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Most Liked Content

#708 Staff List

Posted by Ahoy on 10 February 2018 - 03:08 AM





Global Moderator




Forum Moderator

Game Moderator

Support Team



Game Developer

Web Developer

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#2818 Everything YOU need to know about Micro-Transactions

Posted by Sandstorm on 21 August 2018 - 11:36 AM

Benefits of Paying members (also referred to as 'Donating' ('Donators'))

You may visit our webstore page located here: velheim.com/store. The more items/scrolls you use in-game, the higher your rank will climb.


$10.00 - $49.99 - :sapphire: Sapphires

 - A :sapphire: next to your name in-game;
 - Ability to use the Sapphire loyalty title;
 - Access to the ;;yell command;
  - Build an extra 5 rooms in your house (Construction);

 - Receive twice the amount of Divination EXP when handing in Chronicle Fragments;
 - Ability to kill the Bork 4 times per day instead of 2;
 - Access to the Donator zone (;;dz);
 - Participate in killing the Evil tree 2 times per day instead of 1;
 - Create a maximum of 2 Divine locations per day instead of 1;
 - Able to do 2 Grim Reaper tasks per day instead of 1;
 Sapphire contributor rank on our Discord channel.


$50.00 - $99.99 - :emerald: Emeralds
 - A :emerald: next to your name in-game;
 - Ability to use the Emerald loyalty title;
 - Build an extra 5 rooms in your house (Construction);
 - Ability to kill the Bork 6 times per day instead of 4;
 - An extra daily Squeal of Fortune spin (total of 2);
 - Participate in killing the Evil tree 3 times per day instead of 2;
 - Create a maximum of 3 Divine locations per day instead of 2;
 - Able to do 3 Grim Reaper tasks per day instead of 2;
Emerald contributor rank on our Discord channel.


$100.00 - $249.99 - :ruby: Rubies
 - A :ruby: next to your name in-game;
 -Ability to use the Ruby loyalty title;
 - Build an extra 5 rooms in your house (Construction);
 - Ability to kill the Bork 8 times per day instead of 6;
 - Participate in killing the Evil tree 4 times per day instead of 3;
 - Create a maximum of 4 Divine locations per day instead of 3;
 - Able to do 4 Grim Reaper tasks per day instead of 3;
 Ruby contributor rank on our Discord channel.


$250.00 - $499.99 - :diamond:Diamonds

 - A :diamond: next to your name in-game;
 - Ability to use the Diamond loyalty title;
 - Build an extra 5 rooms in your house (Construction);
 - Ability to kill the Bork 10 times per day instead of 8;
 - An extra daily Squeal of Fortune spin (total of 3);
 - Participate in killing the Evil tree 5 times per day instead of 4;
 - Create a maximum of 5 Divine locations per day instead of 4;
 - Able to do 5 Grim Reaper tasks per day instead of 4;
Diamond contributor rank on our Discord channel.


$500.00 - $999.99 - :dragonstone: Dragonstones

 - A :dragonstone: next to your name in-game;
 - Ability to use the Dragonstone loyalty title;
 - Build an extra 5 rooms in your house (Construction);
 - Ability to kill the Bork 12 times per day instead of 10;
 - Participate in killing the Evil tree 6 times per day instead of 5;
 - Create a maximum of 6 Divine locations per day instead of 5;
 - Able to do 6 Grim Reaper tasks per day instead of 5;
Dragonstone contributor rank on our Discord channel.


$1,000.00 - $2,499.99 - :onyx: Onyx

 - A :onyx: next to your name in-game;
 - Ability to use the Onyx loyalty title;
 - Build an extra 9 rooms in your house (Construction);
 - Ability to kill the Bork 127 (Max BYTE value) times per day instead of 12;
 - Extra daily Squeal of Fortune spins (total of 5);
 - Participate in killing the Evil tree freely instead of 6;
 - Create a maximum of 9 Divine locations per day instead of 6;
 - Able to do unlimited Grim Reaper tasks per day instead of 6;
Onyx contributor rank on our Discord channel.


$2,500.00+ - :hydrix: Hydrix

 - A :hydrix: next to your name in-game;
 - Ability to use the Hydrix loyalty title;
Hydrix contributor rank on our Discord channel;
More information will be released later on for the Hydrix rank.



Special Areas for paying members ('Donators')

'Donator' Zone
Requires sapphire.pngSapphire rank
Commands to get there: ;;dz ;;dzone ;;donationzone



What you can find:

- Furnace

- Gem stall

- Rocktail shoal

- Cavefish shoal

- Cooking range

- Supply table (overload effect)

- Obelisk of earth, water, air & fire

- Prayer Altar


Who you can find:

- Wise Old Man (Trivia point exchange, skill & mastery capes)

- Party Pete (Vote point Exchange)

- Solomon (Velheim Coin Vendor)

- Bob Barter (Herbs & Decanter)

- Ellis (Tanner)

- Grand Exchange clerk


Diamond 'Donator' Zone
Requires diamond.pngDiamond rank
Commands to get there: ;;ddz




What you can find:

- Prayer Altar

- Divine fish (crayfish~cavefish)

- Divine herb (I, II & III)

- Divine hunter (kebbit burrow~box trap)

- Divine rocks (bronze~runite)

- Divine simulalacrum I & II

- Divine tree (regular~magic)

- Obelisk (Summoning)

- Portable brazier

- Portable crafter

- Portable fletcher

- Portable forge

- Portable range

- Portable sawmill

-Portable well

- Robust glass machine

- Supply table (Overload, Anti poison, Anti fire, Renewal, Luck effect)


Who you can find:

- Banker

- Grand Exchange clerk

- Morvran





In-game Velheim Coin Exchange Vendors


Velheim Coins may be exchanged with the NPC "Solomon" who's located at the main 'Home' area.






Contents of 'Perk Shop'




Purchasing these scrolls will NOT contribute towards your in-game rank. These scrolls are trade-able between Velheim members and will benefit toward ones rank when 'Redeemed' (claimed). Each scroll gives a unique effect/perk when redeemed; all scroll perks/effects may be viewed in-game by typing the command ';;perks' in the in-game's chat-box.





Purchasing items WILL contribute towards your in-game rank.

Note: Purchasing the first slot item (Dungeoneering token) is actually given in bulks of 10'000 per x 1 purchase.





Purchasing these pet unlock items will NOT contribute towards your in-game rank. These items are trade-able between Velheim members and will benefit toward ones rank when 'Redeemed' (claimed). Each item gives a unique in-game pet when redeemed! All pets are labelled as 'Legendary' and do special things; like collect items, generate compost and so on.





Velheim offers more than 500 unique Cosmetic Override items to mix and match. Each Override has to be unlocked with 50 x Velheim coins and WILL benefit towards players rank on unlock. These overrides are player-bound, meaning they are not trade-able between members and are a permanent unlock.

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#3881 Update Log #55 - Easter Event & Miscellaneous

Posted by Sandstorm on 15 April 2019 - 07:32 PM

Easter Event

  • Easter eggs will randomly spawn around the world at ~1 hour intervals with a world announcement saying when it has spawned and when (and by whom) it was picked up;
  • Gaining EXP will now give crystallized chocolate fragments that will automatically get put into players currency pouches;
  • These fragments can then be used to purchase rewards from the Easter Bunny;
  • All players who log-in during the Easter event will automatically unlock all of the Easter seasonal emotes;
  • This event will run until 10th of May. (Reasoning behind this simple event is that I waited for Jagex to release theirs, but it was pretty garbage in all honesty and I just went with something more simple and something everyone could enjoy and take advantage of).


