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Update Log #75 - Refreshments

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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  • Discord:! Code Wizard | Velheim#0001
  • Locationforever stuck in Java
  • In-game Username:Sandstorm
  • Time Online: 60d 18h 46m 18s


  • Familiars can no longer get poisoned;
  • Using a small obelisk to recharge your Summoning points will now also restore your familiar's health;
  • Familiars will now be able to attack NPC's ignoring multi-area zones.



  • Cache update to 01/11/2020 RS3's version. Also removed all Christmas/Winter themed decorations and the Advent Calendar;
  • As far more players are now AFK'ing their accounts (and alts) over-night producing loyalty points to purchase Bonds, I'm re-introducing the AFK system. Players who have not interacted with the game in 30 minutes will automatically be logged out;
  • Home stalls have also been a recent issue with players using third-party software to gain an advantageous amount of coins over other players. As result, the Home Thieving stalls will now 'respawn' twice as slow with an occasional random teleport somewhere near the stalls themselves;
  • Slightly increased the chance at which the Hazelmere's Signet Ring can be obtained from the 'super rare drop table';
  • Tremendously increased Araxxor's leg & hilt item drop chances;
  • When illuminating your god books, all original god book charges will transfer over to the illuminated versions. Old god books will now also be deleted when the process is done;
  • Creating items on the Invention table will now display the progress overlay;
  • Increased the Grand Exchange 'Player Listings' interface from 25 to 50 recent offers;
  • Players may now combine their Saradomin Hiss's with Chaotic remnants to create Arcane Stream necklaces;
  • Bonds are now stack-able;
  • Replaced the custom 'Buy-X' option in Shops interface with 'Buy-All';
  • Added 2 new outfits to the Cosmetic Overrides interface: Sleigher outfit & Cerberus outfit. The Cerberus outfit will be available to unlock via outfit tokens exclusively received from the Squeal of Fortune until 17th of January;
  • Seren Spirit rewards will now be sent to your Bank accounts first before attempting to put them in your inventory;
  • The 'Escape' key will now also close all 'Root' (full-screen) interfaces;
  • NPC Examine drop-table interface will now also display if the NPC has access to the Rare Drop table;
  • Added sound effects to soul-split, claws, maces, spears, all 4 Godwars Dungeon bosses, miscellaneous menu buttons, rock crabs, eating, drinking, farming, traversing dungeoneering doors;
  • Tremendously increases Telos's pet drop chance;
  • Updated Effigy special item world announcements to new format.


Bug Fixes

  • Added combat animations to Yak's;
  • Lumbridge spiders will no longer be aggressive;
  • Godsword shards may now be split back into their original versions;
  • Medium clue salvage rewards will now all come in noted versions;
  • Fixed the Agility Stiles near Eagle's peak;
  • Fixed the Gem Crown override. Sadly, all old re-deemed gem crowns will not be available;
  • Smelting will now accurately calculate how many inventory slots are needed for each item (if not metal-banking) before smelting it;
  • Escaping 'Barrows: Rise of the Six' will now correctly update your Boss Collection log with Malevolent energy;
  • The 'Araxxor' boss collection log should now be properly updating. Also corrected where and how Araxxor kills got tracked;
  • Fixed the Barbarian Outpost Agility course's rope swing;
  • Raw Yak Meat can now be cooked;
  • Having more than max cash on you while trying to buy items will no longer restrict you.




- Media -




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OFFLINE   Arcadiez



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  • Discord:Arcadiez
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  • In-game Username:Arcadiez
  • Time Online: 16d 19h 26m 23s
Amazing update as always <3
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OFFLINE   TheDarkTurm



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  • Discord:TheDarkTurm#0807
  • LocationViking from the Dansih shores
  • In-game Username:TheDarkTurm
  • Time Online: 7d 2h 59m 13s

I don't even know what to say, this update is huge and amazing! Good job Sand! :) 

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  • Rubies
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  • Discord:👻Gh0sTNZ👻#0073
  • LocationAuckland, New Zealand
  • In-game Username:Gh0st
  • Time Online: 1d 11h 3m 8s

Top Effort @Sandstorm - Thanks for the update and the great work you do.

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OFFLINE   Dynasty


    Anime King👑

  • Administrators
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  • Discord:Jarvis#5113
  • LocationWilderness
  • In-game Username:Dynasty
  • Time Online: 30d 2h 7m 23s

Amazing work, love this update

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OFFLINE   Bloodiesharpie


    Who's ready for a TEA PARTY!

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  • Discord:Harley#8109
  • LocationUnited Crumpet Kingdom
  • In-game Username:Bloodisharpi
  • Time Online: 1d 23h 39m 53s
Amazing work, Thankyou for implementing an afk fix and for the stalls, We are forever in your debt.
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    RNGesus ⚔️

  • Dragonstones
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  • Discord:IZerkOff#1003
  • LocationUnknown
  • In-game Username:IZerkOff
  • Time Online: 25d 20h 28m 12s

Very nice update, great work m8 ;p

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  • Discord:Toy
  • In-game Username:Sun
  • Time Online: 6d 22h 26m 9s



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