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Update Log #74 - Christmas

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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Buff Bar

  • Scrapped everything buff-bar wise and made a huge re-haul on it;
  • It is now tied to the chat-box interface and will drag alongside when resizing the chat-box;
  • Every buff will now display a tool-tip when hovered over with your mouse;
  • The buff-bar will no longer display in fixed screen mode;
  • With the huge code revamp, the buff-bar's now using about 50 times less stream data than it previously was, meaning, less packets, less data needed to be sent, less strain/packet-loss on the end-user (you);
  • The split private chat window will now automatically move depending on your buff bar size - no more overlapping;
  • Added Telos's buff's for: all viruses, all streams;
  • As it stands right now, there's an issue with interfaces being under-prioritized. I'll try and resolve this issue by the end of the year.


  • Melee main-hand weapons (1-hand) will now deal +25% more damage, which now makes them in-par with other styles. This buff also applies the damage increase to off-hands;
  • Trying to perform a weapon's special attack with not enough percentage will now display the special attack's name;
  • Shields will now have an extra +10% damage reduction;
  • Main-hand items that do not have an attack animation will no longer be able to be used in combat.

Christmas Event

  • All players who log-in during the Christmas event will automatically unlock all Christmas-seasoned emotes, music tracks and the Santa Costume override;
  • While gaining EXP you'll be able to find 'Christmas Cracker Paper', that will automatically get added to your currency pouches. These papers will be able to be added to the Giant Christmas Cracker at the Grand Exchange. The Giant Cracker will be able to be pulled by everyone who contributed at least 100 paper to it when it reaches 100%. Pulling it will award a random prize - yielding from EXP lamps & stars up to Christmas-themed discontinued rares;
  • The Grand Exchange will be able to be accessed quickly from any Event Noticeboard throughout the event;
  • The event will run until January 5th, all un-used paper will be removed then.


  • Even further code improvements towards the Music system (most was re-written from scratch);
  • Added a couple missing Music tracks around the world;
  • You may now add/remove songs to your music playlists! Shuffle listen through them and enable/disable at any time.


Game Perks

  • New game perk: 'Proficient Inventor' - slows down charge drain by 25%;
  • New game perk: 'Ceramic Champion' - all clay mined will instantly turn it into soft clay, and pottery (including urn's) will automatically get 'fired' when using the pottery wheel;
  • New game perk: 'Paramedic' - all healing is now increased by 15% (this includes vampyrism aura, blood spells, food, saradomin brew's, etc.).


  • Added Ivy-specific Woodcutting animations for most hatchets;
  • Players may now use augmented inferno adzes for woodcutting. Both adze versions will now take priority when Woodcutting IF the player has them equipped;
  • Chopping tree's will now play the according sound effects.


  • Updated cache version to RS3's 12/16/2019 update. This comes with a client update to support all new items that were introduced with the upgrade;
  • Added the Telekinetic grab spell;
  • Grand Exchange player listings will no longer display offers made by yourself;
  • Players will no longer be able to purchase items from the rare token store if they already have the item they're trying to buy;
  • Added 3 new Cosmetic Override sets, and over 50 new cosmetic items to the Cosmetic Overrides interface;
  • Huge back-end stream data changes. About 2 nights worth of change (not worth explaining, you'll have to take my word for it);
  • Added Balthazaar to the Market area;
  • Added Player-owned ports destination menu to the Miscellaneous section of the Teleportion Menu interface;
  • World announcements will now periodically be replaced with a random top 3 from any in-game hiscores list (ie. Top 3 Araxxor killers, top 3 voters, etc.);
  • Heavily improved on how Discord sends messages to the in-game friends chat channel 'Help';
  • Added a new logging system to log all errors throughout the server. This system will now let me identify and fix abnormalities much easier;
  • Removed most divine locations from the Squeal of Fortune rewards. Lucky dragon claw crate will now be skipped IF you already own a pair of lucky dragon claws;
  • 'Telescope' may now be stored with Diango;
  • Updated the Barrows: RoTS - rewards chest with stone spirits and salvage;
  • Added right-click "Dig" option to all tier's of Clue Scrolls and updated their examine texts.


  • Fixed Balthazaar's right-click options. You may now claim all your stashed rewards;
  • Tree saplings are no longer trade-able;
  • Aura weapon glows will now properly check for your cosmetic override versions first (if any);
  • Using unstable essence on an altar will now display the action progress interface. Also corrected the amount of EXP you receive (increase by x10);
  • Added Smouldering lamps. They'll now use your Bonus EXP for the chosen skill (if you have any bonus EXP in that skill);
  • The EXP Lamp interface will now display the correct amount of EXP that'll be added in each skill (some lamps are hard-coded in cache, those will still show original RS3 values);
  • Jail cell doors at the Thieve's guild may no longer be spam-clicked;
  • Prayer/Max/Completionist capes will no longer provide maximum invisible incense burner multipliers outside your Houses. Home altar will now act as a lower tier (as it should have from the start) for offering bones to encourage players to use the proper methods;
  • Having multiple types of the same skill Urn in your inventory while skilling will now try and use the highest level Urn rather than the lowest. Any already STARTED urns will take priority;
  • Re-clicking on a rock you're already mining will now also refresh the AFK prevention system ('your arms grew tired..');
  • It will no longer be possible to accidentally double click on the barrier's at GWD2.




 - Media -








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OFFLINE   Bloodiesharpie


    Who's ready for a TEA PARTY!

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I can't wait to see it CHRISTMAAAAAS

Awesome job sand
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OFFLINE   Arcadiez



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Amazing update!

Merry Christmas/holiday everyone!

Edited by Arcadiez, 19 December 2019 - 11:39 AM.

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OFFLINE   Herpeas



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  • Time Online: 4d 4h 23m 18s

Yay, Christmas event! :D Dig option on clues is also very nice quality of life update. Thanks for great updates, keep it up :) !

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    RNGesus ⚔️

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Great update Stormsand  :)
Hopefully I can get one of those discontinued rares :o...

Edited by IZerkOff, 16 December 2019 - 08:56 PM.

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OFFLINE   wille



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Amazing like always :wub:

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OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel


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That's one big Fucking cracker.

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OFFLINE   Dynasty


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Pog update and pog Christmas event.   :cool:

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OFFLINE   Low Priest

Low Priest


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When do the christmas event ends?

OFFLINE   Arcadiez



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When do the christmas event ends?

"The event will run until January 5th, all un-used paper will be removed then."

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