  • Upgraded Cache revision from sub-build 5 to sub-build 6 (Easter update - 15.04.2019 (it is advised to reset your cache files));
  • Lots of fine tuning to Telos's/Araxxor's combat script & drop mechanic (was done throughout the smaller singleton updates);
  • T92's can now be dyed with treasure trail dyes;
  • Added Swamp toad spawns at the Gnome Stronghold;
  • Polypore dungeon creatures will no longer be aggressive towards the player; also moved some drops around for Ganodermic beasts;
  • Squeal of Fortune will now check for player's modified skilling hat when rolling on a base hat or it's add-on (though it is still possible to get any of the items IF the player has ALL rare and very rare items);
  • Players can now use their bones on the Chaos Altar at home (even though the offer-bones right click option was always there). Also fixed up some of it's options to properly reflect it for wilderness/regular use;
  • Changed (Un)Common gem rock durability (hitpoints) value to better reflect the real game;
  • Added a Loyalty Point shop to Wise Old man with some nifty new cosmetics.


  • Cinder-bane gloves may now be repaired;
  • Fixed an issue with bank presets where items could be worn without the appropriate combat stats;
  • All weapon overrides (+off-hand and shields) should now function correctly (Let me know if you find more);
  • Fixed all Superior PvP weapon special attacks;
  • (Dungeoneering) When re-joining a dungeon after a log-out, your map, tool-belt, bound items and ring will be properly updated;
  • Fixed a couple items that were not banking via Signs of the Porter;
  • Removed the Ancient Elven Ritual shard item drop from all drop-tables;
  • Fixed an issue where when Fishing (ex. fly-fishing (trout&salmon)) or Picking herbs from a Divine herb location would check 1 level above your current resulting it not allowing the player to continue picking if the rolled item has its requirement level same as players;
  • Fixed an issue with trial donator rank blocking out permanent rank when purchased;
  • Fixed God-wars dungeon 1 bosses re-spawning invisible in public rooms (hopefully (worked just fine on development world)).


Apologies are due; I understand the lack of updates might be demotivating - but please bear with me. I hope you guys understand how hard it is to juggle everything while things settle down for me IRL. But, this won't be for long and I should be back fully by the end of the month :).



 - Some Media -






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#3836 Off-time

Posted by Sandstorm on 07 April 2019 - 04:25 PM



As of tomorrow (07/04/2019), I'll be working as a full time IT technician for a company from 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday. My activity hours (and the time I spend developing Velheim) will drop significantly, but do not fear - I'm not leaving you nubs behind <3. I'll still be here whenever I can, and, most likely, spend saturdays & sundays working on bigger content as usual.


Hope you understand that hobbies do not pay bills.



As always, happy 'scaping!

~ Sandstorm.

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#3784 Update Log #51 - Game-play Design Changes & Misc.

Posted by Sandstorm on 19 March 2019 - 11:37 PM

Following up on the Discord message I left you guys with, here's what I've done:

  • Moved the main home area back to Edgeville, cleared all useless decoration objects and split the area into multiple sections (Burthorpe still remains untouched for anyone who still wants to use it);
  • Added all Slayer master's to the 'graveyard' section of Edgeville, and changed the ';;slayer' command to teleport the player there directly instead of having an interface for each master;
  • Changed the way how new players had to interact with everything. On first login, they will instantly receive the character design interface, after which they will be greeted by the Town Crier, and then directed to the Thieving stalls via hint icon. Also replaced the starter kit with 15m raw coins and a tzhaar whip;
  • Added all Thieving stalls inside the 'Men' house, made them start from level 1 Thieving, increased respawn rate for higher level ones AND made them give coins alongside the usual item. Also updated the scimitar stall reward table with all new scimitar types;
  • New players will now receive the Sapphire 'donator' rank for 10 hours of game-time;
  • Added 3 new Shop NPC's that will contain weapons, armour & miscellaneous items related to each combat style;
  • Added a Herblore shop NPC with grimy herbs, secondaries & miscellaneous shops. All shop item values have been changed to Grand Exchange prices;
  • Added Mystery boxes with random resources, cosmetics and medium tier gear. Mystery boxes will now be replaced with crystal key halves received from vote parties (2 + (playersOnline / 10)), be buy-able from the vote points store and purchasable from the store page (and Solomon). They have a right-click peek-inside option to view all rewarda and chances. Don't worry, I gave much thought to what items should be inside them. No rares, no end-game gear, no skilling resources;
  • Increased Normal mode EXP rate from x100 to x200. This should make it easier for new people to jump straight into the high-level content, and if they want a grind - they can always revert to classic mode;
  • As for an AIO (all-in-one) teleport interface, we'll be switching over to that once I'm confident enough I can produce a clean and responsive interface.


  • All Daemonheim castle objects have been given a function;
  • The Daemonheim entrance is now clipped, meaning you can no longer walk 'inside' of it;
  • Slightly improved the way how dungeon options were handled before entry, made them as close to RuneScape 3 as possible;
  • Players will now need their Ring of Kinship's equipped or in their inventories to start parties;
  • If a player logs out (or loses connection), they will have 15 minutes to log back in to re-join their old dungeon (if the dungeon party has not moved to the next floor, exit, or server restarted);
  • Added more missing NPC combat animations;
  • Door key ground items will now have a loot beam sent on top of them;
  • Your Ring's of Kinship will no longer disappear if you've lost connection while inside a Dungeon;
  • Dropping items inside a dungeon will now immediately display them to your party members (instead of the usual 60 second timer);
  • Starting dungeon table item spawns will no longer try to spawn on the 'column section' of the table;
  • Removed all 'lore' item drops from Dungeoneering NPC's (journal's, pages, etc. (let me know if I missed any)).


  • Elite Thieving outfit effect chat-box messages can now be filtered;
  • All bows that require ammunition (read from the cache) will now scale with ammo damage. Bows that do not require ammunition will override ammo ranged strength;
  • Reverted the Treasure trail puzzle update, as nobody really liked it. Puzzle-skipping tickets will still be usable as per usual;
  • Removed Clean herbs from the unlimited Grand Exchange item pool.


  • You can now consume 'king worms';
  • Fixed a major issue with the Large rune pouch where it would give infinite amount of runes for all spells except the one you would normally be able to use;
  • Fixed an issue that prevented dyed noxious weaponry to execute their special attacks;
  • Fixed issues where Dark beasts and Metal dragons would not correctly recognize the distance between them and you resulting in melee hits from afar;
  • Fixed an issue where completing your 50th or 10th Slayer task in a row would not correctly display the amount of points received in the chat-box;
  • Fixed an issue with Super Prayer potions not restoring your prayer points past 400.


Nothing much this time as I was awaiting the new Firemaking content that was promised on RuneScape 3 and should have been delivered this Monday, but sadly delayed until next week. So yeah.. expect that :)




- Media -




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#3619 NEW LIFE - RIP #1 HCIM...Hello #1 Classic Skiller

Posted by Sun on 13 February 2019 - 11:12 PM

The main goal is to MAX my new Classic Skiller after maxing HCIM with over 2 BILLION XP -- RIP
This is going to be very easy since I can only train 18/26 with me forcing myself to be a Skiller (combat 3)





A new classical chapter: 










  :thieving: 30     :runecrafting: 3    :agility: 41      :hunter: 59     :fishing: 8     :cooking: 10








If there is anything else you want me to share just ask: e.g. how many logs in total I have chopped/ore etc etc  

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#2950 Top Voters of August

Posted by Sandstorm on 01 September 2018 - 03:44 PM

Top voters of August:


#1: Ffs - 385 votes;

#2: Erumai - 341 votes;

#3: krys - 337 votes;

#4: Skiller Ajs - 336 votes;

#5: jxanderb - 320 votes.


Each of them will receive a Christmas cracker on their account; Thank you for sticking around and supporting us :).


We've accumulated over 8'000 votes this month, that's almost double the amount we had last month, AWESOME!


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#1118 Game modes on Velheim

Posted by Ahoy on 13 March 2018 - 10:11 PM

We currently have five game modes on Velheim; Regular, Classic, Ironman, Hardcore Ironman & Ultimate Ironman.



