Some Questions?
Will there be organized PvM events? - No, I'd prefer the clan to be more spontaneous than anything that forces players to be on at a certain time to attend an event. Sure we can "plan" things, but nothing exact.

What types of group PvM can we do? - Any boss that allows multi-combat; Nex, KK, GWD, etc. We can also do Pest Control events if players need help getting Void which currently is the best DPS gear by far for PvM. Also can organize for group Dungeoneering.

How do I advance my clan rank? - I reward players primarily based on skill, and a bit of loyalty/being a good teammate for the highest ranks. Clan Ranks will be posted below.

Can Ironmen join? - Of course, I'm fairly certain that ironmen can PvM with each other, and we would appreciate the company.

Requirement/Rank System
(Some ranks can be interchangeable, or can be "skipped." Ranks are based on the order of difficulty to get the required items

Recruit - anyone who joins starts at the recruit rank. You must have 99 Slayer + Max Combat Stats + Range/Mage/Melee Chaotic weapons to join. You are allowed to guest in the Hellfire (666) Clan Chat until you receive these skills/decide to join.


Corporal - Aquire 2/3 sets of void (Preferably Range/Melee) 

Seargent - Acquire 120 Slayer


Lieutenant- Acquire the Completionist Cape (Includes the Reaper Title or 1 kill of each boss)


Captain - Acquire a Main-hand+ Off-hand Drygores


General  - Acquire all 4 pieces of Hydrix Jewelry


Admin - Receive a Full leg + any Hilt from Arraxor


Organizer - Acquire one Superior Ports Armor Set or Full Sirenic


Coordinator - Acquire the Book of Death


Overseers - Acquire a complete Nox Set (staff, bow, scythe)  + Drygore Set (mh+oh mace, raps, longs)


Deputy Owner - 200m Slayer + Final Boss Title 

 I've listed the ranks from easiest to hardest to achieve (some is up for debate) but there are 10 ranks total. The order of how you achieve these requirements does not matter. i.e. if you have any 5/10 you will be a rank 5. 


There are several ways to share loot. 

1. FFA - We have a free-for-all rule. Who ever gets the drop gets to keep it.
2. Buddy System - if we are in a group of say... 4 people(A B C D), person A+B will only share with A+B and not with C+D.
3. Agree to loot terms before bossing with someone. "Hey, lets Nex I get all Pernix drops, you get all Virtus" or "Let's do KK, I'm missing a rapier, let me get it you can have the mace drop." 
4. Helping out a newb - if we want to get one clan mate a better weapon, we will camp and regardless of who gets the drop it will go to the clan member to make bossing more efficient and fun. 


Apply below with a forum post or simply contact with me in-game  @ "Black Sun"
Let me know which requirements you already have so I can rank you accordingly. 

I'm Rank One Slayer (200m exp) and lead almost all boss kill count categories. I can provide you with a lot of PvM insight and help if you choose to become a part of the clan.

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OFFLINE   Schnauzer


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Current Members:
Black Sun - Leader (Would be Overseer 9/10 based on Ranking) 
Newby - Lieutenant 3/10
Gracee - Captain 4/10
(IM) God Captain 4/10
911 - Recruit 0/10
Shuwyi - Recruit 0/10
Pythius - Corporal 1/10

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OFFLINE   boonk


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yo y sign me up