Regular mode

  • 100x experience rate (becomes 10x after 99 in that skill)

  • Able to trade

  • Able to use the Grand Exchange

  • No restrictions

Classic mode

  • 2x experience rate

  • +5% drop-rate increase

  • No restrictions


Ironman mode

  • 10x experience rate

  • No trading

  • +5% drop-rate increase

  • No Grand Exchange

  • No interacting with other players


Hardcore Ironman mode

  • 10x experience rate

  • No trading

  • +5% drop-rate increase

  • No Grand Exchange

  • When you die in a dangerous area you become a regular Ironman


Ultimate Ironman mode

  • 10x experience rate

  • No trading

  • +5% drop-rate increase

  • No Grand Exchange

  • No banking

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#3809 Top Voters of March, 2019

Posted by Sandstorm on 31 March 2019 - 10:05 PM

Arcadiez - with 312 votes,

Ironwill - with 301 votes,

IZerkOff - with 242 votes,

FunkiiPanda - with 171 votes,

Sun - with 169 votes.


Each of them will receive a Christmas cracker on their account, congratulations! Thank you for sticking around and supporting us :).


Here's for another great month ahead!



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#3797 Update Log #53 - Firemaking Update (Incense Sticks) & Miscellaneous

Posted by Sandstorm on 26 March 2019 - 10:39 PM

Following up on RuneScape 3's update on 25th of March, here's the Firemaking update..
Firemaking general changes

  • Bonfire Fire spirits will now have a random chance of giving the player an XP boost for the next couple logs while doing bonfire actions;
  • Bonfire Fire spirits will no longer give items directly, but instead, will give Fire spirit items that will be placed into player's inventories and be open-able for rewards;
  • Mining stone spirits have been added to the Bonfire spirit reward table;
  • The Prifddinas Bonfire will now have a chance of saving your logs when training Firemaking;
  • Lighting curly roots will no longer have a chance to trigger a Bonfire Fire spirit;
  • Players will no longer be able to fully AFK all of their protean logs at once, the action will be capped at 60 cycles.

Incense Sticks

  • Players may now make Incense sticks out of any logs, this requires 2 logs of the same type, an X Firemaking level and will grant Firemaking EXP in the process;
  • The Incense sticks may then be coated in impious, accursed or infernal ashes with an X Firemaking level and granting Firemaking EXP in the process;
  • The coated incense sticks may then be combined with a clean herb with an X Firemaking level and granting even more Firemaking EXP;
  • The finished incense sticks may be lit for a special passive effect. Each stick lasts 10 minutes, the timer for each effect can be stacked up to 60 minutes at once;
  • There's a limit to how many effects the player can have at the same time based on their Firemaking level (up to 3 at level 95);
  • On RuneScape 3, each effect can go up in potency level for up to level 4, I've skipped this mechanic due to our effects limitation;
  • Guam: provides a 10% chance to get an additional log while woodcutting regular trees;
  • Tarromin: provides a 25% chance to receive ashes when doing bonfires/lighting fires;
  • Marrentill: reduces poison damage by 12.5%;
  • Harralander: increases run energy replenishment rate by 50% while resting;
  • Ranarr: provides an invisible +1 Prayer bonus;
  • Spirit weed: provides 10% increased familiar special attack recovery rate;
  • Irit: reduces poison damage by 25%;
  • Kwuarm: provides +2.5% boost to weapon poison damage;
  • Snapdragon: restores stats 50% faster;
  • Cadantine: provides a 2.5% chance to not exhaust a resource;
  • Lantadyme: increases all potion timers by 1 minute;
  • Dwarf weed: provides a 2% chance to bank gathered items;
  • Torstol: provides a 1% increase to base XP gain;
  • Fellstalk: provides a +1% spawn chance to elite NPCs;
  • All other effects have been skipped due to them serving no actual purpose on an RSPS. I believe most of the ones I added will never get used either way, but we'll wait and see - perhaps Jagex re-works them or gives them better values;
  • To learn more about incense sticks, check out the Wikipedia here: Incense sticks.


  • Updated the Cache revision from 903 to 904 - RS3 update: Firemaking Week & PvM Revitalisation;
  • Vorago's rare drops have been moved from rare to the very rare drop table;
  • Choosing the 'Craft' option on any log will now bring up an options dialogue with what to do with the log - firemaking, fletching, bonfire or incense sticks;
  • All blood necklaces are now create-able and have their active healing effect;
  • Soulgazer charm drops (Baby Soulgazer pet unlock item) will no longer drop if the player owns the item or the pet, and will now announce as a pet drop in the world feed;
  • Item right-click 'Buy-X' option in Shops will now display the enter amount screen instead of buying as much as you can;
  • Completely removed the Dramen tree from the Donator zone;
  • Added Menaphos's Acadia trees to the Woodcutting teleports interface. Acadia logs can now be made into arrow shafts and used in Firemaking;
  • Both Dragon trinkets can now once again one-shot most dragons with a 5% base chance per hit if the NPC has above 80% hitpoints;
  • Added Gnome & Tortoise NPC spawns at the Khazard Battlefield;
  • Opening the Meilyr Potion recipe shop will now display a chat-box message saying how many recipes you have unlocked and how many are there in total (Dungeoneering & Regular);
  • Flying type NPC's may now be killed with Magic as well.


  • Fixed an issue that caused off-hand weapons to have a slightly higher combat delay than they should have been;
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't let players sell items that are classed as degrade-able's to the General store;
  • Fixed an issue with porters where they wouldn't properly get removed on depletion;
  • Signs of the Porter will no longer count as daily divine locations;
  • Fixed an issue where special handled NPC deaths would not count to your total kills;
  • You can now train Cooking on the Prifddinas balcony Bonfire;
  • Home Thieving stalls will no longer give any coins if you're under the required Thieving level;
  • Fixed Hill giant, Moss giant and Fire giant drop tables;
  • Fixed an issue with the Well of Good Will hiscores not properly updating;
  • Replaced the 2 hill giant spawns in deep wilderness dungeon with 6 fire giant spawns (Wilderness Slayer);
  • Mining will no longer drop the ore if your inventory was too full to add the ore. This fixes an issue where mining with stone spirits while having 1 free inventory slot would endlessly mine and drop ore until out of spirits;
  • Checking charges remaining on an amulet of souls (or) will no longer split it from the kit;
  • Fixed lucky dragon 2h sword's special attack;
  • Combining a magebane potion with red moss will now make the normal artisan's potion instead of the weak one;
  • Fixed Summoning Minotaur combat animations and bonuses;
  • Catching Kebbits at the Falconry will no longer force-walk the player in 'melee-distance', you'll be able to do it from afar (as long as the path does not collide with an object);
  • Fixed an issue where burying wolf bones would not grant any Prayer EXP.


 - Media -








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#3765 Update Log #50 - Mandrith - the new Slayer Master, Impetious Impulses and a t...

Posted by Sandstorm on 12 March 2019 - 08:37 AM


  • Added the full Torag's and Verac's set effects. These were missing for some reason;
  • Players may now have a chance at rolling the new Amulet of the Forsaken when completing a barrows run;
  • The new amulet boosts every barrows brother's set effect, for a full list see here - Amulet of the forsaken;
  • Corrected the Dharok's set effect to only trigger when equal or below 50% hitpoints.


  • Updated the client to have an auto updater for it; if you haven't yet, download it - here;
  • Updated the client with the new texture headers (which were changed on rev. 902) and new object types (which were introduced in rev. 903);
  • Fixed an issue where doing Dungeoneering would sometimes 'black-screen' your client when opening a new room.

The Arc

  • Added Quartermaster Gully at Port sarim, you can travel to one of the 6 discovered islands with him;
  • Populated all 7 islands with all NPC spawns (though they do not have dialogues, nor any functionality to them except giving areas the livelihood aspect).
  • Started on the Elite Dungeon 1 - Temple of Aminishi. You may create an instance for it, but nothing inside works yet. Expect a full release in the upcoming updates!

Impetious Impulses

  • Added Elnock Inquisitor's full RS3 dialogue;
  • Elnock may now store all your Puro-Puro equipment by talking to him;
  • Added missing Imp defender spawns;
  • Pushing through wheat will now award 2 Strength EXP;
  • Added checks for Implings to not force walk into places they cannot actually 'walk' (outside the map);
  • Puro Implings may now be bound with the bind, snare and entangle spells;
  • The Jar generator may now be used to generate impling jars for you.

Tzhaar city related

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the fight caves/kiln hiscores to not properly save;
  • Players may now receive the TzRek-Jad pet in a 1/50 chance after completing the Fight caves;
  • You may now examine the TzRek-Jad pet to see their owners fight cave kill-count;
  • Players may now receive the Shrimpy pet in a 1/50 chance after completing the Fight kiln.

Mandrith, Slayer & Wilderness related

  • Updated Mandrith to be the new RS3 Wilderness Slayer master;
  • Completing a task assigned by Mandrith will give a bounty emblem (t1) if player doesn't have one in their inventory;
  • If a player does have a t1 bounty emblem in their inventory on task completion, they will instead receive bounty potential, which, at given amounts, will upgrade your current bounty emblem in inventory to the next tier;
  • Bounty emblems may be exchanged for Slayer Bounty points or Deathmatch points. These new points may be used in the 2 new shops, that are accessed by speaking to Mandrith;
  • Wilderness hilts may now be attached to all Dragon weaponry, upgrading them from T60 to T70 weapons (non-degradable);
  • Ancient warriors' equipment patches may now be used on all non-corrupt versions of PvP armour to upgrade them into superior versions;
  • All Fremennik armours (skeletal, spined and rock-shell) may now be upgraded from T50 to T65 via the Fremennik equipment patch;
  • Players will not be able to directly teleport to their task location if assigned a task from this master;
  • Added 17 Abyssal demon spawns south of Graveyard of Shadows;
  • Populated the Eastern ruins with all NPC spawns (Deadly read spiders & Gargoyles);
  • Populated the Frozen Waste plateau with all correct NPC spanws (ice strykewyrms, more ice giants, more ice warriors, ice spiders and skeletons);
  • Populated the Eastern coast of the Wilderness, opposite of Daemonheim - with waterfiend spawns;
  • Populated the Lava Maze with all NPC spawns, fixed the dungeon entrance/exit and populated the Lava Maze dungeon with all NPC spawns, also made that dungeon be inside Wilderness;
  • Made the Northern part of the Edgeville dungeon (Thug, chaos druid, etc.) be inside Wilderness;
  • Populated the Forgotten cemetery with all NPC spawns (ghosts, skeletons and blue dragons);
  • Added the Wilderness shared loot table, which will roll in addition to the main drop-table when killing NPC's in the wilderness (check out the table here: );
  • Revenants can now drop a Revenant spirit which is used to unlock one of the new revenant pets. There are 14 types of pets and they'll get unlocked in order;
  • Made all Brawling gloves function the same way as they do in RuneScape 3;
  • Slayer Masters will now teleport you directly outside of the Godwars dungeon if on a Cyclops task.


  • Fixed the Lumbridge swamp's shed to actually send the player to Zanaris with an options dialogue, as well as proper exiting via the ring you get sent to;
  • Added missing NPC and Item world spawns, and fixed up the Market gates to access the 2 shops in there.


  • Added a teleport interface for Summoning teleports, the other option being South-west of Piscatoris Fishing colony;
  • Players can now note and un-note their items on bank deposit boxes;
  • Made the Abyss obstacles to be 1-click teleport instead of your character doing the animations;
  • Added a banker NPC spawn in the middle of Tai Bwo Wannai;
  • Updated the stepping stones to Light house to work much more fluently;
  • Players may now use their Barrows amulets (obtained from Barrows: Rise of the Six) on the Barrows mini-game sarcophagus to skip that room (instantly 'kill' them);
  • Removed some of the unused Lowe's Archery Emporium shop items with slightly higher level ones (studded);
  • Full snakeskin armor can now be purchased from the Grand Exchange unlimited supply;
  • Added ALL teleport tablets, ranging from the default Varrock, Lumbridge ones up to The Arc and Menaphos ones;
  • Used (half-degraded) T90's can now be dyed. Also made the Khopesh of Elidinis be dye-able;
  • Added everything clay-wise to the Donator zone;
  • Added 2 new Fishing teleport destinations - Draynor for level 1 and Barbarian level 20's and up;
  • Added a couple new Farming teleport destinations and 'bundled' them in order by types;
  • Added a few new items to 'Lucy's untradeables' shop;
  • Increased the base Smithing EXP by a flat 35% to better match the Mining ratio;
  • Changed the Ape Atoll Magic teleport spell to teleport you right in the center of Ape Atoll. Also made Monkey archer's non-aggressive and fixed up the world shops;
  • Following up the RS3 update, removed uncut onyxes from the Prifddinas gem rock (RS3 ninja fix;
  • Shooting stars can now be mined at any Mining level;
  • The 'Your backpack is full' messages when Mining can now be filtered;
  • Easy and Medium Treasure Trail clue rewards will now reward their equivalent in type and size of salvage for rewards that would previously be smithable items;
  • Herbs from Divine Locations will now be picked as Clean rather than Grimy when wearing the full Farmer outfit;
  • Organized the Urn pottery options to go by Crafting level, correct a couple incorrect urn values and added the decorated Smelting urns.


  • Fixed the Jadinko area controller not stopping when exiting the dungeon causing un-claimable vote/store rewards and other issues;
  • Corrected all bar amounts required for when upgrading to adamant + 2 via Smithing;
  • Players can now cut wolf bones into wolf bone arrowheads and then make them into ogre arrows if they wish to do so for whatever reason;
  • Fixed an issue where chinchompas/bolt racks would still get 'saved' when having an Ava's device equipped;
  • Fixed the Barbarian Village forge & anvil;
  • Fixed/removed a couple incorrect NPC spawns at Port Sarim;
  • Fixed Nex's equipment and Drygores not being able to be 'fully' repaired when in the broken state;
  • Fixed an issue where casting a Magic spell without a weapon would force-walk you to your target before casting the spell;
  • Fixed most of the Barbarian potions, they can now be consumable;
  • Fixed the Iban Blast Magic spell;
  • Fixed drop-tables for these NPC's - Aberrant Spectres, Abyssal demons, Nechryaels, Aberrant spectres, Gargoyles, Poisonous snakes on Mos Le Harmless, Cave crawlers;
  • Fixed the plank Agility shortcut in Slayer tower (Abyssal demons);
  • Fixed an issue where harvesting a Divine location would not physically update the harvested item id's received from another player to be noted;
  • Fixed the log balance shortcut at East Ardougne;
  • All fiery dragon breaths will now correctly charge your dragonfire shields;
  • Added another check for teleporting type Dungeoneering bosses so they wouldn't teleport outside of their initial room;
  • Fixed the tunnel shortcut north of Shilo Village;
  • Fixed the crevice shortcut in the Gemstone dragon cavern;
  • Fixed the grapple shortcut from Catherby to Taverly;
  • Fixed an issue where pocket slot items (aura) would loose charges on incoming hits;
  • Both versions of ectoplasmators will now work correctly; granting prayer EXP on ghost kills and scattering ash drops;
  • Players can no longer use the Gnome glider to travel to Prifddinas without having the total level requirement (or the 'Mellon' perk);
  • Fixed an issue where trying to do Fletching with Herblore supplies in inventory - would bring up the Herblore dialogue rather than the Fletching one;
  • Fixed an issue where trying to equip ammunition that was used in a Fletching recipe would bring up the skills dialogue;
  • Fixed an issue with the Terrobird pen 'Gate' that would not open for a Treasure trail step;
  • Fixed the Dwarven Stout's Mining & Smithing boosts;
  • Fixed an issue were Calquat trees would not be able to be checked for their health (gain EXP);
  • Applied a ton of fixes to Vorago as well as extra checks and changes to his drop mechanics. Let me know if any other issues occur;
  • Fixed an issue where switching from a longer-delayed weapon to a faster one would cause you to deal 2 hits in a single tick (resetting delay). Switching weapons will now keep your previous weapon delay before striking another hit;
  • Fishing spots will no longer change their direction when interacted with the second option;
  • When pick-pocketing, your target NPC will no longer face you;
  • Fixed Draynor manor doo-ooors (all of them);
  • Fixed meat (bird, rabbit, chicken, etc.) Cooking burn values (they would always burn ignoring players cook level);
  • Fixed Karamjan Fishing spots and consuming Karamjan rum.


Special thanks to IZerkOff for moral support throughout the journey of this massive log!



 - Media -








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#3630 Staff List

Posted by Sandstorm on 14 February 2019 - 11:57 PM

Staff Update 2019.02.15


Additions -

  • Dynasty promoted to Game moderator (from Server Support);
  • IZerkOff promoted to Server support.


Congratulations! Let the positions last :)

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#3793 Update Log #52 - Porters, Grace of the Elves, Rare Drop Table changes, Seren...

Posted by Sandstorm on 24 March 2019 - 12:48 AM

Rare Drop Table

  • Completely scrapped everything that we had in regards of special drop tables and replicated the RuneScape 3 ones. All new tables and how they work can be seen here: Rare drop table;
  • Luck of the dwarves has been added to the Super Rare table;
  • Ancient effigies have been added to the Rare table;
  • The chance to roll on the base rare drop table is: 1.0 + ((double) player.luckLevel) >= randomDouble(100.0);
  • The chance for the table to 'upgrade' to the higher tier is: 1/all_items_on_the_current_table;
  • Custom code-based drops such as crystal key halves, triskelion keys, effigies and luck of the dwarves have been removed since they're all available from the RDT now.

Signs of the Porter

  • Players may now create 6 types of Signs of the Porter by weaving the respecting energy alongside a necklace;
  • All Porters have the exact same values and functionality as in RuneScape 3; check out the wiki if you'd like to learn more about them: Sign of the porter.

Grace of the Elves

  • The Grace of the Elves amulet can now be purchased from the Vote point store for 100 vote points;
  • You can add signs of the porter to the amulet for it to function as the porter itself. The max amount of CHARGES you can have in it is 500;
  • The porter function on the amulet can be toggled from equipment window, right-click option;
  • Grace of the Elves is trade-able while unused, and becomes un-trade-able when equipped.

Seren Spirits

  • While wearing the Grace of the Elves and gaining non-lamp EXP in a gathering skill, there's now a 1/250 chance of a Seren spirit spawning. Learn more about seren spirits here: Seren spirit;
  • Seren Spirits WILL have the chance at rolling ALL RDT table rewards, including Luck of the Dwarves and Hazelmere's signet ring, basically the same as in RuneScape 3.


  • Ultimate Ironman mode has been completely removed;
  • Added all tier Halberds to the Grand Exchange unlimited stock;
  • Slightly improved the dwarf multi-cannon and how it functioned code-wise and visually;
  • Random events (Fire spirits, Chronicle fragments) will now only be visible to the player it appeared for;
  • NPC kill statistics (kill-counters) will now increase on NPC death instead of each drop rolled (encountered at superior creatures);
  • Darklight and Large rune pouch from the vote point store have been halved in price;
  • Changed how the system rolled NPC drops. It'll now use double digits, and the general feel of every monster dropping too frequently should now be gone. Luck tiers (and game-mode boosts) will now have a more meaningful impact on the drops;
  • You will no longer stop attacking your target if you're frozen/stunned;
  • Heavily increased the multipliers for Dungeoneering EXP. Token amount reflects to this change as well;
  • Massive progress towards Elite Dungeon - Temple of Aminishi. Most base code has been laid out and finished. Expect the dungeon to be fully released for #53 or #54, depending on what's in store for the Firemaking update on Monday.


  • Fixed an issue with depositing BoB items into your bank via the bank interface button;
  • Fixed a couple incorrect NPC combat animations;
  • Fixed Taverley Pet Shop owner's shop not opening;
  • Fixed an issue where Nex and Kalphite King would not correctly recognize players defenders and would not roll ancient emblem/perfect chittin drops;
  • Fixed an issue that when completing a puzzle box, the puzzle it-self would not internally reset for the player, making them auto-complete whenever the player got another puzzle;
  • Fixed an issue where killing the same Revenant types over and over would keep increasing their DR boost infinitely;
  • Fixed incorrect Dharok's item ID's received from the Crystal chest.


- Media -


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#3720 Can you think of any better timing...?

Posted by Sun on 28 February 2019 - 10:34 PM

So this happened...


Potential* ;) 

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#3704 Update Log #49 - 'Classic game-mode', Dwarf cannon, New client and so...

Posted by Sandstorm on 27 February 2019 - 06:15 PM

A smaller update this time, expect some goodies in #50 :)


Game-mode related

  • Introducing the new 'Classic' game-mode. New players will now be able to choose the Classic mode, which has a base EXP multiplier of x2 and a slight drop-rate boost of +5%. Existing players may also switch to the Classic mode in exchange for all their current EXP and levels, they can do so by speaking to Darude;
  • The new Classic mode has its own Hiscores page, its own chat icon and 'player-first' achievements (that are viewable on our Discord channel);
  • Added a small information dialogue for new players when selecting game-modes that will give a general hint to what each game-mode does;
  • All ironman modes will now have a +5% drop-rate increase.

Dwarf Multicannon

  • The Dwarf Cannon may now be purchased from Nulodion for 750k in total. Nulodion has his full RuneScape 3 dialogue;
  • Cannon works the same way as it used to in pre-eoc, dealing up to 300 damage per cannonball shot;
  • Players will now be able to Smelt cannonballs by selecting Iron ore or Coal at any Furnace via the ore bank;
  • Cannons have the same placement restriction as in the real game;
  • If a player leaves their cannon at the same spot for over 25 minutes, the cannon will disappear and will have to be re-claimed from Nulodion (will also work if the player looses connection or logs out with it placed).


  • Upgraded cache from revision 902 to revision 903 (Shadow Reef update - 25 February, 2019);
  • The NPC drop-table interface will no longer close while in combat;
  • Improved how the Wyvern crossbow inflicted poison to players current target;
  • Improved loot beams, with sky-box messages informing the player of the most recent 'beamed' drop (on resizable mode only), ability to swap between beam override types from the loot-beam settings dialogue and fixed the Reaper's rainbow beam;
  • Since revision 903 seems to have introduced new object types, there's now a new client up for grab that fixes those as well as object 'animations' for cannon and other minorities. Get it here: https://www.dropbox....elheim.jar?dl=0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where dying in the Wilderness with an item that degrades would cause the server to freeze. Also made so all items degrade to dust or broken state on death when dying in the Wilderness (to any source);
  • Fixed combat animations for all Tzhaar-city monsters;
  • Corrected crawling hand, revenant, araxxor, all godwars dungeon - drop tables, as well as some other ones I've forgot to write down;
  • Fixed an issue where getting poisoned (effect) would not actually cycle and hit the Entity;
  • Fixed an issue with Magic spell casting; players will now properly receive the base cast EXP even if they've splashed/dealt 0 damage;
  • Improved the Lava Strykewyrm combat script;
  • Ascension crossbows will now degrade properly;
  • The Hexhunter bow may now once again be repaired;
  • .. and some other minor things not worth mentioning.



 - Media -




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#3381 Price guide (updated)

Posted by Dynasty on 09 January 2019 - 02:04 AM

Credit to Jitters for original post!


Will add more items if players request certain items/new items released.


                                    Cntrl + F to search        Gear key:        

                                                                                                                                              Does it degrade to dust?

                                                                                                                                              Yes (Y)

                                                                                                                                              No (N)





Khopesh of Tumeken ~ TBD (N)

Khopesh of Elidinis ~ TBD (N)


Blightbound crossbow ~ (to be added) (N)

Off-Hand Blightbound crossbow ~ (to be added) (N)


Wand of the praesul ~ (to be added) (N)

Imperium core ~ (to be added) (N)


Zaros Godsword ~ (to be added) (N)

Seren Godbow ~ (to be added) (N)

Staff of Sliske ~ (to be added) (N)




Noxious scythe ~ 130m (N)

Noxious longbow ~ 130m (N)

Noxious staff ~ 130m (N)


Ascension crossbow ~ 250m-300m (N)

Off-hand Ascension crossbow ~ 250m-300m (N)


Drygore longsword ~ 100m (N)

Off-hand Drygore longsword ~ 100m (N)

Drygore rapier ~ 100m (N)

Off-hand Drygore rapier ~ 100m (N)

Drygore mac - 100m (N)

Off-hand Drygore mace ~ 100m(N)


Seismic wand ~ (to be added) (N)

Seismic singularity ~ (to be added) (N)




Blade of nymora ~ (to be added) (N)

Blade of ayrass ~ (to be added) (N)

Dragon rider lance ~ 45m (N)


Shadow Glaive ~ 30m (N)

Off-hand Shadow glaive ~ 30m (N)


Wand of the cywir elders ~ 40m (N)

Orb of the cywir elders ~ 40m (N)




Khopesh of the kharidian ~ 15m-20m (N)

Off-hand Khopesh of the kharidian ~ 15m-20m (N)




Virtus wand ~ 25m (Y)

Virtus book ~ 25m (Y)


Zaryte bow ~ 10m-20m (Y)


Hex hunter bow ~ 10m-15m (Y)




Armadyl crossbow ~ 4-5m (N)

Off-hand Armadyl crossbow ~ 4-5m (N)


Abyssal wand ~ 5m (N)

Abyssal orb ~ 5m (N)

Staff of light ~ 5m (N)

Polypore staff ~ 5m (N)


Armadyl godword ~ 8m (N)

Saradomin godsword ~ 8m (N)

Zamorak godsword  ~ 8m (N)

Banods godsword ~ 8m (N)



Abyssal whip ~ 4-5m (N)

Zamorakian spear ~ 12m (N)






Sirenic scale ~ 3m


Sirenic mask ~ 43m (Y)

Sirenic hauberk ~ 128m (Y)

Sirenic chaps ~ 85.5m (Y)


Malevolent energy ~ 3m


Malevolent helm ~ 43m (Y)

Malevolent cuirass ~ 128m (Y)

Malevelon greaves ~ 85.5m (Y)


Tectonic energy ~ (to be added)


Tectonic mask ~ (to be added) (Y)

Tectonic robe top ~ (to be added) (Y)

Tectonic Robe bottom ~ (to be added) (Y)


Glaiven wing-tip ~ 50m (Y) (Degrades back to T85 state)

Ragefire gland ~ 50m (Y) (Degrades back to T85 state)

Steadfast scale ~ 50m (Y) (Degrades back to T85 state)


Razorback Gauntlets ~ 2m (Y)

Ascension grips ~ 1m-2m (Y)

Celestial handwraps ~ 3m-5m (Y)




Glaiven boots ~ 20-30m (N)

Ragefire boots ~ 20-30m (N)

Steadfast boots ~ 20-30m (N)

Gloves of passage ~ 1m-2m (Y)




Pernix cowl ~ 25m (Y)

Pernix body ~ 25m (Y)

Pernix chaps ~ 25m (Y)

Pernix boots ~ 20m (Y)

Pernix gloves ~ 20m (Y)


Virtus Mask ~ 25m (Y)

Virtus robe top ~ 25m (Y)

Virtus robe bottom ~ 25m (Y)

Virtus boots ~ 20m (Y)

Virtus gloves ~ 20m (Y)


Torva full helm ~ 25m (Y)

Torva platebody ~25m (Y)

Torva platelegs ~ 25m (Y)

Torva boots ~ 20m (Y)

Torva gloves ~ 20m (Y)




Ganodermic visor ~ 5m(Y)

Ganodermic poncho ~ 5m (Y)

Ganodermic leggings ~ 5m (Y)


Armadyl helmet ~ 10m (N)

Armadyl chestplate ~ 15m (N)

Armadyl chainskirt ~ 15m (N)

Armadyl boots ~ 5m (N)

Armadyl gloves ~ 5m (N)

Armadyl buckler ~ 1m (N)


Hood of subjugation ~ 2m (N)

Garb of subjugation ~ 2m (N)

Gown of subjugation ~ 3-4m (N)

Boots of subjugation ~ 2m (N)

Gloves of subjugation ~ 2m (N)

Ward of subjugation ~ 1m (N)


Bandos helmet ~ 5m (N)

Bandos chestplate ~ 20m (N)

Bandos tassets ~ 20m (N)

Bandos boots ~ 2-3m (N)

Bandos gloves ~ 2-3m (N)

Bandos warshield ~ 1m (N)


Barrows gear 1-2m (including weapons) (Y)




Amulet of souls ~ 30-40m (Y)

Reaper necklace ~ 30-40m (Y)

Deathtouch bracelet ~ 30-40m (Y)

Ring of death ~ 30-40m (Y)

Amulet of fury ~ 5m (N) 

Saradomins' hiss ~ 8m (N)

Saradomins' murmur ~ 8m (N)

Saradomins' whisper ~ 8m (N)

Amulet of ranging ~ 2m-4m (N)

Hazelmere's signet ~ 250m-300m (N)

Luck of the dwarves ~ 115m-150m (N)

Ring of fortune ~ 5m (N)

Ring of wealth(4) ~ 75k (N)

Berserker ring ~ 2m (N)

Warrior ring ~ 2m (N)

Seers' Village' Village' ring ~ 2m (N)

Archer's ring ~ 2m (N)




Soul ornament kit ~ 80m (N)

Reaper ornament kit ~ 80m (N)


Third-age full helm ~ 80m (N)

Third-age platebody ~ 120m (N)

Third-age platelegs ~ 120m (N)

Third-age kiteshield ~ 50m-80m (N)

Third-age mage hat ~ 60m-80m (N)

Third-age robe top ~ 60m-80m (N)

Third-age robe bottom ~ 60m-80m (N)

Thrid-age mage amulet ~ 10m-15m (N)

Third-age ranged coif ~ 20m-40m (N)

Third-age ranged top ~ 20m-40m (N)

Third-age ranged legs ~ 20m-40m (N)

Third-age Vambraces ~ 2m-5m (N)

Third-age wreath ~ 130m (N)

Third-age drudic robe top ~ 130m(N)

Third-age drudic robe bottom ~ 130m (N)

Third-age drudic cape ~ 80m (N)

Third-age drudic staff ~ 50-70m (N)


Ice dye ~ 300m (One time use on t90 gear, Allows to be repaired)

Blood dye ~ 250m (One time use on t90 gear, Allows to be repaired)

Third-age dye ~ 200m (One time use on t90 gear, Allows to be repaired)

Shadow dye ~ 150m-180m (One time use on t90 gear, Allows to be repaired)

Barrows dye ~ 80m-100m (One time use on t90 gear, Allows to be repaired)


Orlando smith's hat ~ (TBD)


Barrows totem ~ 50k-100k

Master quest point cape ~ 20m-40m




Saradomin brew(4) ~ 24k

Saradomin brew(6) ~ 36k

Prayer renewal(4) ~ 20k

Prayer renewal(6) ~ 30k

Overload(4) ~ 400k

Overload(6) ~ 600k

Super restore(4) ~ 12k

Super restore(6) ~ 18k

Aggression potion(4) ~ 200k

Aggression potion(6) ~ 300k (To be added)

Rocktail ~ 1.2k




Ascension keystone Primus ~ 500k (One per kill)

Ascension keystone Secundus ~ 500k (One per kill)

Ascension keystone Tertius ~ 500k (One per kill)

Ascension keystone Quartus ~ 500k (One per kill)

Ascension keystone Quintus ~ 500k (One per kill)

Ascension keystone Sextus ~ 500k (One per kill)


Crystal key ~ 500k-1m (One time use)

Key to the crossing ~ 250k-500k (One per kill)


Rares: (Removed for the time being after feedback)


Christmas cracker ~ 250-300m

Blue partyhat ~ 200m

White partyhat ~ 400m

Red partyhat ~ 200-210m

Green partyhat ~ 200-220m

Yellow partyhat ~  200m 

Purple partyhat ~ 190-200m



Santa hat ~ TBD

Black santa hat ~ TBD


Blue H'ween mask ~ 90-120m

Red H'ween mask ~ 90-120m

Green H'ween mask ~ 90-120m




Dragon pickaxe ~ 5M

Dragon hatchet ~ 10-15M






Would just like to point out the updated ones are a)from what i've seen in the grand exchange and by players or b) a rough estimate, if you feel like i should change one please let me know and will do so accordingly.

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#3032 Staff List

Posted by Sandstorm on 17 September 2018 - 05:26 AM

Staff Update 2018.09.17


Additions -

  • Effy promoted to Server support; a very active and helpful member, I believe he'll do great for Velheim!


We're still on the lookout for more members :)

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#3 Terms of Service / Rules

Posted by Sandstorm on 09 January 2018 - 05:36 PM

In-Game Rules

We ask that while playing, you keep any and all sorts of flame, hatred or rage to yourselves as best you can.
The staff team acknowledge that sometimes we have our off-days and you may get angry with another player.
It is advised that you bring any player-related problems directly to a staff member and post on the forums with provided proof in image form.
Potential Punishments:

  • Friends Chat Kick
  • Mute
  • IP-Mute
  • Ban

Across Velheim, we welcome every man, woman, gender, race, and person of color.
We understand that past histories and cultural differences between sects of race, color, and gender have and still occur today.
Please DO NOT bring these idealism's into the game.
Potential Punishments:

  • Friends Chat Kick
  • Mute
  • Ban
  • IP-Ban

This rule is universal over all servers, if you come on our server to advertise something non-Velheim related, you will be punished to the full extent.
This rule has no exception.
Potential Punishments:

  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban

Glitching/Bug Abusing:
While playing Velheim, it's possible you might encounter a glitch. Sometimes these are simple visual bugs, whilst other times these can be game-breaking and extremely unfair to the community and economy as a whole.
This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Item Duping 
  • NPC Bugging
  • Server Freezing

If found using or encouraging use of game breaking bugs or using software to achieve said goal, the offender and assistant (if present) will be punished dependent on bug severity.
If you find another player abusing any type of knowingly game-breaking bug and/or glitch, please report them.
Potential Punishments:

  • Jail
  • Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban

Third-party software:
As stated above, there are existing software clients that encourage the use and even provide ways of glitching and bugging the game.
Our higher-ups have plenty of ways of finding out if this software is being used or not, and in most scenarios - it's pretty obvious.
This includes all forms of auto-clicking, mouse recording, macroing, cheat engine, etc.
Potential Punishments:

  • Jail
  • Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban

While in-game, we like to socialize at points and exchange useful information.
Sometimes, there may be a player that gets angry or is disrupting the chat-box.
If you find a player spamming, please notify any available staff members and report them on the forums with some form of picture evidence.
Potential Punishments:

  • Friends Chat Kick
  • Mute
  • IP-Mute
  • Ban

Account Trading / RWT:
Trading accounts or another form of non-Velheim currency for - money, services, or exchanges, of any form is not allowed.
If you find someone attempting to sell, trade, or buy Velheim accounts &/or GP, please notify us in the report section with picture evidence.
Potential Punishments:
Account trading/RWT will result in the following for both parties.

  • Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban

Oftentimes there may be players attempting to scam other players with items in a trade, through the wilderness, or luring to dangerous areas.
Luring affects that similar to how scamming does - it breaks trust between players and won't be tolerated here.
Any attempt to lure is considered against the rules and will be dealt with accordingly.
If you find players attempting to scam/lure players, please report them and provide picture evidence.
Scamming can also include:

  • Faking a Giveaway (resulting in a mute on the first offense).

Potential Punishments:

  • Jail
  • Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban

Punishment Evasion:
Sometimes there are players that will receive punishment and misunderstand the rules of evasion. For example, if you have been banned or muted on one account, you are expected to serve the sentence.
Potential Punishments:

  • Mute ➔ IP-Mute
  • Ban ➔ IP-Ban ➔ Mac-Ban

Account Names / Staff Impersonation:
We take moderation and our duties seriously. Oftentimes, players are of the inclination that they may name themselves "Mod 'x'".
Impersonating staff is also a very serious measure that will result in a ban if caught doing so.
DO NOT trust these members.
In addition to this, such names that are racist, vulgar or deemed 'bad' at the discretion of the staff team, are not allowed.
If you find a player doing any sort of staff impersonation or having a racist/vulgar name, please report them to a staff member online or make a report on our forums.
Potential Punishments:

  • Perm-Ban

Safe spotting is the act of attacking a monster from an area without receiving damage in return.
Areas such as Glacors, Corporeal Beast, all Godwars bosses, and Tormented demons are examples of these.
Do note, that we will ignore safe-spotting if done in mini-games where safe-spotting was intended to.
Potential Punishments:

  • Jail
  • Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban

PKP Farming:
PKP farming refers to the use of two accounts to continuously kill one for consistent PKP (Player-killing points).
It is easy to trace through the kill-streak system and you will be caught.
Potential Punishments:

  • PKP Removal
  • Jail
  • Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban

VPN Voting:
VPN voting is disallowed due to the fact RSPS toplists can remove our server if they catch players/our server doing it. Please avoid using an IP-changing software to vote more times per day as was originally intended to.
Potential Punishments:

  • Removal of Vote points/Items
  • Ban

Mocking Development:
We value our development team very highly. They work tirelessly similar to a full-time job to ensure content is perfect and interesting before releasing. Mocking the development skills or content of developers is a Friends chat-kick offense. Should it be a regular occurrence a Mute would be looked into.
For example: "This server blows, nothing works, staff don't care about us".
We treat our development team with respect as should you, as you're playing on the server that they have dedicated their time into putting for you, the player.
Potential Punishments:

  • Friends Chat Kick
  • Temporary Mute

Note: Should you feel this way about the server's development, whether it be an unfixed issue,or broken content in general, report it in the Reports Section of our forums.



Player services/Account sharing:
Having someone log in on your account is not allowed (account sharing), so selling/doing player services like Fight Caves, Fight Kiln, Nomad or anything else is not allowed, we strive to see people achieve everything themselves.
It is easy for us to track back if you did share your account with another player.
Potential Punishments:

  • Rollback
  • Jail
  • Ban
  • IP-Ban
  • Mac-Ban


 These rules are a guideline, EVERY staff member is able to mute or ban should they deem something a mute-able or ban-able offense.
We trust our staff, and their judgement.


Friends Chat Rules
Swear Words in the Friends Chat: We observe the casual 'off' day, death in a boss fight, or PVP and will allow indirect swearing in the official friends chat. Swearing at or towards other players, staff, (or whatever you refer them as) will be punished based on context at the discretion of Management.
Words used below are used as examples:

  • Any and all forms of the racist term "nigger".
  • Any and all forms of the term "Jew" or relate-able phrases i.e "Nazi".
  • Relating to anything in the server as "Cancer" or relate-able phrases i.e "Kancer", this word is upsetting to many members of the community who've lost people to the illness, so don't use it to describe something you don't like in the Server/Community.
  • The use of the word "Gay" or other terms in order to describe something you don't like.
  • Any and all swear words; i.e "fuck", "cunt" and all forms of derogatory terms used in England, the United Kingdom and surrounding countries, Australia and all related forms of derogatory terms affiliated with location, "ass/asshole", "dick" and all derogatory forms of the name of male reproductive system, "gay/lesbian/fag/faggot" and all derogatory forms of LGBT hate/flame, "bitch", "pussy" and all derogatory forms of the name of female reproductive system, and all improvisations of derogatory terms and swears.
  • Reference to another Server(s) by name.
  • Derogatory terms towards other players based on race; i.e "nigger", "wigger", "chink",
  • Derogatory terms based on religion, i.e "towelhead", "jew", "chink", and all forms of this type of flame.
  • Derogatory terms based on lifestyle; i.e "pothead", "methhead", and all forms of this type of flame.
  • Derogatory terms based on political sides; i.e "libtard", "repulican't"

The use of drugs and talking about them is okay to an extent. However, if it gets too much to handle, the
staff will intervene. It's after all a friends chat for Help, and if it gets overrun by drug talk it will be stopped.
Being rude to players, staff and in general will result in a un-warned kick.
Discussions regarding sexual conduct, sex or anything related to the term is okay to an extent. However, if it gets too much to handle and a staff member tells you to stop, you will stop. It is there to help players, some players are under the age of consent and don't
need to hear this type of talk in the Friends Chat.
English is the only language that should be spoken in the official friends chat, while this may seem unfair to those that don't speak
English fluently, it becomes a mess if it's all in different languages.
So please keep it to only English.




Forum Rules

System Security:
Accessing, or attempting to access, the accounts of other users.
Attempting to exploit, bugs, vulnerabilities, or loopholes; whether they are disclosed or undisclosed.
Attempting to penetrate, security measures of Velheim software, hardware, or any other device used in the management or operations of the overall system..
Any intrusion will subject your forum account to immediate termination, regardless of whether or not the intrusion results in the detriment of the integrity, availability, or confidentiality of data.
Forum spam in an effort to overload the system or cause disruption is not tolerated and is not allowed in any form.
This includes the use of, but not limited to:

  • Pictures
  • Words
  • Phrases

Any account involved will be post-limited and given warning points depending on severity.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Excessive off-topic threads or posts
  • Posting nonsensical messages
  • 'Flooding' the forum with similar meaning messages
  • Post-Count farming
  • Unsolicited advertising via private message or email
  • Repeated posting with constant referrals to other website(s) with no purpose other than the promotion of that website.
  • Fraudulent activity (Pyramid schemes, chain letters, etc.)
  • Posting any of the above will result in your post being deleted and your account being infracted or worse - suspended.

Harassment and Profanities:
You may not post content that contains material relating to the following: racism, hatred, violent language, threats, real-life threats, insults, extreme vulgar language, flaming, otherwise inappropriate or hurtful language, or harassment.
Sexual remarks may be considered profane when used in certain contexts, and as such we suggest avoiding them altogether. We have zero tolerance for personal attacks whether public or private on any individual or group ("personal attack" will be determined on a case by case basis by management).
You may not use any method of delivery for materials which refer to ethnic/national origin, ideological or religious beliefs, gender, or sexual preference in a derogatory, demeaning or provocative context.
Forgery and Impersonation:
Attempting to impersonate any person, including staff, using forged headers, instant messenger names, similar usernames in an effort to deceive or mislead is prohibited.
Pornography/Sexually Offensive Materials:
You may not post or link to pornographic material or any content which would normally be considered sexually offensive, including child pornography, nudity, gore, or obscure/inappropriate content. Brief child nudity is prohibited (ex. a 15 year old girl in a bikini set).
Furthermore, erotica (sexually charged literature) is not permitted. The punishment for this is severe.
This includes linking to websites that may redirect, contain, or lead to these types of links or images, as well as images that are disturbing. It also adheres to websites that may hijack ones browser, as well as phishing. Infractions or bans will be laid immediately if you are caught participating in this offense.

Note: This also applies to your signature, avatar & profile picture along with requesting such content.

This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums
  • Causing disturbances in forum threads such as picking fights or insulting other members
  • Making non-constructive posts for the purpose of causing unrest
  • Abusing the Reported Post feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages
  • Labeling a thread, IBTL, TLDR, or any other fad statements
  • Replying to a thread simply to call the author a troll (regardless of whether the post is actually trolling)

Any sort of advertisement that is not affiliated with Velheim in any way will be considered spam and removed from the boards.
If you do happen to see advertising, you are to report it to a member of staff immediately and it will be removed. Advertising is not permitted by any means, anywhere on the forum.
This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Signatures
  • Profiles
  • Graphics (or requests)
  • Private messages
  • Customize-able spaces.

There are exceptions for major websites such as google, YouTube, yahoo etc.

Note: Search engine links containing search results that lead to forums aren't allowed, of course.
If you post an image that displays a link to a forbidden website, it is punishable.

  • Referral website(s) are also not allowed anywhere on the forum.

Grave digging:
Grave digging is not allowed and consists of reviving a previously resolved, settled, or "dead" thread after a prolonged period of time.
Threads with an activity gap of 2 months or greater (Length may vary in different sections) is considered "grave digging".
Signatures & Profiles:
Signatures and profile information are must comply with all other forum rules, which include no explicit or sexual content, no advertising without paid affiliation and no user impersonation.
Account Distribution:
Using alternative accounts to abuse our systems, or to violate said rules will result in your primary account to be suspended.
Buying, selling or trading accounts is prohibited, and will result in the account to be permanently suspended and may result in your other accounts to be suspended.
Piracy, Copyright Material, Cracks and Product Keys (warez):

  • 'Copyright Material' is any material protected by legally recognized copyright
  • 'Piracy' is the unauthorized copying of software or any material subject to copyright
  • 'Cracks' are programs that disable copy-protection technology
  • A 'Key' is a combination of numbers and/or letters required for software installation.

If any of the above mentioned are listed, you will be permanently removed from the forums.
Moderation & Bans:
You may not evade a ban. Doing so will drastically lengthen your ban. If you have a problem with a ban or feel it was inappropriate, please create an appeal.

  • The creation of an account to post an appeal in the appeals section is permitted, however the use of any other forum other than appeals is considered evasion.

You may not discuss or complain in open forum about another user's ban, the deletion of a message, or the deletion/closure of a thread.

  • Any discussion about warnings, bans, message deletion, thread deletion and thread closure should be done over private email/message between the person concerned and the moderators.

Please do not back seat moderate. Send a message to a moderator with the thread or post in question or use the 'report' button at the bottom of the post.

  • Do not take matters into your own hands

Account security:
While it is of the utmost importance to us to keep your account information safe and secure, we cannot 100% guarantee perfect security.
In order to maintain good account security, we recommend that you perform regular anti-virus scans on your own computers and regular password changes.
Also, please avoid using the same login information that you use elsewhere on the internet as credentials for Velheim servers.
You may not scam another member of this community under any circumstances.
Failure to abide this rule will lead to a permanent termination of your account.
Please note that we do not take responsibility and are not liable to take action and will not hand out any kinds of refunds.

In rare cases where a scamming attempt is blatant, we may intervene. Any other circumstances are the responsibility of the buyer and the seller.





Donations (payment) 

Charge back:
Any charge back will result in a permanent ban, we are sad to enforce such a rule but we have to keep it fair and square.
We run this server for the community and we can only keep running it cause of your donations, so keep that in mind.

  • Permanent ban in the game & forum




Some players may be wondering how to capture certain images on their screen at a certain time. Personally, I recommend the "Lightshot" program, as it can capture a current screen with the ease of two buttons.

This will help tremendously when filing a report to the staff team.

We would like to thank you for reading these rules.
Please be sure to let your fellow players know to read the rules in their spare leisure.

Thank you.

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#3894 NEW LIFE - RIP #1 HCIM...Hello #1 Classic Skiller

Posted by Sun on 06 May 2019 - 09:27 PM

99 HERB :herblore: LRE!!!



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#3641 Triple XP & Double Drop Weekend - February 2019!

Posted by Sandstorm on 18 February 2019 - 06:54 PM

As RuneScape 3 is having a double XP event, everyone on Velheim will have the opportunity to enjoy a 200% XP boost AND a double drop weekend, from Friday 22nd February 12:00 Game Time to Monday 25th February 11:59 Game Time.


As before, the vast majority of skilling activities will be able to take advantage.

Double drops literally means - double everything (does not include interface-type rewards, ie. Araxxor, Barrows, etc.)! Mark it on your calendars!


Start prepping now to maximize your gains on the big weekend. Stock up on Mining ore, Summoning charms, or whatever you need to power through your skill (or skills!) of choice.


See you in game on 22nd February!


The Staff Team


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